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Axelos Certification Courses Axelos is a global leader in best practice methodologies, used widely by professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge within IT service management, project, and program management. As the custodian of ITIL®(Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Axelos has set the benchmark for IT service management with a universally recognized certification path. ITIL's frameworks are pivotal for managing and delivering IT services that align with business needs.

In today's fast-paced digital environment, understanding Axelos's frameworks is crucial. Their portfolio also includes PRINCE2® for project management and MSP®for program management, which are vital for professionals aiming to excel in managing projects and programs effectively. Learning from Axelos can lead to improved job performance, career advancement, and the ability to drive business value through best practices.

Organizations around the world implement Axelos standards to achieve operational excellence and to adapt to the changing IT landscape. Certifications from Axelos are highly regarded, making them a key addition to any IT professional's resume. The methodologies devised by Axelos are not just theories but are proven practices that have been honed through years of application across industries.

By mastering Axelos's principles, individuals can demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement and their ability to contribute to the success of their organizations. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, Axelos provides the tools and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.

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AXELOS Certification & MSP Practitioner Courses at Koenig

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AXELOS Certification & MSP Practitioner Courses at Koenig

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History of Axelos

History of Axelos: Pioneering Best Practices in IT and Project Management

Axelos is globally recognized for its stewardship of leading best practice methodologies , which are widely adopted in the IT and project management sectors. Established in 2013, Axelos is a joint venture company, created by the Cabinet Office of the UK Government and Capita plc to cultivate and deliver best practice frameworks.

Significantly, Axelos is the force behind the renowned ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), a set of detailed practices for IT service management that focus on aligning IT services with the needs of businesses. Furthermore, Axelos manages PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments), a structured project management method and certification that has become an industry standard.

Innovation is key to Axelos's success. The company continuously updates its frameworks, such as the recent ITIL® 4 and PRINCE2® 2017 editions, ensuring that the certifications remain relevant and valuable in a rapidly changing business environment. Axelos's commitment to professional development and best practices helps professionals and organizations elevate their service management and project delivery to achieve excellence.





Recent Trends of Axelos

Axelos , a global leader in best practice methodologies, continues to innovate in the world of IT and project management. With the recent integration of Agile and PRINCE2® methodologies, Axelos has launched the PRINCE2 Agile®certification, blending the flexibility of Agile with the governance of PRINCE2. This hybrid approach is quickly becoming a trend, reflecting the industry's shift towards adaptive project management techniques.Moreover, Axelos's advancements in ITIL® 4 , the latest evolution of IT Infrastructure Library best practices, emphasize a holistic approach to IT service management. ITIL® 4 now incorporates a Service Value System (SVS) that supports organizations in their journey towards digital transformation. The Cyber Resilience portfolio, including RESILIA®, has also been updated to address the surge in cybersecurity threats, equipping professionals with the skills to protect and recover from cyber-attacks. As IT environments become more complex, Axelos's commitment to continuous learning and professional development ensures that Koenig Solutions can offer the most up-to-date courses to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.







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