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ISC2 is a globally recognized and accredited certification platform specializing in information security. The certification training courses in IT security are focused on different aspects and roles in the field of information security, network security, and cybersecurity. The need for IT security specialists has grown exponentially since the rise of digital transformation in enterprises across various industry sectors. There has been a noticeable rise in cyberattacks, leading companies to invest in measures for protection against these threats. Check out some of the popular ISC2 IT Security Expert training courses to enroll today.

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ISC2 IT Security Expert Certification Training Courses 

The ISC2 IT security expert certification training courses offer various learning programs for working professionals to invest their growth in so that they can succeed in the field of information security. The ISC2 certification training courses are designed to validate the skills and expertise of information security officers and other IT security professionals to become specialists in their field. This offers IT professionals the chance to build on their expertise and grow in their designated field.

Organizations are always looking for ISC2 certified professionals because it is considered to be a gold standard in the security industry. After being part of a few popular ISC2 IT security expert certification courses, working professionals become a part of a global community of experts and increase their value to their existing organizations and the job market. Some of the most popular ISC2 IT security expert certification training courses are listed below.


Popular ISC2 IT Security Expert Certification Training Courses 

CSSLP Certification Training Course

The CSSLP or Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional certification training course is designed for developers and software engineers who want to build secure software and applications right from the development stage itself. The certification is focused on building application security skills in the candidates who want to become expert software architects, quality assurance testers, penetration testers, and more. 

The CSSLP certification exam tests the knowledge of its candidates in many focus areas and builds the skills they need in order to authorize, authenticate and audit all processes in software development using SDLC best practices. Some of the domains that the CSSLP certification exam tests the skills of its candidates on including secure software architecture, design, testing, and implementation, as well as secure software deployment and maintenance.

CCSP Certification Training Course

The CCSP or Certified Cloud Security Professional certification training course is considered to be the most popular and widely recognized course in cloud security today. The certification training course is for security professionals who specialize in establishing measures to best protect an organization’s assets that are cloud-based.

The CCSP certification training course is designed to build the skills and expertise of all eligible candidates in order to create, design, implement, maintain and manage secure applications, cloud infrastructure, and data using cybersecurity best practices. The domains that the candidates get tested on when they appear for the CCSP certification exam include cloud concepts, cloud architecture and design, data security, cloud infrastructure, and application security, risk management, and compliance.

CAP Certification Training Course

CAP, or Certified Authorization Professional, the certification training course is designed for risk managers and compliance professionals who want to become expertise at IT security in terms of governance, compliance, and risk. The candidates learn how to deploy and implement effective risk management frameworks and systems at their organization, manage them and monitor them along with various cybersecurity best practices. 

The CAP certification training course is ideal for IT assurance practitioners and information security professionals who have expertise working with governance, risk, and compliance. They will learn how to categorize various information systems at their organization, select, implement and regularly assess various information security controls, authorize information systems as well as to conduct regular monitoring to ensure optimal operational efficiency of the framework and implemented processes.

SSCP Certification Training Course

SSCP, or Systems Security Certified Practitioner certification training course, is designed for security administrators, network administrators, and system administrators who want to gain more expertise in the best practices for IT infrastructure security. It is ideal for those working professionals who work in the management of operational security at their organization.

There are seven domains that the SSCP certification training course trains its candidates on. These include access controls, risk identification, analysis and monitoring, cryptography, system security, application security, security operations, and administration, and incident response and recovery.

CISSP Certification Training Course

The CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification training course is one of the most popular certifications in cybersecurity. It is an expert-level certification that trains its candidates in successfully designing, implementing, maintaining, and improving cybersecurity programs across the organization. The certification is ideal for those who are aspiring to become Chief Information Security Officers, Directors of Security, and more.

The CISSP certification comprises many domains which are taught throughout the course, such as risk management, asset security, identity, and access management, security operations, security architecture, and engineering, and more.

Who Can Take Up ISC2 IT Security Expert Certification Training?

Job roles that can find ISC2 IT Security Expert training beneficial include:

  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Ethical hackers
  • Network security professionals
  • Security administrators
  • Security specialists
  • Security consultants
  • IT managers
  • Security managers 
  • Chief security operators
  • Developers
  • Software engineers
  • Software architects
  • Application security specialists
  • Enterprise architects
  • Systems architects
  • Professionals who are looking to gain a complete understanding of Information Security frameworks and best practices
  • Professionals who want to sit for relevant ISC2 IT Security Expert certification exams

Reasons to choose ISC2 IT Security Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Industry-acknowledged ISC2 IT security expert certification courses spread across different categories and job roles
  • Best of Information Security instructors with real-life experience to help professionals to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, terms, and best practices in the InfoSec domain
  • Receive ISC2 certification course materials along with case studies and key resource templates to gain a thorough understanding of the information security standards in the time of digital transformation
  • Get ISC2 IT security expert certification training from an accredited training partner 
  • Learners have the flexibility to take up their ISC2 IT security courses in both 4 hours/ day and 8 hours/ day options on weekdays and weekends, respectively
  • Companies can customize ISC2 IT Security Expert certification courses according to their business requirements and the learning needs of their teams
  • ISC2 IT Security Certification exam sample practice tests to help you familiarize yourself with exam formats across various courses
  • Participants can take up their ISC2 IT Security Expert certification courses across four different learning modes

Benefits of (ISC)2 IT Security Expert Certification Training 

ISC2 is a global leader in information security, and cybersecurity training, which is why earning a certification from this organization comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Certified ISC2 security professionals become a part of a global community of security experts.
  • Professionals having the ISC2 certification results in higher chances of hiring while looking for other employment or a higher chance of getting promoted within the organization.
  •  ISC2 IT security expert certifications also result in a higher annual salary as compared to the non-certified counterparts.
  • The certified professionals have validated proof of their expertise and skill and can become experienced leaders after completing various relevant  ISC2 certification training.
  • Get immediate recognition across industry sectors as many are migrating to the cloud and adopting emerging technologies across departments and enterprises need robust and secure enterprise IT architecture
  • Embark on a successful career in the Information Security domain to be part of next-gen challenges and get job offers from some of the best companies in the world

How to become an (ISC)2 IT Security Expert Certified Professional?

Below are the steps to become an (ISC)2 IT Security Expert certified professional:

  • Choose a relevant ISC2 certification course from a wide range of courses offered by an accredited partner in Koenig Solutions
  • Select suitable ISC2 IT Security Expert certification training schedule and mode of delivery 
  • Receive ISC2 training course materials, which include the syllabus, practice test questions and answers, case studies, templates, and others
  • Be part of an interactive instructor-led ISC2 IT Security Expert certification training with role-plays and case study discussions
  • Take up various ISC2 certification practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam formats
  • Create a successful career path in the business-critical Information Security domain with ISC2 IT Security Expert certification training program 

Salary prospects for ISC2 IT Security Expert Certified Professionals

In today’s wave of digital transformation that we see happening across the globe, it is critical for organizations to create a secure and scalable information security framework and best practices. With necessary Information Security best practices in place, it helps enterprises to improve their overall security posture and thwart regular security breaches and cybersecurity attacks happening globally. With an increasing demand for ISC2 IT Security Expert certified professionals globally, they are some of the well-paid individuals as well. To understand the popularity of the ISC2 certifications worldwide, let’s check out the salaries of certified professionals from various parts of the globe.


United States

USD 68,000 to USD 156,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 59,000 to 77,000


Rupees 6 lakhs to 22 lakhs 


AUD 90,000 to 160,000 


AED 240,000 to 370,000


SGD 79,000 to 129,000


Job Prospects for ISC2 IT Security Expert Certified Professionals

With data becoming more critical for enterprises to fully realize their potential, it is critical to safeguard business-critical information through robust security policies and to train the workforce in properly managing data across platforms. Not just managing the data, professionals also need to gain a thorough understanding of building a safe and secure enterprise IT architecture spread across various platforms that include on-premise, hybrid, and cloud. Some of the popular ISC2 credentials have great demand globally, which include CISSP, CCSP, CAP, SSCP, and others. Some of the top companies that are hiring ISC2 IT Security Expert certified professionals include Leidos, Kodak, Facebook, Caterpillar, Curology, Snowflake, Coinbase, Ciena, Central Intelligence Agency, American Express, and more.

For job opportunities in your region, do check out your local job portals to find companies that are hiring ISC2 IT Security Experts.

Student Name Feedback
Mohammed Salah Almanea
United States
Just provide better lighting in the training room and chose a closer place to the city
Mansour Irfan
United States
Helder Andre Chemane
United States
Have a little practice in this course.. like carrying out a project.
Mohammed Omar Bamashmos
United States
A very beautiful and useful experience, as face-to-face learning is beneficial for the trainee
Zellipa Mkandawire
United States
Koening delivered well. If possible hard copy materials can also be shared.
Anuratn Purushottam
United States
Koening could improve communication with the participants regarding the course also question bank may be provided for practice.
Ahmed Al Kuwari
United States
In some how yes. This will make sure I apply the required security measures for software and reduce the cost of loses.
United States
A2. Koenig's great strength is their people and the way I have been accommodated throughout my enquiry /during training sessions and post training has been excellent . Nimika / Ravi made sure we have all the resources we need for the training and they patiently answered all our queries and last minutes requests. Would like to Thank you and looking forward for more trainings.
Lasya Reddy
United States
A1. Trainer is absolutely damn good about his subject and flexible, and comfortable to learn with. Must be one of the gems of Koenig. No words
Rukhsar Singh
United States
A2. Excellent services given by the Nitin and Karan, never faced any issue in the entire training . For any query a prompt response was shared within few minutes. Overall courteous staff and fabulous training to acquire knowledge.
Sathish Nadarajan
United States
A1. Trainer has great attitude. Good understanding of the topics covered in CCSP. He made sure I understand the topics before moving to the next topic. He was very helpful and understanding. I would like to schedule more trainings with him. Very steady and consistent approach, made sure I am not tired by end of the training.
Reena Bengeri
United States
A1. Rashtra is a very enthusiastic, committed, and experienced trainer. He has immense knowledge and goes deep into topics based on participant queries and interests. He is very keen to ensure that the participant understands the basics and he quotes relevant basic examples to drive home the subject/concept. He also relates to industry and real-life experiences which makes the training very interesting. He is flexible with timings and aligns with participant needs. He is a valuable asset to Koenig. Thanks to Koenig and specifically Rashtra for training me.
Premkumar Ms
United States
A1. Nishant is a great trainer and his content delivery/real-time examples for understanding the terminologies are great. He is a great motivator and makes sure students understand the concepts. And he will help students to get things done at any cost. Appreciative work and a complete dedication towards his job.
Ajay Kumar
United States
A1. Nishant was very good with the training. I found him to be very motivated and devoted towards the students as a result he gave his all-out efforts to help us and understand the content easily. His technique of activity and rapid round after every topic was interesting and very helpful for understanding. He kept on giving demo and examples to make the training interesting. He helped with the tips and tricks to clear the certification exam. Would have been nice if this would have been a classroom training with Nishant.
United States
A1. Nishant is very passionate about his work and has contributed extra miles for the benefit of participants.


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ISC)² IT security expert certification training courses offer education, training, and expertise for working professionals to design, implement and execute various security protocols, processes, and measures in order to protect their organizations. Information Security professionals who are certified are in great demand worldwide as day-by-day, there is a drastic increase in security breaches globally. Moreover, ISC2 certified professionals are some of the highly-paid professionals with demand across industry sectors. The average salary for ISC2 certified professionals is in the range of USD 68,000 to USD 156,000 per annum in the US.
Learners can take up their ISC2 IT Security Certification training program across four different learning modes that include 1-on-1 training, classroom, live online, and on-site training.
As part of your ISC2 IT Security Expert certification courses, you will receive:
  • A copy of the course material
  • Key resources such as case studies
  • Relevant PDUs that match your course
  • Practice test questions and answers
  • Course completion certificate
Since the CCSP certification is an advanced level learning program, it comes with a certain level of learned and acquired expertise in cloud security. Candidates need to have at least five years of work experience in information technology, out of which three should be in cloud security, and at least one of those needs to be in one of the domains that are being tested on the CCSP certification exam. Or, candidates have the option to complete their CISSP certification training course and have a valid certification to be eligible.
The CSSLP certification course is an expert level certification for secure software development, which is why candidates need to have a total of a minimum of 4 years of work experience using SDLC in at least one domain of the CSSLP certification exam. They also need to have a minimum of a four-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent in the relevant field.
The CAP certification course requires its candidates to have a minimum of two years of work experience in at least one of the domains that are a part of the CAP common body of knowledge to become eligible.
The SSCP certification requires its candidates to have a minimum of one-year of work experience in one of the domains of the SSCP certification training course.