CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005) Course Overview

CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005) Course Overview

The CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005) course is designed to provide learners with a deep understanding of server administration and related technologies. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers server hardware installation and management, server administration, understanding virtualization and cloud computing, physical and network security concepts, security and disaster recovery, and troubleshooting among other topics.

By participating in this Server boot camp, students will gain practical skills and knowledge that are essential for installing, managing, and troubleshooting servers in today's data centers and cloud environments. The course is structured to ensure that learners can handle the demands of server maintenance and management, from deploying storage solutions and performing regular maintenance to establishing robust security measures and implementing disaster recovery plans.

Successful completion of the course prepares candidates for the Server Plus Certification, which is recognized in the IT industry as a benchmark for foundational server skills, indicating a high level of competence in handling the challenges of server technology.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that students are well-prepared for the CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005) course and can maximize their learning experience, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • A fundamental understanding of computer systems and networking concepts.
  • Basic knowledge of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, or Unix.
  • Experience with setting up and managing different hardware devices such as hard drives, motherboards, CPUs, and memory.
  • Familiarity with the concepts of virtualization and cloud computing.
  • An awareness of basic security principles, including data protection and physical security measures.
  • Some hands-on experience with desktop or server hardware, which could be through professional experience or personal study.
  • The ability to read and understand technical documentation and instructions.
  • Basic problem-solving skills and the capacity to apply logical troubleshooting steps.

While these prerequisites are not mandatory, they will help students to better understand the course content and actively engage with the training material. The CompTIA Server+ course is designed to be accessible to individuals who have at least 18-24 months of work experience in server support or IT administration.

Target Audience for CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005)

The CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005) course equips IT professionals with essential server management and administration skills.

  • IT professionals seeking to advance their server management skills
  • System administrators looking to enhance their server hardware and operating system knowledge
  • Network administrators aiming to expand their understanding of server hardware and network infrastructure services
  • IT technicians aspiring to specialize in server installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Data Center professionals interested in learning about high availability, storage, and disaster recovery
  • Helpdesk staff requiring a deeper understanding of server issues for better troubleshooting
  • Security personnel who need to understand server security and disaster recovery concepts
  • IT professionals responsible for server hardware asset management and documentation
  • Individuals preparing for the CompTIA Server+ certification exam
  • Technical support engineers who want to improve their skill set in managing physical and virtual server environments
  • Infrastructure specialists focusing on the deployment and management of scalable server environments
  • Cloud services technicians who work with virtualization and cloud computing concepts in server administration
  • IT professionals interested in learning scripting basics for server automation and management tasks

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005)?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

The CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005) course prepares students with skills in server hardware, administration, security, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and virtualization for a robust IT infrastructure.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Install and manage server hardware, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance within an IT environment.
  • Deploy and manage storage solutions, including understanding RAID configurations and backup technologies.
  • Perform routine server hardware maintenance to ensure ongoing operational integrity.
  • Install server operating systems and configure them for network integration and services.
  • Implement and maintain server functions and features, optimizing for high availability and performance.
  • Understand and utilize virtualization technologies to improve resource efficiency and server deployment.
  • Apply basic scripting to automate server administration tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Manage IT assets and documentation effectively to support system integrity and compliance.
  • Develop strategies for server security, including identity/access management and server hardening.
  • Troubleshoot common server issues, including hardware, storage, OS, network, and security problems, to minimize downtime.
CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005)