Big Data Analytics Courses and Certification Training


Big data describes high volume information pools that experience growth regularly and consistently in today's data-driven world. Using traditional data management methods have proved unable to store and process information efficiently and effectively. Getting Big Data certification training offers a number of advantages to both professionals and enterprises. Having knowledge of Big Data helps organizations outside intelligence to make better corporate decisions, offer enhanced operational efficiency, and faster risk identification with products and services. In a business environment where information is power, learning how to manage big data is a skill in high demand and advisable for any IT professional. 
Check out the details for some of the most popular Big Data certification courses to enrol today.

Big Data Analytics Training Overview

Getting Big Data Analytics certified is a great option for professionals looking to enhance their skill set in business analytics, operations management, and consultation skills in any capacity. Certifications act as a validation of your knowledge and skills against industry and vendor-specific benchmarks. This tells your employer you are well equipped for the job and you are willing to stay up to date with the latest trends and requirements. 
With a number of options readily available on the market, the Big Data courses of recognized accreditation are;
  1. AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (Big Data on AWS)
  2. Hadoop Developer With Spark
  3. Oracle Big Data Fundamentals ED2
  4. Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration
  5. Apache Kafka 



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Popular Big Data Certification Courses

1- AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (Big Data on AWS)

This specialty certification is for professionals looking to conduct large scale and often complex Big Data analysis. The AWS certification validates three abilities with regards to Big Data that include implementing core AWS Big Data Services in line with the best practices and easy to use frameworks, maintain and design optimized organizational structures for Big Data, and to leverage tools to automate data analysis.
In order to prepare for the AWS certification, there are a number of AWS training courses and guiding resources. These provide you with the knowledge, insight and skills needed. Additionally review the examination guide for the information tested during this certification. 

2- Hadoop Developer with Spark

Apache Hadoop is a software framework made to optimize distributed storage and processing systems. The open-source software is designed and deployed by the Apache foundation. Apache Spark is a data processing tool that focuses on moving things along quickly and swiftly. It is often used with the Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to maximize data processing. 
For those looking to wear a badge of precision and proficiency with big data handling, this is the certification for you. The core objective of the program allows Hadoop developers to develop firm control over current and conventional Hadoop development protocols, the advanced complementary tools and operational procedures. 
The Hadoop Developer with Spark training program addresses;
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Scala Programming languages
With Hadoop Developers boasting one of the highest paid salary profiles in the IT industry worldwide, the training course proves to be a lucrative investment. 

3- Oracle Big Data Fundamentals Ed2

Oracle is, without a doubt, one of the key players in the technology sphere. The Big Data Fundamentals course is designed to teach developers how to use Oracle's integrated Big Data Solution. The objective is to ensure acquisition, processing, integration and analysis at the best possible capacities for Big Data. 
The prerequisites for the training are only two; an understanding of database basics and administration is mandatory. Exposure to big data is recommended but not required. The Oracle Big Data Fundamentals Ed2 is perfect for beginners looking to approach Big data with a comprehensive solution. 
4- Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration
The Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH) is a comprehensive 4-day course held by Cloudera University. Course participants are offered the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the steps necessary to use and maintain a Hadoop cluster using Cloudera Manager. The installation and configuration process is explored in detail to ensure preparation is well suited to real-world challenges Hadoop administrators face. 
This course is recommended for systems administrators and IT managers with foundational Linux experience. The hands-on exercises and certification exam act as an end to end learning experience.

5- Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an event streaming platform capable of managing trillions of events a day. Actively community distributed and built due to its open-source nature, the platform began as a message queuing system morphing into one of the most complete and dynamic streaming experiences. Used by industry giants like Airbnb, Netflix, Goldman Sachs, and LinkedIn, getting Apache Kafka certified is an accolade across multiple business environments. 
The Kafka training and certification model ensures a thorough understanding of conceptual knowledge, including "how-to" demonstrations, a multitude of hands-on practice exercises, and cumulative assessments. 

Who can take up Big Data Certification Courses? 

Job roles that find Big Data training beneficial for their career are:
  • System Administrations
  • IT managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Business Developers 
  • Marketing and Branding Professionals 
  • Application Developers
  • University students looking to stay current with Data Analytics
  • Anyone keen to learn Big Data concepts and how to use insights gained to one's advantage
  • Professional who are looking to clear their relevant Big Data certification exams


Reasons to Take up Big Data Certification Training from Koenig Solutions

  • We've got everything covered with regards to Big Data certification courses that is there to offer according to the industry needs
  • Expert instructors who deliver live online Big Data Analytics training courses globally
  • Get a holistic understanding of applying Big Data concepts in your day to day business analysis and data analysis job roles
  • Get industry-recognized course materials and case studies that showcase how Big Data has helped enterprises to grow in an exponential manner
  • Get widely-acknowledged Big Data certification training from an authorized learning partner for many certification training vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, Salesforce, PMI, CompTIA, and more
  • Learners can choose training options of 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day for their Big Data training programs
  • Customize Big Data course modules according to your learning needs or enterprise requirements
  • Get dedicated attention for your Big Data certification training with 1-on-1 and Fly me a trainer option


Benefits of Big Data Certification and Training Courses

Top benefits of Big Data certification training are:

  • Big data management has become a non-negotiable part of making better business decisions. 
  • A growing number of Big Data courses give professionals at different experience levels the opportunity to enhance their career trajectories while offering much-needed skills to an organization. 
  • Big Data offers actionable insights for enterprises that help them take pinpoint decisions for optimized activities and higher revenues with lower risks and unnecessary costs. 
  • Grow in one of the most sought-after job professions in Big Data Analytics
  • Get higher salaries according to your job role and experience with a Big Data Analytics certification

Salary prospects for Big Data Certified Professionals

There is a huge demand for Business Analysts and Data Analysts who are Big Data certified professionals across industry sectors worldwide. With data being as crtical resource or important as oil in today’s economy, it is imperative that enterprises that value data analysis will stay relevant and in the business for a very long time. In this regard, Big Data certifications have made a significant foray into enterprises where professionals with critical skills in data analysis are acting as key differentiators.
Let's take a look at certified Big Data professionals' salaries globally.

United States

USD 87,000 to USD 222,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 41,000 to 69,000


Rupees 5 lakhs to 19 lakhs 


AUD 80,000 to 165,000 


AED 156,000 to 342,000


SGD 59,000 to 148,000


Job Prospects for Big Data Certified Professionals

Professionals with Big Data certifications are in high demand due to enterprises moving away from traditional to data-driven product development according to the needs of customers and market trends. Let's check out which of all top companies are hiring certified Big Data professionals globally. Some of the leading companies hiring Big Data professionals include Wells Fargo, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Accenture, Deloitte, Google, Capgemini, TrueCar, Geico, EY, Apple, Verizon, Genpact, and many more.  You can check your local job listings to see relevant Big Data career opportunities near your region.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

The Hadoop Developer with Spark certification exam cost is USD 295. The minimum passing score for this exam is 70%.

There is no necessity for prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Manager, or Cloudera enterprise. However, foundational information on how to use the Linux operating system will help make this end to end solution a breeze.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an authorized and accredited training partner of many certification providers such as Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, and many others to deliver their Big Data Analytics certification courses worldwide.

Depending on your aptitude for learning independently or within classroom settings, pick your Big Data course wisely. Self-learning courses offer the convenience of moving as you feel comfortable. Classroom settings encourage practical learning with engaging discussions and perspectives that vary from yours, a new take on the same subject could spark new ideas. For new learners starting with a classroom setting may be more comfortable. Self-learning courses work better for professionals on the go. 
But, we would recommend a classroom setting or an online classroom session just to ensure the concepts learned to stay longer with you. Along with group activities and case study discussions within a traditional training set up will offer learners a better understanding to implement Big Data best practices in an enterprise with thorough data analysis.

The Oracle Big Data Fundamentals course packs a well-rounded syllabus, which is delivered as instructor-led 5-day certification training.

In order to take up the course, candidates must hold an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Alternatively, candidates can hold an Associate-level certification; these are: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Developer - Associate, or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate. It is also recommended they possess a strong background and understanding of architecting AWS Big Data services. This should come with the ability to fit into the data life cycle of collection, ingestion, storage, processing, and visualization. Finally, they should have a minimum of five years (inclusive of hands-on) experience within a data analytics field.