VMware NSX Training and Certification Courses


Enterprises are rapidly adopting Virtualization technologies for maximum efficiency and agility of software or Storage resources. When applied to networks, these technologies help create seamless and intelligent solutions which makes it easy to manage and deploy network services and associated resources. Professionals looking to enhance their virtualization capabilities are actively seeking mastery in network virtualization skills for better career opportunities.

The VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals course lets you gain a fundamental understanding of virtual networking and the VMware NSX product along with other business challenges that these products intend to solve.

VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [6.4] 5 Days On Request
VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Deploy and Manage 1 Day On Request
VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer: Install, Configure, Manage 5 Days On Request
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Design [V3.0] 5 Days On Request
VMware NSX-T Data Center: Troubleshooting and Operations [V3.0] 5 Days On Request
VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer: Troubleshooting and Operations 3 Days On Request
VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer: ICM plus Troubleshooting and Operations Fast Track 5 Days On Request
VMware NSX: Design and Deploy [V6.2] 5 Days On Request
Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting (CDAT) On Request On Request
VMware NSX: Microsegmentation [V6.3] NSXMS63 3 Days On Request
E: Exam Included.
1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Anuj Jain United States Jun-2020 A2. Experience was very good. I am glad that I choose Koenig for this training. Special thanks to Nancy for her efforts and solving the issues.
Utkarsh Tiwari United States Mar-2020 A3. Sure
Kamani United States Nov-2019 A1. Very Good trainer
Mallikarjun Pv United States Nov-2019 A1. He is really good with whatever he thought and beyond
Pradeep Tyagi United States Jul-2019 A2. Koenig is really doing his job perfectly with providing new training with new technologies to corporate industry.
Pardhasarathy Nallanchakravarthula United States Jun-2019 A2. Training quality is good. Koenig was able to accommodate my last minute request and arranged a training within a day which is great.
Rahul Madan United States Apr-2019 A3. Great experience, although I was little reluctant as the last trainings I attended were not at all satisfactory. However, this time it was a great experience overall.
Gaurav Chanana United States Mar-2019 A3. It is a very nice experience with Koenig. I attended multiple training in Koenig and faced never any issue with Koenig.
Md Golam Rabbani United States Nov-2019 A1. Very knowledgeable person.
Kazi Golam Kibria United States May-2019 A2. Service. They always prior customer service. I am very happy with their service quality.
Ngabonziza Germain United States Dec-2019 A2. is very nice training center
Bob Densley United States Nov-2019 A1. Very knowledgeable!
Sreekanth Tariboena United States Oct-2019 A3. Yes
Vincent Watkins United States Nov-2019 A1. Akash was very knowledgeable on the vSphere platform, and the two days I attended I enjoyed the class. Unfortunately, the last three days I was sick with viral fever and had to do the labs from my room only.
Naveen Ramanand United States Sep-2019 A1. Hi Amit, i really liked your way of teaching me the skillset of networking on an different approach where my current network knowledge lacks. Thank you for everything. I have enjoyed the course with all the pro's and cons we've experienced during the lab exercises....


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.