Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC) Course Overview

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC) Course Overview

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC) course is designed to equip learners with the foundational skills needed in the realm of Cisco's development and operations, networking, and security. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essentials of software development and design, understanding and utilizing APIs, Cisco platforms and development, application deployment and security, infrastructure and automation, and network fundamentals.

By engaging with the CCNA DevNet training, learners can expect to delve into the intricacies of data formats, software development methodologies, and version control with Git. They will also learn to construct and troubleshoot REST API requests, understand the capabilities of various Cisco platforms, and apply infrastructure automation using tools like Ansible and Python.

Furthermore, the Cisco CCNA DevNet certification will help learners to identify and address application security issues, manage CI/CD pipelines, and understand network fundamentals crucial for efficient system design. This certification is a stepping stone for professionals aiming to specialize in network automation and programmability within Cisco's ecosystem, preparing them for exciting career opportunities in the evolving world of network engineering and development.

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Course Prerequisites

To successfully undertake training in the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC) course, it is recommended that students have the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of software development, including knowledge of programming languages such as Python.
  • Familiarity with fundamental data formats such as XML, JSON, and YAML.
  • Awareness of software development methodologies and the software development lifecycle.
  • Basic knowledge of networking concepts, including IP addressing, subnetting, and the roles of networking devices like switches and routers.
  • Understanding of the use of REST APIs and HTTP response codes in the context of application development.
  • An introductory level of experience with any version control system, preferably Git.
  • Basic use of command-line interface (CLI) tools and familiarity with operating system environments such as Linux or Unix.

Please note that while these prerequisites are recommended to ensure a smooth learning experience, Koenig Solutions welcomes learners with a range of backgrounds and will provide the necessary support to help all students achieve their certification goals.

Target Audience for Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC)

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate course gears towards professionals seeking to excel in network automation and software development.

  • Network Engineers looking to expand their skills in network automation
  • Software Developers interested in network application development
  • System Integrators implementing network-based automation solutions
  • DevOps professionals focusing on continuous integration and delivery with networking aspects
  • Security Engineers aiming to integrate security automation in their workflows
  • Infrastructure Architects designing automated network infrastructure
  • Technical Solutions Architects involved in cross-domain solutions that include networking
  • Network Operations personnel aspiring to use automation for operational efficiency
  • IT Managers wanting to understand the capabilities of network automation to drive business strategies
  • Students and recent graduates looking to enter the networking field with a focus on automation and programming

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC)?

Introduction to the Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered:

Gain essential skills in network automation, software development, and design, with a focus on leveraging Cisco's powerful platforms and APIs to streamline and secure IT infrastructures.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand and utilize data formats like XML, JSON, and YAML for Python integration.
  • Embrace test-driven development and differentiate between agile, lean, and waterfall methodologies.
  • Organize code effectively into methods/functions, classes, and modules, and apply common design patterns.
  • Implement version control using Git for improved code management and collaboration.
  • Construct and troubleshoot REST API requests, and employ authentication mechanisms and various API styles.
  • Develop Python scripts that interact with Cisco SDKs and network management platforms like Meraki and Cisco DNA Center.
  • Recognize the role of Cisco collaboration, compute, and security platform APIs in automating solutions.
  • Apply model-driven programmability using YANG, RESTCONF, and NETCONF in Cisco environments.
  • Deploy applications securely, understanding CI/CD pipelines, containerization with Docker, and address OWASP security threats.
  • Automate infrastructure using tools like Ansible and Python, and comprehend the benefits of infrastructure as code and code review processes.
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC)