Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Integration and Administration


Oracle Data Integrator is an extensive data integration platform that handles all information integration requirements from high-intensity, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven integration processes and SOA-enabled data services. Oracle Data Integrator's Extract, Load, Transform (E-LT) architecture leverages disparate RDBMS engines to process and transform the data - the approach that optimizes performance, scalability and lowers overall solution costs.

Audience: This course is beneficial for Business Analysts, Data Modelers, Data Scientist, Data Warehouse Administrator, Database Administrators, SOA Architect and Technical Consultant.

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Duration : 5 Days
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Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

  • Administer ODI resources and set up security with ODI.
  • Apply ODI Topology concepts for information consolidation.
  • Describe ODI Model concepts.
  • Describe the architecture of Oracle Data Integrator 12c.
  • Design ODI Mappings, Procedures, Packages, and Load Plans to perform ELT data transformations.
  • Explore, audit data, and implement data quality with ODI.
  • Implement Changes Data Capture with ODI.
  • Integrate ODI with Version Control Systems (Subversion).
  • Extend ODI to include the Big Data Hadoop ecosystem.
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