VMware NSX: Design [V4.x] Course Overview

VMware NSX: Design [V4.x] Course Overview

The VMware NSX: Design [V4.x] course is a comprehensive program aimed at equipping learners with the knowledge and skills to design an NSX-based data center networking infrastructure. It covers key design concepts, the NSX architecture, components, and both logical and physical aspects of network design. The course offers a deep dive into NSX Edge design, logical switching and routing, security, network services, and considerations for the physical infrastructure. It also addresses multi-location designs and optimization, including DPU-Based Acceleration for improved performance.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to translate customer requirements into a scalable, secure, and manageable design that leverages the full capabilities of VMware NSX. Additionally, it covers the integration of VMware Cloud Foundation in NSX design, which is pivotal for creating a seamless hybrid cloud environment. Those who complete this course will be well-prepared to design NSX environments effectively, ensuring they meet both current and future business needs.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that you can successfully undertake the VMware NSX: Design [V4.x] course, you should meet the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of networking concepts, including routing, switching, and firewalling.
  • Familiarity with VMware vSphere® environments, including ESXi hosts and VMware vCenter Server®.
  • Knowledge of VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere or NSX-T Data Center architecture and components.
  • Experience with designing and managing a virtualized data center using VMware products.
  • Understanding of concepts related to cloud computing and network virtualization.
  • The ability to read and analyze network diagrams and architectural designs.

These prerequisites are intended to provide you with the foundational knowledge required to grasp the advanced concepts taught in the VMware NSX: Design [V4.x] course. They are not meant to be barriers to entry but rather to ensure you have a productive and meaningful learning experience.

Target Audience for VMware NSX: Design [V4.x]

The VMware NSX: Design [V4.x] course is tailored for professionals involved in network and security infrastructure design.

  • Network Architects
  • Security Architects
  • Network Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Data Center Engineers
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architects
  • IT Managers involved in network and security
  • Virtualization and Cloud Administrators
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • IT professionals seeking NSX Design expertise
  • Pre-sales Engineers specializing in network and security solutions
  • Consultants who design and deploy network and security infrastructure

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this VMware NSX: Design [V4.x]?

Introduction to VMware NSX: Design [V4.x] Course Learning Outcomes

Gain comprehensive insights into NSX design principles, architecture, and components, enabling you to create efficient, secure, and scalable virtual networking solutions for data centers.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand and apply NSX design terms, framework, and project methodologies to real-world scenarios.
  • Design robust NSX architectures integrating VMware Cloud Foundation, considering specific customer requirements, constraints, and risks.
  • Configure and manage NSX components, including management, control, and data planes, and determine NSX Manager sizing and cluster design.
  • Develop NSX Edge designs that adhere to best practices, including reference designs for VM and bare-metal Edges, and plan for stateful service placement and edge cluster growth.
  • Design logical switching within NSX, addressing segment and transport zone considerations, virtual switch, and uplink profile design.
  • Architect single-tier and multitier logical routing topologies, configure routing protocols like BGP and OSPF, and ensure high availability and scalability.
  • Implement NSX security features effectively, including the Distributed and Gateway Firewalls, and establish a security policy methodology.
  • Select appropriate NSX network services such as stateful services, NAT, DHCP, DNS, VPN, and integrate NSX Advanced Load Balancer.
  • Design the underlying physical infrastructure for NSX to support switch fabric designs, top-of-rack switch connectivity, and SDDC cluster configurations.
  • Plan for NSX deployment across multiple locations, understanding Federation architecture, multisite networking and security, and disaster recovery designs.
  • Optimize NSX environments with DPU-Based Acceleration, Geneve Offload, and performance factors for compute and NSX Edge nodes.