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Microsoft Certification Courses are the backbone of any organization across industry sectors. Without Microsoft products, individuals and enterprise teams can hardly perform their day-to-day activities. It is in this sense we see a great demand for Microsoft certified professionals worldwide across popular categories such as .NET, Microsoft365, Azure, MS Project, Office, Dynamics, Visual Studio, and more.

Popular Microsoft Certification Training Courses




Why choose Koenig Solutions for Microsoft Certification Training Courses?

  • 100+ popular Microsoft courses under one roof
  • A Microsoft Gold Partner to provide Microsoft certification courses worldwide
  • 25+ years of experience in the Training Industry
  • 200,000+ learners trained and certified globally
  • A global pool of 1000+ Trainers worldwide
  • In-house labs for practical experience
  • Blended learning for teams spread across locations

Microsoft Certification Courses Roadmap


Benefits of Microsoft Certification to Individual Professional and Enterprises


Benefits of Microsoft Certification to Individual Professionals

  • Increases visibility—Microsoft certifications are issued by a reputable organization with a large market share in the enterprise software and business development niche.
  • Highlights your dedication to personal and professional development—showing initiative by pursuing a Microsoft certification to highlight one’s proficiencies, tell potential employers’ one thing.
  • Highlights your ability to solve technical problems—deploying Microsoft architecture to fit particular business needs is a technical activity that requires professionalism.
  • Provides you with access to exclusive Microsoft resources—Microsoft provides incentives to its certified professionals and this includes extensive materials and insights into infrastructure upgrades and their uses.

Benefits of Microsoft Certification to Enterprises:

  • Increases clients’ confidence—ensuring your organization’s staffs earn certifications that highlight their abilities with using Microsoft infrastructure shows prospective clients that your business stays abreast of happenings in the IT industry.
  • Highlights the professional standards of a business—there are industry standards that come with deploying enterprise infrastructure.
  • Boosts productivity levels—studies conducted by industry leaders in the IT community have shown that employees who obtain professional certifications are generally more productive.
  • Increases your confidence in employees:successful businesses eliminate the need to micro manage all business operations when they believe in their employees.








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