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AXELOS is a joint venture set up between the Cabinet office of Her Majesty's Government (HMG) and Capita in 2013.  This joint venture was formed to create best practices, methodologies, and frameworks formerly developed by the Office of Government Commerce UK. Today, AXELOS certifications are in great demand by professionals across Europe, the US, India, Australia, EMEA, and more. Some of the popular AXELOS certifications are ITIL®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile and many more. Especially ITIL® in its latest version ITIL® 4 and PRINCE2®, are globally-recognized and in-demand certifications.
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AXELOS Courses

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AXELOS Certification and Training Courses Overview: 

It was the UK Government that created best practices and publications to manage IT services in an organized manner. Later, the term IT Service Management gave rise to bettering the previous iterations by IT practitioners from around the world. This led to the creation of a joint venture between the HMG and Capita to create Axelos, which is a governing body that looks into developing and promoting best practices, methodologies, and frameworks used by enterprises globally for Project Management, IT Service Management, Programme Management, Portfolio Management, and Cyber Resilience.
These methodologies and frameworks are currently being implemented in more than 150 countries. The majority of the share goes to ITIL® and PRINCE2®, but PRINCE2® Agile are not far behind in terms of adoption rates worldwide. With the increased adoption of Axelos best practices and frameworks, enterprises also need professionals with the requisite knowledge. In this regard, the Axelos certifications are the most in-demand certification credentials where they provide not only the best practice guidance in official manuals but also relevant templates and other toolkits to use in an IT business landscape.
With regular updates to their frameworks through re-iterations and version changes, Axelos has stayed relevant by committing to develop and grow the best practice portfolio with an enviable track record. 

Popular Axelos Certification and Training Courses

Some of the Axelos certifications that are popular among individuals and enterprise are:
1- ITIL® Certification Training:
ITIL®, in its previous iteration (ITIL® v3), was one of the popular IT Service Management certification courses for professionals worldwide. ITIL® certified was a popular choice among recruiters and employers as ITIL® was like a standard, and professionals with relevant ITIL® credentials are in great demand. Even in its latest iteration in ITIL® 4, it is still a top-rated certification course for any IT professional.  The career path through ITIL® 4 for professionals is pretty straight forward similar to ITIL® v3.  It is because of these segregations for the ITIL® certification for different job roles that made ITIL® quite popular in the last 2 decades. 
2- PRINCE2® Certification Training:
A PRINCE2® certification training is again a very popular project management certification training after PMP. Even though PRINCE2® methodology is widely used across the European region to manage their projects, it is still popular worldwide for its clearly defined framework where a project goes through multiple stages to be successfully completed.  PRINCE2® has two certifications in PRINCE2® Foundation Certification and PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification. PRINCE2® Foundation is a beginner-level certification, and the PRINCE2® Practitioner is an advanced-level certification for project managers worldwide.
3- PRINCE2®Agile Certification Training:
PRINCE2® Agile is nothing but the combination of widely-recognized PRINCE2® methodology with agile best practices to create one of the complete agile project management solutions. Again PRINCE2® Agile certification is divided into two courses in PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner. Participants can either take just one or a combination of both in PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner certification training. 
Who can take up Axelos Certifications?
Job roles that can benefit from Axelos certifications are:
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • IT Operations Managers
  • IT Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Project Sponsors
  • IT Architects
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Architects
  • Business Managers
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Auditors
  • System Security Architects
  • Information Security Managers
  • Anybody who wants to gain a proper understanding of Axelos certifications, best practices, frameworks, and methodologies
  • Individuals looking to grow in their careers by clearing relevant Axelos certification exams

Reasons to choose Axelos Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A wide portfolio of Axelos certification courses provided for individuals and enterprises across ITSM, Project Management, Agile, Cybersecurity, Program Management, Portfolio Management, and more
  • Expert trainers who are accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of Axelos across the globe
  • Accredited training materials prepared by SMEs and approved by Axelos for your certification journey
  • Key resources provided by Axelos in the form of templates, toolkits, case studies, practice test papers for all certification courses
  • With Axelos certifications, you have the frameworks, best practices, methodologies for teams across various departments and industry sectors
  • Certified and accredited trainers who have real-world experience and expertise to implement Axelos frameworks in enterprises
  • Get Axelos Certification training across the globe from a Certified Axelos Partner in Koenig Solutions 
  • Professionals have the flexibility to choose the mode of delivery and time slots options in 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day training sessions
  • Pick and choose modules from different Axelos certifications according to your business requirements 
  • Be part of 'Guaranteed to Run' Axelos Certification training sessions

Benefits of Axelos Certification Training

  1. Showcase your skills across varied categories in ITSM, Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Cyber Resilience, and more
  2. Learn from one of the first Professional Certification providers who introduced instructor-led training that meet industry needs
  3. Get comprehensive knowledge about Axelos certification best practices, frameworks, and methodologies to implement and adapt according to the business requirements
  4. Understand how to use various templates and toolkits in the form of PRINCE2® templates, ITIL® toolkits, and other related official resources to understand how to integrate them in a seamless manner in your day-to-day jobs
  5. Help enterprises to see the bigger picture by implementing widely-recognized frameworks to support the new-age technological evolution and complexities that come along with it
  6. Be ahead of the competition by staying relevant in today's uncertain times and challenging job market
  7. Grow exponentially in your career with popular Axelos certifications in ITIL® 4 Foundation, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile and more
  8. With Axelos certifications, validate your knowledge and professional skills to your peers, employers, and other stakeholders in your organization
  9. Improve on the job efficiency and satisfaction with Axelos certification training
  10. Chart a career path high on success with in-demand Axelos certification training courses across categories

Axelos Certification Process

Below are the steps to become an Axelos certified professional:
  1. Pick a relevant Axelos certification course of your choice from various categories
  2. Select your schedule with flexible dates and timeslots throughout the year
  3. Begin  your preparation for Axelos courses either in Foundation-level or Practitioner-level
  4. Receive pre-reading materials from Koenig Solutions to prepare for your actual training
  5. Attend your official Axelos Certification training to gain knowledge and skills accordingly
  6. Prepare for your Axelos certification exam by taking up as many as sample practice tests for ITIL®, PRINCE2® and other courses
  7. Become a Certified Professional and add the credential on your resume to stand apart from non-certified counterparts

Salary prospects for Axelos Certified Professionals

Certification training from Axelos governing body is very popular. Recruiters or employers search from actual names of the certification such as PRINCE2®, ITIL® and others. Let's take a look at the salary prospects of Axelos Certified Professionals.

United States

USD 77,000 to USD 90,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 25,000 to 102,000


Rupees 6 lakhs to 20 lakhs 


AUD 103,000 to 139,000 


AED 80,000 to 260,000


SGD 40,000 to 98,000


Job Prospects for Axelos Certified Professionals

Axelos providing certification courses across many popular categories, there is quite a high demand for PRINCE2® and ITIL® certified professionals worldwide. Some of the companies actively looking for Axelos certified professionals include Emtec, Vanguard, Sanford Federal, NTT Data, Synet Systems, Unisys, Accenture, McDonald's, Sonsoft, and more. Check out your local job listings to find Axleos-related job openings in your location.
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Always the best, learner gets in-depth knowledge and trainer can easily restructure content to suit the learner's needs
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It will help me all the above.
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A1. Brilliant and very experienced trainer, your ability to transfer knowledge in the way you did is commendable. You made a routine course relevant and important to me.
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A2. Koenig is above it's competitors in accommodating students where it fits their schedule. Very flexible and loaded with capable teachers
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A1. I had fear of online training but with my trainer - the day one itself she made it so interesting and interactive. With my work and attending the class was littlie challenging. All this was so smoothly I did over come with the help of my trainer. My trainer was very flexible and with timing she use to pick up topics to keep my attention on top. She was using white board to explains and the real life examples/scenarios made me understand the concepts easily and remember those well. In 4 days of training, so much confidence was build in me to give my foundation exams. The way she presents and explains has made me remember the concepts so well. The best trainer Shalini Lal! Thank you so much Koenig for assigning such a good trainer to me and thank you Shalini for wonderful interactive trainings!
Sarah Mohammed Alghamdi
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A1. The training team (trainer and support/assistance) is just wonderful. They're there to help learn and build skills, and they do that amazingly well! Everything is put in place to ensure the learner gets the best experience from the training. I'll take a ride with Koenig in the future again.
Jeffrey Gordon
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No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

 The cost of some of the popular Axelos certification exams are:
  • The cost of the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Exam is 245 Pounds
  • The cost of the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Exam is 245 Pounds and 405 Pounds, respectively
  • The Cost of the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification Exam is 245 Pounds and 405 Pounds, respectively
  • The Cost of the RESILIA Foundation Certification Exam is 294 Pounds
  • The Cost of the  MSP Foundation and Practitioner Certification Exam is 245 Pounds and 405 Pounds, respectively
Participants can take up their Axelos certification exams at the Peoplecert exam institute worldwide.

Most of their foundation-level courses, such as ITIL® 4, PRINCE2® , PRINCE2® Agile, MSP, P3O, RESILIA, AgileSHIFT certifications, are valid for a lifetime. Whereas all Practitioner-level courses are valid for 3 years, and one needs to get recertified for the same.

No, ITIL® v3 training is not required for one to take up ITIL® 4 Foundation training, as it was not a version change, but a complete re-structure of the framework to a newer version with the latest and updated concepts in ITIL® 4. So, professionals who are certified in ITIL® v3 Foundation can either take a bridge course or take up the complete ITIL® 4 Foundation training for 2 days and earn relevant credits for the same.
To get your Axelos certification exam voucher, one has to attend formal training from one of their Accredited Training Organizations. Post completion of the training, the training vendor will provide you the exam voucher from an Exam Institute, in this case, Peoplecert. All Axelos certification exams are conducted by Peoplecert worldwide in both in-person and web-proctored mode. Currently, all Peoplecert exams are done only web-proctored.
Yes, Koenig Solutions is a Certified Axelos Partner to deliver all of their certification courses globally.

Many Foundation-level certifications from Axelos does not need any prerequisites to take up their certification exams. However, to sit for the practitioner-level certification exam, one has to clear their Foundation exams and some relevant work experiences as well. To know more about various Axelos certifications and their prerequisites, please read details on this page above.

For PRINCE2® Foundation training, there are no prerequisites. But, for PRINCE2® Practitioner training, a participant should have either one of the below-mentioned certifications that include:
  • PRINCE2® Foundation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)
  • IPMA Levels A to D (any one of them)
  • Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
  • Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)
No, the knowledge gained through Axelos certification training can be implemented in projects, programs, and portfolios across industry sectors. These are the next-gen frameworks that are needed to be in place to help enterprises seamlessly transition to the next level in terms of digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution. As Axelos certification knowledge is spread across the globe, it is critical for professionals to understand the concepts and the language used by them in enterprises today to be on par with the latest trends in the industry.
You will receive the letter of course attendance post training completion via learning enhancement tool after registration.