MS-900T01-A: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Course Overview

Organizations are always looking for efficient and effective means to manage their internal activities. With the development of modern technology, this solution takes the form of business software and applications capable of monitoring, handling and streamlining day to day activities constantly with pinpoint precision. The software models offer faster and accurate information relays and, as a result, hastens the decision making, helpful at critical times. In this regard, Microsoft 365 helps individuals and enterprises to unify various applications.

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Cloud concepts
  • Principles of cloud computing
  • What is Microsoft 365?
  • Select a cloud deployment
  • Microsoft 365 productivity and teamwork solutions
  • Engage employees with Microsoft Stream, Teams, and Yammer
  • Get more done with Office across all devices
  • File storage and sharing with OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Manage your business with Microsoft 365
  • Simplify device management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Get more done and stay secure with Windows 10
  • Harness business intelligence with Microsoft 365 analytics and reporting
  • Security principles and solution areas
  • Identity and access management
  • Threat protection
  • Cloud security
  • Information protection and governance
  • Compliance management
  • Manage risk, discovery, and audit
  • Identify licensing options available in Microsoft 365
  • Describe support offerings in Microsoft 365 services
  • Describe the service life cycle in Microsoft 365
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This Course Similar To Office 365 for the End-User

Course Prerequisites

This course is designed for Business Decision Makers and IT Professionals who aspire to deploy cloud services in their organization. Students should have the following background:

  • General knowledge of networking, computing, and cloud concepts

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification Training

The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course itself covers foundational concepts highlighting the benefits of introducing cloud services and the software as a service cloud model zeroing in on Microsoft 365 cloud service options. This MS-900 certification training is a 1-day training delivered by an expert Microsoft 365 instructor and the exam fee is USD 99, which can be taken at a Pearson Vue test center.
This Microsoft Training Course allows Participants to begin their journey with a thorough walkthrough of cloud fundamentals, including concepts around cloud computing and Microsoft cloud services. This leads to Microsoft Azure, where students are also taught to differentiate between Microsoft 365 and Office 365. An in depth review of Microsoft 365 followed by a comparison between on-premise and cloud services, review of enterprise mobility, and analysis of Microsoft 365 cloud services collaborate as needed by an organization conclude the course.

Key Features Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification Training Course

  • Instructor-led Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification Training
  • Get access to an MS-900 course preview to begin your preparation
  • Expert Microsoft 365 instructors across the globe with real-world expertise
  • Accredited Microsoft 365 Fundamentals training material prepared by SMEs
  • MS-900 Training resources provided to learners from Microsoft and Koenig Solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course completion certificate provided after the training
  • MS-900 training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification Training?

Job roles that can find Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course beneficial include:
  • IT Professionals
  • IT Managers
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Aspiring Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Networking Engineers
  • IT Administrators
  • Deployment Specialists
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their Microsoft 900 certification exam

Eligibility Criteria to take up Microsoft 365 Certification Training

There are no as such formal prerequisites required to sit for this Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course. However, it would be beneficial, if the participants have a basic knowledge of:
  • Networking
  • Cloud Concepts
  • Basic Computing

Learning Objectives of MS-900 training

The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course consists of 5 modules ranging from Cloud Concepts to Microsoft 365 Licensing and Support. There are no practical labs involved in this course, but the lessons are comprehensive. Upon course completion, students are able to:
  • Differentiate between the different cloud service models available.
  • Identify the key differences between Microsoft 365 subscriptions.
  • Introduce a migration plan for best results using Microsoft 365 services.
  • Identify key differences between Microsoft on-premises services and cloud services offered by Microsoft 365.
  • Differentiate between cloud, on-premise and hybrid identities.
  • Introduce cloud device management and protection, including the use of software Intune. 
  • Understand data protection mechanisms and implementation of the same using Azure Information Protection.
  • Explain compliance measures both in general and within Microsoft 365.
  • Describe the differences between Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, billing and support.

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900 Exam Format


Exam Name

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

Exam Code


Exam Cost

USD 99

Exam Format

Multiple Choice & Multiple Response Questions

Total Questions

40-60 Questions

Passing Score

700 out of 1000 (Equivalent to 70%)

Exam Duration

60 Minutes



Testing Center

Pearson Vue / Online Proctored Exam


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  • Office 365 for the End-User
Yes, the MS-900 certification training is totally worth it in today's digitally disruptive business landscape. As a basic component of data management and distribution, information is often relayed through documents, emails and the internet. Microsoft 365 as a tool offers scheduling, communication, security, compliance maintenance, access to Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Office applications. This allows Microsoft 365 certified professionals to maximize the Microsoft 365 suite of applications and leverage their use against existing activities for an end to end solution.
Professionals with a Microsoft 365 certification are able to help organizations understand where and how to spend their funds on business critical resources. The Microsoft 365 suite of applications help enable and elevate corporate activities. Possessing accreditation helps business owners understand a professional's capabilities to make critical decisions.
The average salary of a Microsoft 365 certified professional can range anywhere between USD 80,000 to USD 122,000 per annum in the US.
Concepts around security, compliance, privacy and trust within Microsoft 365 and the various Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, billing and support are all covered within the course.
The costs for both the course and examination vary based on the location the participant is based out of. Current rates for the online one day course average between USD 299 AND USD s895. The exam fee for MS-900 certification is USD 99 and can be taken at your nearest Pearson Vue center or through web proctored mode.
Depending on the participant's choice of learning environment, the examination page offers a free online course structured through guided learning paths. These learning paths can be completed at the students pace and consist of multiple modules to explain exam critical concepts. 
For learners who prefer a more conventional learning environment, the course mentioned is instructor-led, held online and gives you room to clear doubts and queries with both fellow learners and the instructor.
As part of your MS 900 certification training, you will receive:
  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course material prepared by SMEs
  • Key MS-900 resources from both Microsoft and Koenig Solutions
  • Instructor-led hands-on exercises and practical sessions on Microsoft 365 suite of applications 
  • MS-900 Course Completion Certificate