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Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration Course Overview

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration certification is a credential for IT professionals demonstrating expertise in managing and implementing Exadata Database Machines. This certification reflects an individual's proficiency in managing database assets, workload management, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting. It also covers Exadata Storage Server features for optimized database performance and high availability. Industries use individuals with this certification to effectively manage and develop Oracle's engineered systems, which contributes to improved data management and operational efficiency. It's highly valued in sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, and telecommunication, as it supports creating robust database solutions, promoting data security, and efficient handling of large data volumes.


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You will learn:

Module 1: Introduction
  • Course Objectives
  • Audience and Prerequisites
  • Course Contents
  • Terminology
  • Additional Resources
  • Introducing the Laboratory Environment
  • Introducing Database Machine
  • Introducing Exadata Storage Server
  • Exadata Storage Server Architecture: Overview
  • Exadata Storage Server Features: Overview
  • Exadata Storage Expansion Racks
  • InfiniBand Network
  • Database Machine Support: Overview
  • Database Machine Architecture: Overview
  • Database Machine Network Architecture
  • InfiniBand Network Architecture
  • InfiniBand Network Topology
  • Interconnecting Multiple Racks
  • Database Machine Software Architecture: Overview
  • Disk Storage Entities and Relationships
  • Classic Database I/O and SQL Processing Model
  • Exadata Smart Scan Model
  • Exadata Smart Storage Capabilities
  • Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Exadata Smart Flash Cache
  • Exadata Storage Index
  • Database File System
  • I/O Resource Management
  • Database Machine Implementation: Overview
  • Database Machine Site Preparation
  • Using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant
  • Choosing the Right Disk Redundancy Setting
  • Configuring Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • The Result After Installation and Configuration
  • Supported Additional Configuration Activities
  • Exadata Storage Server Administration: Overview
  • Testing Storage Server Performance Using CALIBRATE
  • Configuring the Exadata Cell Server Software
  • Starting and Stopping Exadata Cell Server Software
  • Configuring Cell Disks and Grid Disks
  • Configuring ASM and Database Instances to Access Exadata Cells
  • Reconfiguring Exadata Storage
  • Exadata Storage Security Implementation
  • I/O Resource Management Concepts
  • IORM Architecture
  • Getting Started with IORM
  • Enabling Intradatabase Resource Management
  • Setting Database I/O Utilization Limits
  • Interdatabase Plans and Database Roles
  • Using Database I/O Metrics
  • IORM and Exadata Storage Server Flash Memory
  • Flash Memory Usage
  • Influencing Caching Priorities
  • Choosing the Flash Cache Mode
  • Compression Usage
  • Index Usage
  • ASM Allocation Unit Size
  • Minimum Extent Size
  • Exadata Specific System Statistics
  • Exadata Smart Scan: Overview
  • Smart Scan Requirements
  • Monitoring Smart Scan in SQL Execution Plans
  • Smart Scan Join Processing with Bloom Filters
  • Other Situations Affecting Smart Scan
  • Exadata Storage Server Statistics: Overview
  • Exadata Storage Server Wait Events: Overview
  • Consolidation: Overview
  • Different Consolidation Types
  • Recommended Storage Configuration for Consolidation
  • Alternative Storage Configurations
  • Cluster Configuration Options
  • Isolating Management Roles
  • Schema Consolidation Recommendations
  • Maintenance Considerations
  • Migration Best Practices: Overview
  • Performing Capacity Planning
  • Database Machine Migration Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Migration Path
  • Logical Migration Approaches
  • Physical Migration Approaches
  • Post-Migration Best Practices
  • Migrating to Database Machine Using Transportable Tablespaces
  • Bulk Data Loading Using Oracle DBFS: Overview
  • Preparing the Data Files
  • Staging the Data Files
  • Configuring the Staging Area
  • Configuring the Target Database
  • Loading the Target Database
  • Monitoring Technologies and Standards
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
  • Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)
  • Exadata Storage Server Metrics, Thresholds, and Alerts
  • Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
  • Enterprise Manager Database Control
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Architecture: Overview
  • Cloud Control Monitoring Architecture for Exadata Database Machine
  • Configuring Cloud Control to Monitor Exadata Database Machine
  • Pre-discovery Configuration and Verification
  • Deploying the Oracle Management Agent
  • Discovering Exadata Database Machine
  • Discovering Additional Targets
  • Post-discovery Configuration and Verification
  • Exadata Metrics and Alerts Architecture
  • Monitoring Exadata Storage Server with Metrics and Alerts
  • Isolating Faults with
  • Monitoring Exadata Storage Server with Enterprise Manager: Overview
  • Monitoring Hardware Failure and Sensor State
  • Monitoring Exadata Storage Server Availability
  • Comparing Metrics Across Multiple Storage Servers
  • Monitoring Database Servers: Overview
  • Monitoring Hardware
  • Monitoring the Operating System
  • Monitoring Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Monitoring Oracle Database
  • Monitoring Oracle Management Agent
  • Database Monitoring with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
  • InfiniBand Network Monitoring: Overview
  • InfiniBand Network Monitoring with
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Switches
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Switch Ports
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Ports
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Fabric:
  • Monitoring the Cisco Ethernet Switch
  • Monitoring the Sun Power Distribution Units
  • Monitoring the KVM Switch
  • Exachk: Overview
  • Running Exachk
  • Exachk Daemon
  • DiagTools: Overview
  • Using ADRCI on Exadata Storage Servers
  • Imageinfo: Overview
  • Imagehistory: Overview
  • OSWatcher: Overview
  • Using RMAN with Database Machine
  • General Recommendations for RMAN
  • Disk-Based Backup Strategy
  • Disk-Based Backup Recommendations
  • Disk-Based Backup on
  • Tape-Based Backup Strategy
  • Tape-Based Backup Architecture and Recommendations
  • Backup and Recovery of Database Machine Software
  • Database Machine Maintenance: Overview
  • Powering Database Machine Off and On
  • Safely Shutting Down a Single Exadata Storage Server
  • Replacing a Damaged Physical Disk
  • Replacing a Damaged Flash Card
  • Moving All Disks from One Cell to Another
  • Using the Exadata Cell Software Rescue Procedure
  • Patching and Updating: Overview
  • Maintaining Exadata Storage Server Software
  • Maintaining Database Server Software
  • Assisted Patching Using OPlan
  • Assisted Patching Using
  • Maintaining Other Software
  • Recommended Patching Process
  • Test System Recommendations
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Course Prerequisites
- Sound knowledge of Oracle Database 11g
- Proficiency in Oracle Database Administration
- Understanding of Oracle Exadata Storage Server architecture
- Understanding of Linux operating system
- Familiarity with SQL
- Experience in managing Oracle workloads.
- Ability to manage Oracle Exadata Database Machine features and configurations.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration Certification Training Overview

Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration certification training equips IT professionals with necessary skills for configuring and administering the Oracle database machine. The course covers a wide range of topics including software architecture, key capabilities, Exadata storage server, network configuration, and Oracle Database Exadata cloud service. Learners also obtain a deep understanding of the best practices for database performance and tuning on Exadata Database Machine. This training is essential for Oracle DBA experts seeking an edge in their profession.

Why Should You Learn Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration?

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration course equips learners with vital skills such as managing performance issues, implementing Exadata Storage Server features and maintaining the database machine. Gaining this knowledge can increase employability, improve efficiency in managing large databases, and allow organizations to fully leverage Oracle's high-performance platform.

Target Audience for Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration Certification Training

- Database administrators seeking comprehensive Oracle Exadata knowledge.
- IT professionals implementing and managing Oracle Exadata.
- Individuals aspiring for Oracle Exadata certification.
- System administrators aiming to enhance efficiency in Oracle databases.
- Solution architects to design efficient database infrastructure.
- Consultants focusing on Oracle database solutions.

Why Choose Koenig for Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration Certification Training?

- Certified Instructors: Gain from the knowledge and experience of Oracle-certified instructors.
- Career Boost: Enhance your career prospects by learning from the best.
- Customized Training: Koenig training programs are tailored to match individual learning pace and requirements.
- Destination Training: Get the advantage of learning in some of the world's most iconic locations.
- Affordable Pricing: Receive high-quality Oracle Exadata training at a budget-friendly cost.
- Top Training Institute: Be trained by one of the leading IT training organizations globally.
- Flexible Dates: Choose training dates that suit your schedule.
- Online Training: Benefit from instructor-led online training and save commuting time and expense.
- Wide Range of Courses: Select from an extensive list of Oracle course offerings.
- Accredited Training: Complete your training from an Oracle-approved training institute.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration Skills Measured

After completing Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration certification training, an individual can develop skills in configuring, administering, and implementing Exadata Database Machines. The certification enables them to maintain Exadata storage servers, configure I/O Resource Management, create cell disks and grid disks, and manage smart scan. They also gain proficiency in implementing Exadata Storage Server security, administrating database machines, and understanding the flash and hybrid columnar advantages.

Top Companies Hiring Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration certified professionals include Oracle Corporation, Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Cognizant, and Wipro. These firms look for professionals well-versed in database administration, data warehouse management, and data migration strategies to improve overall operational efficiency.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration Course?

The course aims to educate participants on the fundamental aspects of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine such as its architectural framework, features, and benefits. Learners will be equipped to manage the Exadata Storage Server and implement Exadata Smart Flash Cache. Objectives also include understanding how to optimize database performance and ensure high availability. Participants will acquire skills in configuring and maintaining Exadata Storage Server security and learn how to migrate databases onto the Exadata Database Machine. Lastly, they will learn how to monitor Exadata using the standard Oracle tools, enabling students to effectively maintain the machine optimally.
Student Name Feedback
Sadatulla Mohammad
United States
A1. Trainee (Ankur h)as given Good Training about Exadata Version, architecture and new feature.
Kalyan Chakrabarty
United States
A1. Really Fantastic Training. overall, it increased my technical skill.
Flavia Nimanya
United States
A1. Our trainer, Atul Joshi (not Basawwaraj Vama) was a good instructor with a clear understanding of what he was teaching. He was patient in making sure we understood the concepts, went over them and answered our queries without hesitation.
Dieu-merci Wamenga Semi
United States
A1. Mr Atul, I sincerely thank you for your modesty and simplicity. you are better and experienced. For me, you will be like a shoulder I can lean on in my career. Please remain available for us. thanks again.
Ghislain Masinda Ntimansiemi
United States
A1. May he continue thus for his congratulations.
Tanu Dhariwal
United States
A1. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing training on Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration. Your expertise for the subject were evident throughout the course, and I appreciated how you were able to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner. Your teaching style was engaging and effective, and I found your use of real-world examples to be particularly helpful in illustrating key concepts. Thank you again for your efforts, and please know that your training has had a positive impact on my professional development.
Sagar Manohar Take
United States
A1. nice explanation
Abhas Vashist
United States
A1. Very good explanation of all the topics. Having a good experience and hands-on in the environment helped him answer all are queries flawlessly.
Priyanka Pandey
United States
A1. It was good session, - just keep some questionary session in between the topics to get interacted with participants.
Harsha M G
United States
A1. It was really helpful training. Trainer is very well versed with the exadata topics was able to clear the doubts.
Amit Ashok Bendre
United States
A1. Good Knowledge.
Mujeeb Ahemad Khan
United States
A1. Trainer is good with technical knowledge.
William Mlozi
United States
A2. Good trainers that know what they are doing and have the materials to train
Efraim Vander
United States
A1. Atul was actually professional, patient, I'm very thanful for that
Edward Lubaini
United States
A2. An institution for excellence in advanced, critical as well as emerging technologies


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