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With enterprises looking to achieve digital resilience in the form of improving their technical and security posture, VMware as a service provider delivers the required digital foundation to help them scale according to their business goals. With leading organizations using VMware solutions, it is critical for professionals to gain the required expertise on the same to help enterprises achieve the digital transformation required. Koenig Solutions is an accredited training partner to deliver VMware training worldwide. Check out the dates below for popular VMware courses to enrol today.

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VMware Courses

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VMware Certification and Training Courses Overview: 

As enterprises are looking to transform the way they do their business are looking at bespoke solutions provider who can help them achieve digital maturity. In a complex business landscape where business-critical services are provided through cloud and on-demand, it is critical for the enterprise to have an IT architecture that supports such endeavors. 
VMware helps organizations to be future-ready with the latest digital solutions. The best part about VMware solutions is that they are flexible and easy to choose from according to business needs. As a service provider, VMware is currently working with more than 500,000 companies worldwide to manage, run, connect, and project apps on hybrid, public, and private cloud environments.
With VMware gaining widespread adoption in organizations across industry sectors, there is a huge gap for the skilled workforce who can manage VMware solutions for them. Hence, VMware certification training is quite popular among individuals and enterprises globally. Some of the popular learning paths for VMware training courses are similar to the various categories for which they provide their services, which include app modernization, digital workspace, virtual cloud networking, multi-cloud, and security.

Popular VMware Certifications and Training Courses

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, and Manage (V7) Training:

This VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, and Manage training is a 5-day certification training provided for professionals and enterprises to gain a proper understanding of installing, managing, and configuring VMware vSphere, including VMware vCenter Server 7 and VMware ESXi. Participants who undertake this VMware course will be able to administer vSphere architecture for any organization irrespective of its size and complexity.  Moreover, this VMware vSphere course acts as a foundation to understand how to use most of the VMware technologies. 

VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage Certification Training:

This VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage is one of the most popular VMware certification courses.  This VMware course combines two courses in VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration and VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management. This VMware training is a 5-day course and will help professionals to gain the skills required to manage virtual desktops and applications through one infrastructure platform. This VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage is a hands-on training delivered with labs and lectures that are instructor-led. Participants post completion of this VMware Horizon 8 training will be able to configure virtual desktop infrastructure platform, VMware Horizon® Connection Server TM, establishing Cloud Pod Architecture, and VMware Unified Access Gateway TM.

VMware Cloud Foundation Certification Course:

This VMware cloud foundation training is divided into two VMware training. One, VMware Cloud Foundation: Plan and Deploy and two, VMware Cloud Foundation: Management and Operations. Both are 2-day VMware certification training where professionals will learn about concepts and architecture of VMware Cloud and how to successfully deploy and design infrastructure for the management. This VMware Cloud Foundation training is provided as instructor-led training through live online sessions with practical hands-on labs to help understand how to image VMware ESXi for VMware cloud foundation.

VMware Kubernetes Foundation Certification Training:

This VMware Kubernetes Foundation is a popular certification course from VMware for professionals and enterprises looking to gain a fundamental understanding of containers and Kubernetes. This VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: Install, Configure, Manage is a 2-day certification training that is provided as instructor-led training with practical labs and assignments. Participants attending the training will learn about fundamental concepts containerizing and deployment of applications into Kubernetes. 

VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, and Manage (V8) Certification Training

This VMware vRealize® Automation is a 5-day course that helps participants to gain a thorough understanding of installing, managing, and configuring the VMware vRealize Automation system. Learners will also understand how to automate different delivery machines, customized services across data centers, and manage hybrid cloud environments in a seamless manner. This VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, and Manage is an instructor-led online training with practical hands-on sessions to help understand how the VMware vRealize Automation works with other VMware systems such as VMware vRealize Orchestrator and to manage Kubernetes and other systems.

Who can take up VMware Certification Courses?

Job roles that can benefit from VMware certification training courses are:
  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • IT Professionals
  • IT Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • System Integrators
  • Deployment Specialists
  • Professionals Managing VMware tools
  • End Users
  • Anybody who is looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of VMware services and tools
  • Participants looking to clear their relevant VMware certification exams

Reasons to choose VMware Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • More than 80+ popular VMware certification training courses offered for professionals across job roles and learning paths 
  • Expert VMware trainers with real-world experience in implementing VMware solutions for Infrastructure Modernization, Virtual Desktop, Kubernetes, Hybrid-Cloud, and more
  • Training collateral provided that are prepared by SMEs and accredited by VMware 
  • Get VMware Certification training from a Premier VMware Authorized Training Center 
  • Flexible options of 4 hours/day and 8 hours/day time slots to take your VMware certification courses
  • Organizations can customize their VMware training according to the team needs and business requirements

Benefits of VMware Certification Trainings

  1. Showcase your expertise in understanding various VMware services by undertaking relevant training course to help enterprises achieve digital resilience
  2. With VMware certification credentials, get instant recognition from your peers and  potential employers worldwide
  3. Professionals with VMware credentials are one of the most sought-after and highly-paid individuals who earn an average salary in the range of USD 83,000 to USD 203,000 per annum in the US.
  4. Get to know how to use various VMware Tools such as VMware vSphere, VMware vRealize, VMware Horizon, VMware Carbon Black App, VMware Workspace, and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer, and more
  5. Embark on a truly rewarding career path with VMware certification training courses that are relevant to your job profile 
  6. VMware certified professionals get job opportunities around the world and across industry sectors
  7. In the age of digital norm, create a strong foundation for your career with VMware training courses as many professional VMware courses act as a prerequisite for Advanced-level VMware courses
  8. Showcase your VMware digital badges to gain global recognition with more than 500,000 organizations that have embraced VMware solutions

VMware Certifications Process

Below are the steps to become a VMware certified professional:

  • As a learner, select a relevant VMware course. With multiple learning paths, choose the best course and path that delivers the utmost value to you
  • Select a VMware training schedule of your choice along with the training to deliver mode, which includes classroom, online, 1-on-1, and on-site training
  • Prepare for your VMware certification training by thoroughly going through the training collateral provided by both VMware and Koenig Solutions
  • Attend the instructor-led VMware Certification training with practical hands-on lab sessions
  • Take up as many as VMware sample practice tests to gain a proper understanding of the exam format
  • Become a VMware Certified Professional to grow in your career

Salary prospects for VMware Certified Professionals

With Digital workspace being the new norm with the added flexibility of work from anywhere option, enterprises need a robust IT infrastructure to accommodate such activities on a regular basis.  VMware certifications today are popular due to their solutions spread across emerging technologies in the cloud, app modernization, digital workspace, virtual cloud, intrinsic security, and more. Today, VMware certified professionals are one of the most sought-after and highly paid individuals. Let’s check out their salaries from around the world.

United States

USD 83,000 to USD 203,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 23,000 to 66,000


INR 5.7 lakhs to 20 lakhs 


AUD 81,000 to 110,000 


AED 168,000 to 240,000


SGD 85,000 to 120,000


Job Prospects for VMware Certified Professionals

Enterprises that are actively hiring VMware certified professionals include Dell EMC, Fujitsu, IBM, Accenture, UnitedLex, PerkinElmer, McAfee, Saksoft, Optum, VisionIT, BluecloudTechnologies, and many more. Do check out your local job listings to find relevant VMware certified professional jobs in your region.


Student Name Feedback
Everton Bailey
United States
A1. Mr. Arun was a very knowledgeable instructor, his presentation style, and with lots of opportunities for me to ask questions was extremely helpful to my overall learning of the material. Also, the examples he gave were very helpful for me to understand the contents covered in the lectured guide that was not clear to me. He improved my confidence in being able to deploy this capability for my customer in the near future. I will certainly recommend this trainer to my colleagues! You have done a wonderful job, thank you very much!!


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VMware as a company provides the latest solutions for business-critical services such as multi-cloud, security, virtual cloud, app modernization, and digital workspace to help enterprises achieve improved digital resilience and security posture.
As many large MNCs, SMBs, and Government entities use VMware solutions and products to achieve overall transformation and to stay ahead of times; the workforce must be on par with the latest knowledge as per industry standards. Hence VMware certification courses are quite popular with both professionals and enterprises across industry sectors.

A VMware Certified Professional earns an average salary of $87,000 per annum, as per a survey conducted by Indeed.com. However, this may vary depending on your level of experience and professional certifications.

VCP is valid for 2 years and a recertification is required after this time period. You can either take the current version of the exam or earn a new VCP certification. You can also opt to advance to the next level by achieving a VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification. The VCAP is a highly sought after certification.

VMware NSX is a VMware solution that integrates the virtualisation technology with Nicira technology to obtain a unified network virtualization platform for data centers.

VMware vCenter Server manages VMware vSphere environments enabling automation and delivery of a virtual infrastructure across the hybrid cloud. It allows the management of various ESX servers and virtual machines via a single application. VMware vCenter was formerly known as VMware Virtual-center.

VCP stands for VMware certified Professional. It is a separate certification under VMware. VMware has a wide variety of certifications.

The major responsibilities include:

  • Installing, configuring and upgrading vCenter Server and VMware ESXi
  • Identifying vSphere architecture and solutions
  • Designing standard and distributed switches
  • Configuring VLAN settings, vSS and vDS policies
  • Managing Virtual Machines, VM Clones, Templates and vApps
  • Restoring Virtual Machines with the help of VMware Data Recovery
  • Troubleshooting vSphere Network, Storage and ESXi Hostsv

Participants can take up all of their certification exams from Pearson Vue test centers across the globe.

There are various types of virtualisation:

  • Hardware Virtualisation
  • Software Virtualisation
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Memory Virtualisation
  • Storage Virtualisation
  • Data Virtualisation
  • Network Virtualisation

VMware vSphere transforms data centers into simplified cloud computing infrastructures with the help of virtualisation and allows organisations to provide flexible and reliable IT services. vSphere is considered to be the most popular data center virtualisation platform.

VMware Certified Associate (VCA) is an entry level certification that caters to the VMware cloud and virtualisation products. The certification includes categories namely Cloud Management and Automation, Data Center Virtualisation, Desktop and Mobility, and Network Virtualisation.

While vSphere is used in hosting virtual machines, vCenter doesn’t contain this feature, though the vCenter Server is capable of unlocking the power of vSphere with its proactive management.

VMware Certified Professional (VCP) is a certification aimed at validating your skills in VMware vSphere and related technologies. Achieving a VCP certification confirms your expertise in installing, deploying and managing VMware vSphere environments. This certification is industry recognised and will certainly bolster your potential job opportunities.

All Professional-level VMware certification courses do not have any prerequisites. But, if a participant wants to take up their advanced-level VMware certification training, they need to clear the respective entry-level VMware certification exams.

The validity of VMware certifications is for 2 years. And professionals can get recertified in any of the 3 ways of recertification policy as suggested by VMware. By undertaking recertification, participants validate their credentials of being a VMware certified professional (VCP) by clearing any higher-level exam within 2 years of gaining a VMware credential.

Some of the top-paying VMware certifications are:
  • VMware Data Center Virtualization Certifications
  • VMware Desktop and Mobility Certifications
  • VMware Cloud Management and Automation Certifications
  • VMware Network Virtualization Certifications
  • VMware Digital Workspace Certifications
  • VMware Digital Business Transformation Certifications
Yes, most of the companies do need to meet certain requirements of having VMware certified individuals to maintain their status. Even though having VMware knowledge itself is fine, but companies pay bonuses for employees to earn and maintain VMware certification status. Also, enterprises are evolving the way they run their services and solutions to their customers worldwide. The average annual salary of a VMware certified professional is USD 140,000 in the US.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is a Premier VMware Authorized Training Partner to deliver VMware Certification Training worldwide.

No, VMware products and solutions are currently being used by more than 500,000 enterprises globally across various industry sectors. With the increasing usage of virtualization, digital workspace, and work from home options, it is critical for organizations to create an enterprise architecture to ensure seamless connectivity across platforms and services. Hence, VMware certification training will benefit both individuals and enterprises in equal measure irrespective of industry one belongs to.