VMware NSX Training and Certification Courses


Enterprises are rapidly adopting Virtualization technologies for maximum efficiency and agility of software or Storage resources. When applied to networks, these technologies help create seamless and intelligent solutions which makes it easy to manage and deploy network services and associated resources. Professionals looking to enhance their virtualization capabilities are actively seeking mastery in network virtualization skills for better career opportunities.

The VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals course lets you gain a fundamental understanding of virtual networking and the VMware NSX product along with other business challenges that these products intend to solve.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Vasudevan Kavidevan United States Jan-2021 A1. Trainer (Arun) has got wide knowledge on technology and explained the concept well.
Anuj Jain United States Jun-2020 It was good and helped to work on weak areas.
Utkarsh Tiwari United States Mar-2020 A2. Professionalism
Bharath Shendre United States Jan-2020 A3. Yes, always.
Saravanan United States Jan-2020 A1. He had good knowledge and explained in better way.
Jagdish Rana United States Dec-2019 First was unexpected and wasted 2 hours for room allocation.
Sibo Gahakwa Frank United States Dec-2019 A1. He is an awesome and very knowledgeable gentleman. He broke down the complex subject into very understandable bits. I would want a trainer like him every time.
Ngabonziza Germain United States Dec-2019 A2. is very nice training center
Md Golam Rabbani United States Nov-2019 A3. Sure, if get any chance.
Vishvendra Singh United States Oct-2019 A3. YEs
Nitin Kadam United States Nov-2019 A1. very good trainer
Bhagyashri Sonar United States Nov-2019 A1. Have sound knowledge of technology, Explains well, Good presentation.
Ankita Khamkar United States Nov-2019 A1. he is very good trainer
Nitika Baranwal United States Nov-2019 A1. Very much clear with the concept and explained properly
Kamani United States Nov-2019 A2. Very much practical and conceptual explain with whiteboard.


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