Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) Course Overview

Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) Course Overview

The Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) course is an interactive, instructor-led program designed to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of Agile principles and practices. It focuses on the Disciplined Agile toolkit, which provides pragmatic guidance and strategies for enhancing team effectiveness and delivering value to organizations. The course is structured into nine modules, each with a specific focus ranging from exploring Agile methodologies to tailoring a team's Way of Working (WoW), building solutions, and deploying them effectively.

Learners will be able to initiate, build, and lead Agile teams using the Disciplined Agile approach. By gaining this knowledge, individuals can earn the DASM certification, which signifies their proficiency in Agile practices and their readiness to lead Agile teams. Moreover, the DASM certification cost is often viewed as an investment in one's professional development, leading to better project outcomes and career advancement opportunities. As Agile methodologies continue to gain traction across industries, obtaining a DASM certification can be a significant differentiator for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and marketability.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

It seems there is a mix-up in the lessons listed under the Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) course modules. The lessons mentioned appear to be related to Cisco Nexus Platforms rather than Agile or Scrum training. Assuming this is an error and focusing on the prerequisites for a DASM course, here are the minimum required prerequisites formatted as requested:

  • A basic understanding of Agile concepts and principles.
  • Familiarity with Scrum framework and its roles, events, and artifacts.
  • Some experience working in or with a team environment.
  • Willingness to embrace a culture of learning and continuous improvement.
  • Openness to adapting to different Agile approaches and tailoring practices to fit team needs.

Please note that these prerequisites aim to ensure that participants can effectively engage with the course material and apply the concepts. No prior certifications are required to take the DASM course, and individuals from various professional backgrounds can benefit from this training.

Target Audience for Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM)

The Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) course equips IT professionals with agile and Scrum mastery tailored for complex projects.

  • Project Managers and Scrum Masters
  • Agile Team Leaders and Coaches
  • Process Engineers and Designers
  • Product Owners and Product Managers
  • Software Developers and Architects
  • IT Managers and Directors
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Business Analysts and Consultants

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM)?

It seems there has been an error in the context provided for the Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) course. The lessons listed appear to be related to Cisco Nexus platforms and configurations, which are not part of the DASM curriculum. The DASM course typically covers agile and lean principles, the Disciplined Agile toolkit, and how to effectively apply it to projects. Below, I will outline the learning objectives and outcomes based on a typical DASM course, disregarding the erroneous Cisco-related context.

Brief Introduction to the Course’s Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered:

The DASM course equips participants with an understanding of agile and lean fundamentals, the Disciplined Agile toolkit, and practical skills to customize and apply these practices effectively within their teams.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the foundations of Agile and Lean, and how they can be applied to deliver value to stakeholders.
  • Gain knowledge of the Disciplined Agile toolkit with an emphasis on its pragmatic and context-sensitive approach.
  • Learn how to set up a Disciplined Agile team, including roles, responsibilities, and team structures.
  • Explore different lifecycle options available within Disciplined Agile and how to choose the best one for your team’s context.
  • Develop the ability to tailor your team’s way of working (WoW) by understanding the process goals and choosing appropriate practices.
  • Learn how to initiate a team effectively, ensuring alignment on goals, scope, and iteration/sprint planning.
  • Acquire skills in building and deploying high-quality solutions that meet stakeholder needs.
  • Understand how to lead continuous improvement efforts within your team to enhance performance and delivery.
  • Discover techniques to help ensure your team succeeds, improves, and enjoys the process of delivering value.
  • Learn strategies to influence and collaborate with stakeholders and other teams outside of your immediate agile team.

Please note that for the official course objectives and outcomes, it is recommended to refer to the latest DASM course materials or the official Disciplined Agile website provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM)