Cisco Certifications and Training Courses

In today’s complex global economy, it is crucial for organizations to have seamless connectivity across their locations for their products and services worldwide. In this regard, Cisco, as a business entity, has helped enterprises across industry sectors by providing robust networking, communication products, and other critical services.

Cisco certified professionals are in high demand as many enterprises worldwide use their systems and architecture within their IT environment. Some of the most popular Cisco certifications such as CCNA, CCIE, and CCNP are in great demand by both professionals and employers.

Popular Cisco Certification and Training Courses Offered at Koenig:

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Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) 200-301

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (DCACI) v1.0 300-620

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR) v1.1 350-601 DCCOR

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR) 350-801 CLCOR

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI) v2.0 300-415

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) 350-401

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower Threat Defense NGFW (FTD) 300-710

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE) 300-715

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
AUCCE2-Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Part 2 500-450

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Understanding Cisco Wireless Foundations (WLFNDU) v1.0

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant

Cisco Certification Courses

Professional upskilling is the need of the hour, and it is quite true for the IT industry especially. With newer technologies continuously disrupting the market, it is critical for professionals to stay updated with the latest trends and skills that differentiate between certified and non-certified professionals.
Cisco certification courses are quite popular in the IT industry, especially for professionals who are into the IT administration domain. The Cisco certification courses are vendor-specific training and are ideal for professionals who work on Cisco-enabled enterprise architecture globally.
Cisco has carefully divided their certifications into different levels and paths that include storage networking, routing and switching, design, and security. Participants who take up Cisco certification training will gain a comprehensive understanding of skills and knowledge required to handle Cisco products and resolve customer-centric technology problems. The Cisco certifications usually diverge into two paths in Networking Operation and Networking Design. 
Various levels of Cisco Certifications:
  • Cisco Entry-level Certifications
  • Cisco Associate-level Certifications
  • Cisco Professional-level Certifications
  • Cisco Expert-level Certifications
  • Cisco Architect-level Certifications

Cisco Entry-level Certifications:

The CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician) and CCT (Cisco Certified Technician) are two of the entry-level Cisco certification programs that are ideal for professionals, who install, troubleshoot, maintain, diagnose issues, and replace network equipment. Both these certification are pre-requisites for some of the Associate-level Cisco certification training.

Cisco Associate-level Certifications:

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) are two of the Cisco Associate-level certification programs and are ideal for professionals who choose different paths in Networking and Design.  CCNA is ideal for professionals who are more towards install, support, and troubleshoot enterprise networks that are both wired and wireless. CCDA is ideal for professionals who are into designing enterprise wired and wireless networks.

Cisco Professional-level Certifications:

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) are two of the Cisco Professional-level certification programs that are ideal for professionals who plan, manage, troubleshoot LANs and WANs, and design and deploy scalable networks in an enterprise. Many Cisco Associate-level certifications are a pre-requisite for these CCNP and CCDP certification courses.

Cisco Expert-level Certifications:

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) are two of the Cisco Expert-level certification programs that are ideal for professionals who are focussed on Network-track and Design-track Cisco certification programs. These expert-level certifications have introduced a new stream in Evolving Technologies Domain to keep the Cisco certifications current and updated. Both these CCIE Certification and CCDE certifications do not have pre-requisites but have a rigorous written and practical exam to clear the same.

Cisco Architect-level Certifications:

Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) is the only Architect-level certification offered by Cisco and is ideal for professionals who are looking to move ahead in their careers as a Network Architect or as a Data Center Architect. This is the highest level of certification offered by Cisco and is like a pinnacle for many Cisco certified professionals worldwide. Participants who take up this CCAr certification course will learn about planning and designing IT infrastructures according to the business needs.

Who can take up Cisco Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Cisco Certification training include, but are not limited to:
  • Networking Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Security Analysts
  • Security Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Network Architects
  • Data Center Architects
  • Help Desk Technicians
  • IT Managers
  • Security Consultants
  • CIOs
  • Aspiring IT Networking Professionals
  • Professionals who want to gain knowledge of Cisco network and design infrastructure
  • Professionals looking to clear their respective Cisco Certification exams

Reasons to choose Cisco Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  1. A wide portfolio of Cisco certification courses provided across 5 levels and job paths 
  2. Enhance your IT career with widely-accepted Cisco training courses
  3. Expert Cisco instructors who have real-world experience to implement IT networking and design architectures
  4. Cisco certification course material prepared by Subject Matter Experts with real-life case study discussions
  5. Get Cisco live online training from an authorized Cisco Learning Partner
  6. Options to take your Cisco courses either in 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day
  7. Choose dates according to your needs Cisco training programs across classroom, online, and on-site training modes
  8. Get a widely-recognized Cisco course completion certificate from Koenig
  9. Be part of ‘Guaranteed to Run’ Cisco  Certification sessions with ‘Exam Pass Guarantee’
  10. Become a global professional by earning internationally acknowledged Cisco certification credentials

Benefits of Cisco Certification Training

  1. As a professional, get inside out knowledge of one of the biggest network vendors in the world through Cisco certifications.
  2. Perform your day-to-day tasks with utmost confidence by gaining critical skills that help you in real-world problem-solving.
  3. Enhance your career prospects worldwide and across industry sectors as Cisco certifications are valid and accepted by enterprises globally.
  4. Get the best salary in your field with Cisco certifications. The average salary of Cisco certified professionals is in the range of USD 109,000 to 179,000 per annum in the US.
  5. Create your own career path according to your choice through Network Operations related path or Network Design related path
  6. Be credible in your domain by showcasing commitment towards your profession by getting Cisco certifications
  7. Cisco certified professionals get additional responsibilities in their day-to-day job roles that help them to grow in their careers.
  8. Increase your value with Cisco certifications by demonstrating your enhanced knowledge, skillset, and responsibilities
  9. Added advantage to break out from your job silos with Cisco training programs that are truly versatile and great value for money
  10. Be more marketable and hireable with industry-recognized Cisco certification courses that truly makes you a global professional

Cisco Certification Process

  • One can become a Cisco certified professional in many ways and different paths. Some of the key steps are:
  • Select relevant Cisco Certification training from an accredited Cisco Learning Partner like Koenig Solutions
  • Make the payment for your Cisco Certification course
  • Start your preparation for the training by thoroughly reading the Cisco training collaterals provided by Koenig
  • Attend the Cisco training and clear your doubts during the session
  • Prepare for the Cisco exam by taking up mock sample tests 
  • Apply for the Cisco certification exam online from Pearson Vue and clear the exam
  • Become a Cisco Certified Professional to enhance your career growth and to become a global professional

Salary prospects for Cisco Certified Professionals

Cisco certifications are quite popular, and professionals who are certified are one of the most sought-after as well. Considering its popularity, let’s take a look at the salary prospects of Cisco certified professionals across the globe.

United States

USD 109,000 to USD 179,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 27,000 to 70,000


Rupees 6 lakhs to 44 lakhs 


AUD 58,000 to 137,000 


AED 98,000 to 192,000


SGD 145,000 to 187,000


Job Prospects for Cisco Certified Professionals

There are many globally recognized companies that are actively looking for Cisco certified professionals. According to job portal, the demand for Cisco Certified Professionals includes Coca Cola, Thinkbox, Amazon, Aston Technologies, Cal Tech, AT&T, JP Morgan, Apple, United Health, Comcast, and more in the US. For job opportunities across the globe, please check relevant job portals in your region.
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Yes, fee excludes local taxes.

Cisco is a globally-recognized organization that manufactures and sells networking components, telecommunication equipment, and other products globally. For professionals to be on par with Cisco products and services, they introduced their own certification and training programs. Cisco certifications are divided into 5 levels in the form of Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect levels. Over the years, the examination formats have changed, keeping in mind the latest IT trends in the market and how these Cisco certifications can co-exist with other robust IT Service Management and IT Security frameworks and methodologies.

Some of the popular Cisco certification courses are:
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Designer Associate (CCDA)
  • Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)
  • Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr)

Becoming a Cisco certified professional completely depends on an individual’s choice and certain criteria. A professional with prior experience and just reading Cisco reference material can clear the exam. Professionals with no experience can sit for an official training program from an authorized Cisco Learning Partner for the recommended duration, prepare well, and take up the exam to clear the same on their first attempt. Usually, the exam lasts for two hours, and labs may end up for 8 hours. Once certified, your Cisco certification will be valid for 3 years.

Not just today, but also in the future, Cisco certifications are the most in-demand credentials required by employers worldwide. With complete digital and cloud transformation, it is imperative for enterprises to create robust network architecture to create a seamless entity that is both secure and scalable at the same time. In this regard, Cisco products are services are the best in the industry. Hence, there is a credible demand for Cisco certified professionals across the globe for various job positions.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an Authorized Cisco Learning Partner to deliver their courses both offline and online worldwide

Your Cisco exam voucher price will be included within your course fee price from Koenig Solutions. You need to submit your exam voucher with Pearson Vue to take up your Cisco examination.

The cost of the Cisco certification exams differs according to the level and path that you choose.
Below are some of the popular Cisco certification exam fees:
  • The cost of CCNA Certification Exam is USD 300
  • The cost of CCDA Certification Exam is USD 300
  • The cost of CCENT Certification Exam is USD 165
  • The cost of CCNP Certification Exam is USD 300
  • The cost of CCDP Certification Exam is USD 200

Yes, the Cisco course fee includes the certification exam fee as well.

Participants can take up their Cisco certification exams from Pearson Vue.
Some of their certifications are valid for two years, and some are for 3 years. In contrast, Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) credential is valid for 5 years. All Cisco certifications need to be maintained by getting recertified from Cisco at a defined interval period.