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Artificial Intelligence covers the concept of computers mimicking human behavior. AI follows the patterns of the human brain and conducts analysis using the same cognitive processing techniques. The end result? An intelligent system is able to conduct the same activities as an employee with enhanced precision and without the high onboarding costs. 


Getting Artificial Intelligence certification training allows computing professionals to create high end automated response or business activity systems for an optimized approach. Conducting the same corporate endeavors manually can be time and resource-intensive to organizations. In this regard, there are many popular AI certification courses that professionals and enterprises lookup to implement and adopt a robust Artificial Intelligence system.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certification Training Overview

AI today has manifested across multiple industries. From banking fraud detection to online customer support, the applications extend as far as creativity. 
An emerging field with adoption capabilities across multiple fields of business, getting trained in an Artificial Intelligence course provides you a solid career enhancement opportunity. With a growing number of AI certification options, some of the better recognized AI courses are;
  1. Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution
  2. TensorFlow Certification Training
  3. Uipath: RPA Design and Development v2
  4. Machine Learning (Data Science) with Python
  5. Julia Programming Certification Training 

Popular AI Certification Courses 

1- Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution
Azure AI engineers are able to translate the ideas of solution architects into a complete end to end solution with the assistance of data scientists, data engineers, IoT specialists, and software developers. With the Designing and Implementing an Azure AI solution certification, professionals are able to;
  • Analyze the requirements for AI solutions specific to your organization
  • Recommend the tools and techniques appropriate to fulfill business objectives and needs
  • Design and implement AI solutions that offer scalability and performance requirements 
Candidates looking to sit in this Microsoft AI certification examination should possess subject matter expertise on utilizing cognitive services, machine learning, and knowledge mining. Candidates are also required to have knowledge and experience with designing and implementing AI applications in an enterprise. 
2- TensorFlow Certification Training
For professionals looking to showcase their machine learning expertise, the TensorFlow certification training is a likely fit. The goal of the certification is to create an opportunity for students, developers, and data scientists to understand and demonstrate practical machine learning skills. 
In order to sit the certification, the professional must be comfortable with;
  • Foundational principles and knowledge of machine and deep learning 
  • Building machine learning models in TensorFlow 2x
  • Building image recognition, object detection, text recognition algorithms with deep-running neural networks and convolutional neural networks 
  • Utilizing images from real life in a variety of shapes and sizes to understand how a computer understands or "sees" information. This helps to plot loss and accuracy.
  • Exploring strategies to ensure overfitting does not occur. This includes augmentation and dropouts. 
  • Applying neural networks to solve natural language processing concerns using TensorFlow.
The TensorFlow certification offers an opportunity to enhance your machine learning proficiency, develop a globally recognized skillset, and a strong enhancement to resumes and recruiters. 
3- Uipath: RPA Design and Development v2
RPA or Robotic process automation covers the use of AI and ML to conduct repetitive tasks. RPA technology enables software robots to mimic human workers' abilities to log in and out of applications, input data, conduct calculations, and complete tasks. The objective of robotics automation is to offer a stronger customer experience and higher operational efficiency through better higher productivity and better execution across the day to day activities. 
The RPA Design and Development course offers comprehensive knowledge at a professional level about developing and deploying software bots. This AI course requires no prior knowledge or experience with RPA and is designed for industry professionals or students looking to gain a new skill set. The course begins with developing foundational concepts and introduces key RPA design and creation strategies specifically in the context of UiPath products. 
4- Machine Learning (Data Science) with Python
The Machine Learning with Python is a comprehensive course that guides participants through the power of Python (one of the most popular programming languages)  to analyze data, create stunning visualizations and utilize powerful machine learning algorithms. 
Objectives of the course include;
  • Utilizing Python for Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Developing the ability to implement Machine Learning algorithms
  • Understanding the use of Pandas for Data Analysis 
  • Understanding the use of Seaborn for statistical plots 
  • Understanding the use of SciKit-Learn for Machine Learning tasks
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Linear Regression
Some programming experience is recommended to sit this course. Both continuous assessments and final examinations are not necessary to gain accreditation. 
5- Julia Programming Certification Training
Julia is a high-performing, high level, and extensively dynamic programming language. It is commonly used to conduct technical, numerical, and statistical computing. Utilized for everyday and general programming, Julia has become a staple for high quality yet rapid web development. 
The Julia programming certification training is offered across three comprehensive courses. The introductory course covers basic to intermediate knowledge. For more advanced comprehension, an "Advanced Julia" training program is available. Finally, for those looking for in-depth information about AI and ML applications, an "Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in Julia" course is offered. 

Who can take up Artificial Intelligence Courses?

Job roles that can find AI certification training beneficial are:
  • AI Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers 
  • IoT Specialists 
  • Software Developers
  • Computer Programmers 
  • University students looking to study AI, ML and RPA
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about AI, ML and RPA
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their relevant AI certification exams

Reasons to Take up Artificial Intelligence Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • We offer some of the best AI courses for professionals and enterprises from various certification training bodies that include Microsoft, Blue Prism, UiPath, and more
  • Expert AI instructors who deliver live online AI certification training courses across the globe
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of applying AI concepts in your enterprise to improve business-critical processes
  • Get accredited AI course materials and case studies that help participants to understand how to implement AI 
  • Be part of industry-recognized Artificial Intelligence certification training delivered by Koenig Solutions, which is an Accredited Microsoft Gold Partner, UiPath Learning Partner, and a Blue Prism Authorized Training Partner.
  • Get the flexibility to take up your AI course in both 8 hours/day and 4 hours/day options
  • Enterprises and individual groups can customize their AI courses according to their business goals and team needs
  • Get dedicated attention from your instructors for your Artificial Intelligence certification training with 1-on-1 and Fly me a trainer training option

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Certification Training

Artificial intelligence certification and training courses are offered to professionals and students at all levels of understanding and ability. Picking the right AI course is heavily dependent on the avenue you choose to explore within the rapidly developing AI domain. Getting AI certified guarantees enhanced professional opportunities.
Getting Artificial Intelligence certified offers a number of benefits, including;
  • A growing number of professional opportunities as one in five companies use AI to fuel better decision-making. 
  • Get the option of venturing into new and unconventional career paths. With over 2.3 million jobs created in the field by 2020, the opportunities are far and wide. 
  • Artificial intelligence engineers earn upwards of $135,000 annually; the certification offers a firm increase in potential earnings. 
  • Significantly better chances of advancement to an interview stage. Candidates with AI certification are considered of higher value and are more likely to get hired.

Salary prospects for AI Certified Professionals

There is a huge demand for AI certified professionals globally. As more and more organizations across industry sectors embrace the concept of artificial intelligence along with Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning, it is imperative for individuals to gain knowledge in understanding the emerging technologies.  With an increasing demand for AI certified professionals, let's check out the salary prospects for them globally.

United States

USD 102,000 to USD 148,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 25,000 to 84,000


Rupees 8 lakhs to 50 lakhs 


AUD 75,000 to 168,000 


AED 228,000 to 419,000


SGD 78,000 to 205,000


Job Prospects for Artificial Intelligence Certified Professionals

Professionals with AI certifications are in high demand due to enterprises adopting emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence into their business systems. Some of the leading companies hiring AI certified professionals include Google, General Motors, Teaneck, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Deloitte, Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Booz Allen Hamilton, Vanguard, Apple, and many more.  For AI jobs in your location, you can check your local job listings in your region to find a relevant AI opportunity that meets your needs.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Yes, you do need prior machine learning knowledge to sit for the TensorFlow Certification Training. However, there is an entry-level certification course TensorFlow offers to build foundational knowledge of integrating ML into applications and tools.

Below are the steps to become an AI Certified Professional:
  • Select relevant AI course of your choice and schedule given from Koenig Solutions
  • Prepare for the AI training by going through pre-reading materials provided to you
  • Attend the instructor-led AI course to gain a thorough understanding
  • Solve as many as practice tests for your AI course
  • Take part in your AI certification exam and clear the same on your first attempt
  • Maintain your AI certification credential depending on its validity by getting recertified

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an Accredited Gold Partner of Microsoft, Authorized UiPath Training Partner, and Blue Prism Accredited Learning Partner to deliver their AI courses globally to both professionals and enterprises.


Yes, the Artificial Intelligence certification training is worth it, as it is one of the emerging technologies and is in great demand worldwide. The AI certification courses offer comprehensive takes on AI applications and showcase its ability to be used across a variety of industries. Understanding where AI can be implemented into a business offers employers the opportunity to minimize the margin for human error. Staying up to date with AI trends and being able to apply them is an asset to both the professional and their hiring organization.

The examination costs upwards of USD 165 based on the country in which the exam is proctored. It is offered in multiple languages and measures three skills;
  1. Analysis of solution requirements (covers 25-30%)
  2. Design of AI solutions (covers 40-45%)
  3. Implementation and monitoring of AI solutions (covers 25-30%)

The course consists of 40 hours of theory with 20 hours of practice/lab exercises. The course objectives include;
  • Preparation to become a Junior RPA developer. 
  • A thorough comprehension of basic RPA concepts 
  • Create familiarity and a deep understanding of UiPath tools
  • Developing the ability to interdependently design and create robots based on business processes and needs
  • Develop the skills needed to pass the UiPath RPA Associate v1.0 exam
Costing for this certification course starts at USD 2600. This AI course ranges from 8 hours a day for 8 days to four hours a day for 16 days for added convenience and comfort. 

The Machine Learning (Data Science) with Python is perfect for professionals looking to venture into becoming a Data Scientist. Data scientists garner employment packages upward of USD$120,000 and possess the ability to understand and solve intriguing yet complex business concerns.

Julia programming certification training is offered two ways; through instructor-led premium online courses or customized training that can be conducted on-premise or online as per convenience.