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Training Credits and Vouchers

“Know how to Redeem Credits and Training Vouchers with Koenig!”

During the purchase of some products or services, many technology vendors offers training vouchers or learning credits for FREE. A few popular names are CISCO, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and more. They provide the voucher so that one can get the maximum benefit. As the leading IT training company, Koenig happily accepts vouchers against course fee.

Redeeming training vouchers and credits is just a few steps away with us! Since all vouchers expire, Take your first step now before it is too late!

Software Assurance Training Voucer (SATV) program is ending this year. the deadline to assign SATVs is June 30, 2021 and the date to fully redeem them is January 1, 2022

⇒ Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

Are you still leaving your Training Dollars on your Desk?

Has your organization ever purchased a Microsoft software volume licensing agreement? If yes, you may have SATVs with you to get FREE training for various Microsoft courses. If you still don’t redeem these training vouchers, you could be ignoring free training dollars on your desk.

So, contact our team now and get assistance to determine your eligibility today!

⇒ Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)

Looking to get out most of your Cisco hardware investment, we have the solution for you. Use Cisco Learning Credits to purchase free training from Koenig and make your investment little more justified with our expert team. With our Cisco Training course, you may enhance the technical competencies of your staff and enable them to manage CICO network more effectively like never before.

Contact our expert team for the same right away and get help to know your eligibility!

⇒ Citrix Training Pass Vouchers (CTPs)

You must be wondering how to utilize Citrix training passes without interrupting your current budget. Well, we have the scheme for you where you can purchase free Citrix courses with us against these CTPs and make your workforce more skilled and knowledgeable with comprehensive training programs at Koenig.

⇒ VMware Training Vouchers

Redeem VMware training vouchers to expand skills and knowledge of your staff with world-class VMware training courses at Koenig. Act now to give more strength to your networks, clouds, endpoints, and take the maximum benefits of your investments while proactively enhance your organization’s capability to manage virtual networks.

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