How the Process Works:


Placement Agencies

Koenig Solutions collaborates with placement agencies to expand our reach and provide their clients with a valuable talent pool. EEDS graduates complete our pre-employment training program, ensuring they possess the skills and knowledge employers are seeking.

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Rahul Saini

I completed a 2-month computer training program with Koenig Solutions for aspiring Service Reliability Engineers. The curriculum was thorough, with hands-on lab experiences. Thanks to Mr. Vikas Hangloo for his patient teaching style. I'm well-prepared for my upcoming interviews and highly recommend Koenig Solutions for career advancement.

Bunty Makhija

Thankful for an enriching 2-month training at Koenig Solutions. The program provided exceptional insights and skills through a comprehensive curriculum, real-world examples, and interactive sessions. Tailored for professional growth, it equipped me for future challenges. Huge thanks to the entire team.

Darshita Singh

I had a transformative 2-month training journey at Koenig Solutions. Their expert trainers, comprehensive curriculum, and hands-on exercises equipped me to tackle my job interview and secure placement. Their all-encompassing learning experience, mainly the career services, guided me through every step. I owe my career launch to Koenig Solutions and highly recommend their IT programs..

For Employers

Trained Fresher Hiring EEDS

Employee Exchange for Digital Skills (EEDS) is Koenig Solutions' innovative initiative designed to bridge the talent gap in India. We connect employers seeking top IT talent with a pool of pre-trained, job-ready candidates. This streamlined approach empowers companies to hire exceptional talent in bulk, reduce recruitment costs, and expedite the onboarding process.

Here's how EEDS benefits employers:
  • Pre-trained talent pool: Hire job-ready candidates with the skills you need.
  • Reduced recruitment costs: Save time and resources compared to traditional methods.
  • Streamlined onboarding: Focus on integrating new hires after training.
  • Performance-based hiring: Evaluate candidates before extending job offers.
  • Zero training cost guarantee: Pay only for the talent you bring on board.

Koenig Solutions collaborates with employers to shortlist candidates for EEDS training.

We conduct regular assessments to ensure the effectiveness of the training.

Experienced Professional Hiring(Companies/Placement agencies)

We leverage our expertise across various industries, including Telecom, IT, Finance, Manufacturing, and more. Our EEDS programs are designed to address the specific needs of your industry.

Yes, we only charge upon successful candidate placement.

A minimal placement fee applies for each candidate successfully hired through the EEDS program. This fee is charged to placement agencies or hiring companies.

Koenig Solutions helps streamline your talent acquisition by simplifying your hiring process. Simply connect with our dedicated EEDS team. We'll collaborate closely to understand your specific needs, source suitable candidates, provide them with the necessary training, and then present them to your clients for potential hire.

We offer a high degree of flexibility to tailor training content. Our EEDS team partners with you to develop custom modules that precisely match your client's unique business needs and requirements.

A transparent partnership agreement outlining the terms and conditions, including fee structure and expectations will be drafted. This ensures a collaborative and mutually beneficial experience for both parties.

We leverage a multi-layered screening process to identify top talent. This includes in-depth evaluations of skills, certifications, and industry knowledge. Our team of industry experts and subject matter specialists ensures that only the most qualified candidates progress through the EEDS program.

Koenig Solutions enables you to monitor candidate development throughout the EEDS program with our comprehensive tracking system. We provide you with regular progress reports, including detailed assessments, to keep you informed about each candidate's journey.

For Colleges/ Students

EEDS welcomes applications from all recent graduates based in India. Admission is contingent upon meeting the eligibility criteria established by our diverse employer network.

Koenig Solutions partners with employers to select promising candidates for EEDS training programs. Evaluations encompass both technical proficiency and essential soft skills to ensure a well-rounded fit for your company's needs.

While job placement isn't guaranteed, the EEDS program equips you with the skills and knowledge highly sought after by employers. Increase your employability and stand out from the competition.

The EEDS program is primarily designed for recent graduates in India seeking to enter the workforce. However, even if you have some experience but are currently unemployed, we encourage you to apply.

Once placed with a company through EEDS, your work schedule will align with their established policies.

Your work location will depend on the specific requirements of the hiring company.

Work arrangements (WFO/WFH/hybrid) will be determined by the hiring employer.

Absolutely! Following your EEDS training, the decision to accept a job offer rests entirely with you.