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Red Hat and Open Source go hand in hand, and that is what powers innovation which is beyond emerging technologies. Red Hat is one of the leading providers of enterprise open source solutions that delivered the revolutionizing Red Hat Linux OS to the world. Currently, Red Hat has a wide portfolio of critical services in hybrid cloud infrastructure services, Automation of IT processes, middleware, Agile integration, native cloud apps development, and more. With organizations using various Red Hat services and tools, it is critical for professionals to gain critical skills to move ahead in their careers. Check out some of the top Red Hat certification training courses below to enrol now.

Koenig is accredited for in-house testing of Red Hat exams.

Red Hat Courses

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Red Hat Certification and Training Courses

Red Hat with their award-winning training, support, and consulting services have evolved over the years to bring the workforce up to speed with their revolutionary products and services being integrated with enterprises globally. With Red Hat completely depending on creating open source solutions, it will be easier for organizations to work in a seamless manner across various platforms and environments. 
By using a community-powered approach, Red Hat is delivering some of the bespoke solutions to enterprises for various industry sectors worldwide. By operating in a transparent manner, Red Hat has continued to be a catalyst in helping professionals globally to build flexible yet powerful IT infrastructure solutions.
Currently owned by IBM , Red Hat aims to strengthen its partnerships with businesses and individuals by giving even more freedom, transparency, and flexibility for their enterprise open source solutions.  Today, RedHat certifications are in great demand by employers globally, as 90% of organizations, today rely on Red Hat technologies to deliver products and services to customers in an efficient way.


Popular Red Hat Certification Training Courses


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

The RHCSA certification training helps professionals to gain system administration skills that are required to manage a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. This RHCSA certification course is valid for Linux system admins looking to demonstrate their skills in Red Hat system and improve upon their salary. Participants who take up this Red Hat System Administration training will be eligible to become a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) down the line.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Participants who have completed their Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator track will be eligible for RHCE certification training. Professionals who take up RHCE training can help an enterprise to automate their Linux tasks and integrate the Red Hat tool with other emerging technologies to be more efficient. Today, with enterprises incorporating the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, professionals having RHCE credentials will have more emphasis on automation and other latest trends. Participants who take up the RHCE certification exam will get their skills validated on the latest system administration tasks, shell scripting, and Red Hat Ansible automation.

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization (RHVCA) 

This Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization certification training is ideal for Linux administrators who are implementing and managing virtualization tasks for an enterprise. This RHVCA certification goes a step further from your RHCE and RHCSA skillset. And having an RHVCA certification is a natural evolution in your Red Hat career path. With ever-increasing virtualization and cloud migration of business-critical services, it makes sense to have a strong certification backing up your skills that demonstrates your expertise in the same.

Who can take up Red Hat Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Red Hat certification training courses are:
  • System Administrators
  • IT Professionals
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Customer Service Specialists
  • Software Engineers
  • Infrastructure Specialists
  • Application Architects
  • Linux Administrators
  • Account Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Aspiring Red Hat Professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to take up various Red Hat career paths
  • Professionals looking to clear their relevant Red Hat certification exams

Reasons to choose Red Hat Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Multiple streams of Red Hat certification career paths that include Linux System Administration, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Ansible, and Kubernetes 
  • Expert Red Hat trainers with real-world experience in implementing Red Hat tools across services and solutions
  • Get access to accredited Red Hat certification course material with hands-on practical sessions with case study discussions
  • Get Red Hat Certification training from a leading Red Hat Training Partner in the APAC region for the last decade
  • Participants have the options to take up Red Hat training courses in 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day time slots
  • Enterprises and groups can customize their Red Hat training according to their requirements with regards to course modules and training duration
  • Red Hat Practice test questions for learners across various specializations to clear their certification exams

Benefits of Red Hat Certification Training

  1. Validate your skillset in various Red Hat domains to embrace the new norm in enterprises that are adopting virtualization, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies
  2. Get recognized by enterprises of all types and sizes across industry sectors with Red Hat certification training 
  3. Professionals with Red Hat certification credentials are some of the most sought-after employees and also earn on average USD 93,000 per annum in the US
  4. Get to know how to use various Red Hat  open-source tools to create a more connected and efficient enterprise system
  5. Embark on a successful career path with Red Hat training courses as it covers a broad spectrum of job categories 
  6. Attain a Red Hat certification credential to get job opportunities across the globe
  7. Fill the widening skills gap that is becoming a stumbling block for professionals to take their careers to the next level
  8. Get newer and additional job responsibilities with Red Hat certification credentials
  9. Red Hat certification training provides one of the best return of investments for professionals and enterprises with lesser downtime and quicker outage solutions with improved operational efficiencies

Red Hat Certification Process

  • Below are the steps to become a Red Hat certified professional:
  • Choose a relevant Red Hat certification training that is ideal for your career progression.
  • Select a Red Hat training schedule of your choice along with a delivery mode that you are comfortable with
  • Prepare for your Red hat certification training with  course materials provided by both Red Hat and Koenig Solutions
  • Attend the instructor-led Red Hat Certification training with hands-on lab practical sessions
  • Familiarize with the Red Hat certification exam by taking up as many practice tests
  • Become a Red Hat Certified Professional to take grow exponentially in your career

Salary prospects for Red Hat Certified Professionals

A Red Hat certification training is quite popular as enterprises are incorporating emerging technologies and using different frameworks and best practices to ensure they remain competitive and be relevant. Red Hat provides various tools and solutions for enterprises that help in digital transformation endeavors. In this regard, Red Hat certified professionals are the most in-demand individuals globally across industry sectors. Let’s take a look at their salaries from around the world.
United States: USD 53,000 to USD 192,000
United Kingdom: Pounds 36,000 to 70,000
India: Rupees 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs 
Australia : AUD 73,000 to 118,000 
UAE: AED 70,000 to 195,000
Singapore: SGD 75,000 to 130,000

Job Prospects for Red Hat Certified Professionals

With increasing technological evolution and a digital business landscape, enterprises are keen to either get their teams trained in Red Hat certification courses or hire individuals who are Red Hat certified. Companies that are actively hiring Red Hat certified professionals include Kavaliro, LS Technologies, General Dynamics, Insight Global, Tek Systems, IGNW, Booz Allen Hamilton, Telefonica, GlobusSoft, Accenture, and many more. Check out your local job listings and portals to find Red Hat related job opportunities in your region.



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Red Hat certifications are highly valued across industries. With 90% of Fortune 500 companies using open-source Red Hat solutions and Red Hat tools, being certified sets you apart. Whether it's Cloud, DevOps, Ansible, System Administration, Kubernetes, and Virtualization, a Red Hat certification ensures you stay ahead in today's dynamic tech landscape and keep growing in your career.

Below is the cost of Red Hat certification exams. The cost of RHCSA, RHCE, and RHCSV certification exams is USD 400. To get more information, click this link.

Red Hat's training equips you with hybrid cloud strategies and solutions, enabling you to operate any app, anywhere, on any cloud. Their hands-on labs ensure you grasp the core concepts effectively.

Among the various Red Hat certification categories, three stand out as favorites among professionals:

Red Hat certifications remain valid for 3 years. While they don't expire, they can become outdated due to version changes. To stay current, holders should update their certification to the latest version when the old one becomes non-current. Read more here.

Having a Red Hat certification not only validates your expertise but also enhances your employability, paving the way for better salaries and career advancements. Take charge of your Red Hat certification journey and upstream your learning journey, visit here.

Participants can access all Red Hat certification exams directly through Red Hat's online portal. Unlike other certifications, there's no need to visit specific testing centers like Pearson Vue, PeopleCert, Kryterion, or PSI. Red Hat provides a direct platform for global participants to take their exams. To get official information on RedHat certifications, visit here.

While Red Hat certifications stay valid indefinitely, they become non-current after 3 years. To maintain their currency, you might need to retake or pursue additional exams.

Koenig Solutions, a leading Red Hat partner in the APAC region and globally, offers comprehensive Red Hat training. You can verify our authorization here

To get a Red Hat exam voucher, enroll in a Red Hat course with an accredited partner like Koenig Solutions. After completing the course, you'll receive a voucher valid for one year. To get more information, visit here.

You can verify the validity of a Red Hat certification by entering the Certification ID on Red Hat's official "Verify a Certification" page.

Absolutely, Red Hat solutions are widely adopted by SMBs, large corporations, and government agencies globally. There's a significant demand for Red Hat certified professionals. As enterprises recognize the value of Red Hat tools, they're investing more in Red Hat training to elevate their operations. Know about all Red Hat certifications and exams here.

Red Hat's training program caters to various IT roles, including system and application administrators, engineers, architects, and enterprise developers. With many top companies using Red Hat solutions, there's a steady demand for certified professionals to implement and maintain these systems, driving organizational growth and success.

Red Hat certification courses prerequisites vary by the specific exam but commonly include relevant experience, training completion, and documentation. Check Red Hat's official certification website for specific requirements. Meeting prerequisites is vital for successful exam preparation and eligibility.

Absolutely, our Red Hat courses include hands-on lab exercises to reinforce theoretical concepts. These labs provide practical experience and help you gain confidence in using Red Hat technologies effectively.

Our average class size for Red Hat courses typically ranges from 5 to 10 students. This small class size ensures personalized attention and an interactive learning experience. Also, at Koenig Solutions, we provide 1-on-1 training.

Yes, you will have access to Red Hat course materials even after the course concludes. We believe in supporting your ongoing learning journey, and you can refer back to these resources whenever needed for your professional development. To choose your Red Hat training course, visit here.