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Python is one of the most popular programming languages out there in the market which developers use to create various applications. There are many certifications available in Python, and they showcase different levels and areas of expertise in the programming language. This Python programming language is used in a lot of fields outside of software development, such as web development, game and app development, numeric computing, education and other business applications. A Python certification training course can be really beneficial in gaining a competitive advantage over one’s peers. With our Python Training Course, students learn to run pyton codes using various options like anaconda/jupyter/iptyhon, with a focus on Jupyter. Check the below schedule for various Python Certification training to enrol now.

Python Certification Training Overview

Python is one of the most trustworthy programming languages because it is old and matured and can be used in multiple fields. Developers, engineers, and organizations prefer to use Python because of its intuitive nature and the ease of learning. Companies of all sizes have used and continue to use this programming language for all their coding and web or app development needs. 
Certifications in Python have become a popular means to understand the capability of an individual in the language. There are various Python certification training courses available for learners and developers to upskill themselves and gain a competitive advantage in the job market.
Some of the most popular certification courses that hold value in the eye of the employers are listed below:
  1. 55284A: Introduction to Python - (Official)
  2. 55285A: Advanced Python - (Official)
  3. Advanced Python Programming
  4. Full Stack Web Developer with Python
  5. Python Programming for Network Engineering


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Popular Python Certification Training Courses 

There are a large number of certification training courses for Python available today due to the level of usage the programming language has reached. Some certification training courses hold more significance than the others. The courses mentioned in the list above are the ones that are considered to be some of the most highly valued courses in Python available today.

1- 55284A: Introduction to Python - (Official)

The 55284A: Introduction to Python - (Official) certification training course is for all those who want to learn Python. This is an entry-level introductory course that is focused on teaching the foundations of Python as a programming language. There are no prerequisites required for this certification, although having some experience with other programming languages can be helpful. 
Candidates who want to learn about Python in this certification training course will understand how to manipulate strings in Python, perform basic operations, work with sequences, write functions, perform flow processing, and more.

2- 55285A: Advanced Python - (Official)

The 55285A: Advanced Python - (Official) certification training course is for those who already have some experience working with Python. This course teaches learners advanced techniques with the programming language. They learn more about mapping and filtering, working with the Collections module, databases, regular expressions, and more. Learners also know how to write advanced level code and learn about how to test and debug it after completing this certification.
There are no prerequisites required for the certification training course, except that the candidate should have prior basic knowledge of Python. It is also recommended if the applicant for the certification course already has some experience working with HTML and SQL.

3- Advanced Python Programming

The Advanced Python Programming certification training course is created for those who already have worked with Python and have a certain level of expertise with the language. This is not an introductory level certification training course. It ranges from intermediate to advanced, which is why it is fairly difficult to complete. This course is recommended for those working professionals who have already been working as developers and coders and want to upgrade their skill set and increase their career opportunities.
The candidates for the Advanced Python Programming certification training course learn about many different aspects of advanced level programming, such as code graphical interfaces, creation of modules and interaction with network services, how to process XML data, creating and running unit tests, leveraging OS services, and more.

4- Full Stack Web Developer with Python

The Full Stack Web Developer with Python certification training course is a beginner level certification created for those who want to learn more about web development. The candidates for this certification course will have the expertise to design and build APIs as well as applications. It is recommended that one has previous experience working with Python or another programming language when it comes to writing and testing software.
The Full Stack Web Developer certification training course with Python contains different elements of working with Python for development such as understanding and creating databases with SQL, data modeling for web applications, developing and documenting APIs, deploying servers and more. This certification course acts as a strong foundational training program that will equip learners with the skills they need to build robust web applications.

5- Python Programming for Network Engineering

The Python Programming for Network Engineering certification training course is for those who want to manage networks in an efficient manner along with fundamental skills of Python, which includes learning about what data and control structures are, how to do structured and object-oriented programming, what input output is, and more.
Once the learners complete the certification training course they will also be able to use Python as a means of communication between multiple devices as well as individual network devices. They will be able to use the databases that are present in the network application that an organization is using as a means of storage. There are no prerequisites for this certification training course except that the candidates applying for this certification need to have some experience with managing networks.

Who can take up the Python Certification Training?

Python is quite a popular programming language, anybody and everybody can learn Python, but some of the job roles that get the most benefit out of Python certification training include, but are not limited to:
  • Web Developers
  • University Students
  • Computer science graduates
  • Python programmers
  • Aspiring developers
  • Data scientists
  • App developers
  • Software engineers
  • Software developers
  • Senior developers
  • Senior software engineers
  • Web designers
  • UX designers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Professionals who are interested to learn the Python Programming Language
  • Professionals who are looking to get certified in relevant Python Certification Exams

Reasons to choose Python Certification Courses from Koenig

  • A wide portfolio of Python certification courses for developers across varied career paths 
  • Choose relevant Python Certification courses developed by Microsoft and other popular in-house training 
  • Expert Python instructors to clear your doubts and help in exam preparation
  • Python certification training material prepared by experts who have real-word experience and consulting roles worldwide
  • Industry-recognized Python Certification training from an Accredited Microsoft Gold Partner 
  • Get custom dates of your choice for your Pythong Certification courses
  • Get multiple training delivery modes for Python training in the form of instructor-led classroom, live online,  1-on-1 training, and on-site corporate training programs
  • You have the option to take your Python certification in 4 hours/day and 8 hours/day timeslots
  • Take part in Python certification training in ‘Guaranteed to Run’ sessions with ‘Exam Pass Guarantee’
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in Python programming language by taking part in popular Python certification courses

Benefits of Certification training for Python

Python is the most popular programming language in use today. This is why having proof of one’s expertise in the language in the form of a certification or a degree can be really beneficial to both working professionals as well as the organizations who hire them. Some of the benefits of a completing a Python certification training course are:
  1. More and more organizations require Python programmers and developers, so getting a certification in the programming language will give one a competitive advantage.
  2. Recruiters usually look for additional accreditations when they are hiring for companies, and a Python certification will add immense value to one’s resume.
  3. Working professionals as well as students can get certified in the Python programming language, which can be proof of one’s expertise. A Python certification validates that the candidate has the skills to be an adept programmer or developer with Python.
  4. Certified individuals make more as their annual income when compared to their non-certified counterparts. A certification in Python is also likely to increase one’s chances of getting promoted or a raise.
  5. A lot of organizations also support certification. It adds value to the quality and efficiency of the work they are doing, so companies look at getting their employees certified as in investment with higher ROI.
  6. Get higher salaries for Python certified Professionals. According to job portals, Python Certified Professionals earn anywhere between USD 60,000 to USD 145,000 per annum in the US depending upon their experience, job role, and location.

Salary Prospects of Python Certified Professionals

There is an increased demand for developers with Python programming language globally. Let’s take a look at Python Certified Professionals Salary in various locations/countries:

United States

USD 60,000 to USD 145,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 35,000 to 84,000


Rupees 4.2 lakhs to 11.5 lakhs 


AUD 91,000 to 168,000 


AED 100,000 to 348,000


SGD 84,000 to 145,000


Job prospects for Python Certified Professionals

According to various job portals from different regions of the globe, there are many top, medium, and small-sized companies that are hiring certified Python professions that include Cognizant, Verata Health, Energy Sense Finance, Spire Digital, IntelliSys Technology, Haneke Design, Tech Pundits, and more.
You can check your local job portals or listings to gain a proper understanding of job openings for Python certified professionals in your region.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Yes, Python is a free and open-source programming language.

While certifications are not considered to be necessary to learn Python, they offer a variety of benefits, making it a highly recommended option. Certified Python programmers and professionals get preference over their non-certified counterparts and also end up earning more in terms of annual income as compared to their non-certified counterparts.

Python is perhaps the most widely used programming language today. The reason why Python has grown this much in popularity is that it is relatively easy to understand and learn, and it is incredibly intuitive. It is an open-source platform, widely used by developers, making it high in demand.

IT companies are always looking for developers who are well versed in Python, and Python certification training courses help working professionals to gain the credentials that are needed standout from the competition and to help them get opportunities worldwide with better salaries.

Once a working professional becomes a certified Python programmer, his annual salary rises up to $111,557 on an average.

Python, a popular programming language used for various purposes by enterprsies across industry sectors. Companies such as IBM, NASA, Google, Uber and Yahoo use it for their web and app development.

Candidates are supposed to wait for a period of fourteen days before they are eligible to retake the exam.

Yes, the salaries of certified Python professionals vary based on the level they are certified at. After completing the entry-level certification, the certified programmer will make an average salary that can range anywhere between $60,000 to $110,000. A mid-level certified Python programmer will make an average annual salary of $118,000 a year, and a Python programmer who has completed an advanced level of certification will make anywhere between $132,000 to $145,000 annually.

The prerequisites to be eligible for an Advanced Python programming certification course are to have a basic understanding of Python as a tool for programming. This experience can also be validated if the learners already have a certification in Introduction to Python Programming or Essential Python Programming.

Python examinations need to be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the day of the certification exam.