COBIT-5-Assessor Course Overview

COBIT-5-Assessor Course Overview

The COBIT 5 Assessor course is designed to provide a deep understanding of the COBIT 5 framework for IT management and governance. The course teaches learners how to perform a detailed process capability assessment using the COBIT 5 Assessor Guide. This includes identifying and assessing roles and responsibilities, applying the Process Assessment Model (PAM) and Process Reference Model (PRM), and understanding how to measure process capability levels.

Through this course, learners will gain the necessary skills to perform and assess the seven steps of the process assessment as outlined in the Assessor Guide. This includes initiating and scoping an assessment, planning, data collection, data validation, process attribute rating, and reporting findings.

Additionally, the course covers the use of the self-assessment guide, which allows organizations to conduct their own internal assessment.

Completing the COBIT 5 Assessor course equips learners with valuable tools and knowledge to help their organizations achieve higher levels of process maturity, leading to enhanced IT governance and better alignment with business goals. This certification is highly beneficial for IT professionals, auditors, and consultants who are focused on the assessment and improvement of IT processes within an organization.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that participants can successfully undertake training in the COBIT 5 Assessor course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Familiarity with the COBIT 5 framework: Participants should have a basic understanding of the COBIT 5 framework, its principles, and practices.
  • Completion of COBIT 5 Foundation course: It is advisable that participants have completed the COBIT 5 Foundation course or possess equivalent knowledge to ensure they have a solid foundation in COBIT 5 concepts.
  • Experience in IT governance: Some practical experience in IT governance, management, or audit is beneficial to comprehend the real-world applications of the assessment process.
  • Analytical skills: The ability to analyze and interpret information will be crucial when performing process capability assessments.
  • Communication skills: Good communication skills are necessary for discussing assessment processes and findings with stakeholders.

These prerequisites are designed to prepare students for the comprehensive nature of the COBIT 5 Assessor course and are intended as guidance to help ensure a successful learning experience.

Target Audience for COBIT-5-Assessor

The COBIT 5 Assessor course equips professionals with the expertise to evaluate IT process capabilities for businesses.

Target Audience for the COBIT-5-Assessor Course:

  • IT Auditors
  • IT Managers
  • IT Quality Professionals
  • IT Leadership (CIOs/CTOs/IT Directors)
  • IT Consultants
  • Governance Professionals
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Internal and External Auditors involved in IT
  • IT Compliance Professionals
  • IT Developers and Team Leaders seeking process improvement
  • Professionals involved in assurance, security, and governance related to IT

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this COBIT-5-Assessor?

Introduction to the COBIT 5 Assessor Course Learning Outcomes

The COBIT 5 Assessor course equips students with the expertise to perform a process capability assessment and understand roles within the COBIT 5 framework effectively.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the COBIT 5 Assessor Guide and its application in process capability assessment.
  • Gain the ability to perform a detailed process capability assessment using the COBIT 5 Assessor Guide.
  • Learn to identify and assess the roles and responsibilities within the COBIT 5 governance framework.
  • Apply the Process Assessment Model (PAM) and Process Reference Model (PRM) to assess IT process capabilities.
  • Analyze the measurement model to determine process capability levels accurately.
  • Develop the skills to apply and analyze the capability dimension within the COBIT 5 assessment process.
  • Initiate a process assessment by understanding its purpose, scope, and context within an organization.
  • Scope an assessment to define its focus, objectives, and constraints effectively.
  • Plan and brief assessment teams to ensure a clear understanding of the assessment objectives and methodology.
  • Collect and validate data to ensure the reliability and relevance of the assessment findings.
  • Perform process attribute rating to measure process capability accurately and consistently.
  • Report the findings of the assessment clearly and effectively, providing actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Utilize the COBIT 5 self-assessment guide for continuous improvement and self-evaluation of processes.

These objectives and outcomes are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the COBIT 5 assessment process, enabling students to conduct thorough and effective IT governance assessments in their organizations.