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A Global Leader in IT Training

Established in 1993, Koenig is one of the leading IT training organizations in the world. Driven by its unique offerings, Koenig is spurring competition, meeting unmet needs of customers, creating new jobs, and supplementing talent pools globally. Koenig is present in USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Australia. Our vision is to create a more just and prosperous world through education. Helping people Step Forward.

Our Unique Offerings:


1. Do you have limited time?
2. Can you only spend 4-hours per day?
3. Do you need customized content?
If your answer is yes to any one of the above, you need 1-on-1- Training

2000+ Courses Your One- Stop shop for all Courses


Revision Classes For Only $99

Training + Tourism

Our Credentials

500,000+ Certified Students

35+ Authorizations

Best Place to Work

25+ Years Of Services

Our Strengths which Enable Our Unique Offerings

200+ In-house Trainers

In-house trainers are more committed, better trained, better equipped.

In-house Labs

This reduces downtime, improves flexibility, extends practice time for students.

Economies of Scale
Global Talent

Fully Automated Operations

Our Clients

“When picking a restaurant in an unfamiliar city, don’t look at the menu, look at the clients.”
Nassim Taleb