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Enterprises are moving to modern platforms from legacy-based systems to ensure they do not get left behind in this highly competitive business landscape. There are consistent efforts to migrate the data to the cloud to ensure it remains secure from the cyberattacks that are happening globally. The Cloud Security certification training provided by Koenig Solutions has a perfect mix of various learning paths from different vendors, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, ISC2, and Amazon Web Services. Some of the top drivers for cloud migration by enterprises are to improve their security posture, modernization, cost, and to improve the performance of IT operations. In this regard, Cloud Security certification training makes utmost sense for enterprises across industry sectors.

Check out some of the popular Cloud Security certification courses to enrol today.

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Lasya Reddy United States A1. Trainer is absolutely damn good about his subject and flexible, and comfortable to learn with. Must be one of the gems of Koenig. No words
Sathish Nadarajan United States A1. Trainer has great attitude. Good understanding of the topics covered in CCSP. He made sure I understand the topics before moving to the next topic. He was very helpful and understanding. I would like to schedule more trainings with him. Very steady and consistent approach, made sure I am not tired by end of the training.
Ajay Kumar United States A1. Nishant was very good with the training. I found him to be very motivated and devoted towards the students as a result he gave his all-out efforts to help us and understand the content easily. His technique of activity and rapid round after every topic was interesting and very helpful for understanding. He kept on giving demo and examples to make the training interesting. He helped with the tips and tricks to clear the certification exam. Would have been nice if this would have been a classroom training with Nishant.
Piyush.c.parmar United States A1. Nishant is very passionate about his work and has contributed extra miles for the benefit of participants.
Nagashri Murthy United States A1. Nishant has extensive knowledge of the topics covered, and he is extremely passionate about his job as a trainer. He has the same high energy levels even at the end of every day after speaking for 6-8 hours at a stretch!
Sohil Kutubuddin Naikwadi United States A2. This happens to be my first official external training. The entire experience of the training has exceeded my expectation. Thank you.
Siddalingeswara Swamy United States
Anonymous United States

Cloud Security Certification and Training Courses: 

The majority of the companies are modernizing their infrastructure by migrating to the cloud.  As the cloud has become one of the primary locations to store their data and applications, it is also used to perform real-time data analytics to help enterprises gain critical insights that are based on data mining and forecasting. As there is an increasing number of cloud solutions providers globally, they have their own certification training programs that are in line with the services and technologies offered to help professionals and enterprises to integrate into their systems and help them in their digital transformation journey. 
Even though there is increased adoption of cloud globally, there are certain factors that are going against it. Some of the key factors that are going against complete cloud adoption are:
  • Increase cyberattacks happening globally
  • High cost and technicality of cloud and its sub-components
  • Duration involved in the proper migration of critical services to the cloud
  • Shortage of skilled cloud computing professionals across various platforms 
As cloud computing brings increased flexibility and scalability; and it is easier to retrieve data when you need it. Businesses can use cloud solutions in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that provides them to customized services and subscriptions according to their business needs. To gain a thorough understanding of all these cloud-based services, it is critical that organizations invest in training their workforce in the latest Cloud Security certification training to gain a complete understanding of securing their business-critical services on the cloud platform.

Popular Cloud Security Certification Courses

1. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) Certification Training

This Microsoft Azure Security Certification course helps learners to gain knowledge of implementing security controls, identify security vulnerabilities, and maintain enterprise security posture at all times.  This is a 4-day Microsoft Azure Security Technologies training that is delivered through instructor-led classroom and live online delivery modes with hands-on lab sessions. Participants will also learn how to protect the platform, security operations, identity and access security, and applications. This AZ-500 course is ideal for security engineers and other security professionals performing their tasks on the Microsoft Azure platform protecting enterprise data.

2. AWS Certified Security Specialty Training Course

In this AWS Certified Security Specialty training course, participants will learn about advanced cloud security best practices, including how to secure applications on the AWS platform. With an increasing demand for AWS certified professionals globally, there is a high demand for this 3-day AWS Certified Specialty certification training. Moreover, participants will also learn about data encryption, AWS data classifications, and AWS security services. There are certain prerequisites that are required to take up this AWS certification training in the form of two years of experience in implementing AWS security controls in an organization and five years of experience in information security for an organization. This AWS Certified Security Specialty training is ideal for security architects, cloud computing professionals, infrastructure architects, and more.

3. AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Training Course

Through this AWS Certified Advanced Networking Speciality course, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to build and connect AWS through advanced networking solutions. This is a 3-day instructor-led classroom and live online training where the trainer will help participants to gain knowledge on implementing core AWS services along with key topics as per the AWS exam requirements. There are certain prerequisites required to take up this AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty training in the form of foundation level AWS Cloud Practitioner and Associate level AWS Solution Architect credentials along with five years of networking experience in an organization.

4. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification Training

In this Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) training, participants will gain a proper understanding of how to manage cloud services and solutions in a secure manner. This is a 5-day CCSP instructor-led certification training delivered in multiple training modes that include classroom, live online, on-site, and 1-on-1 training. The Certified Cloud Security Professional course is from the ISC2 governing body that is popular for various security-specific certification programs. Participants who wish to take up the CCSP certification training should have a minimum of five years of work experience in information technology, out of which 3 years should be with respect to information security and 6 months of experience in ISC2 prescribed Common Body of Knowledge domains. The Certified Cloud Security Professional certification course is ideal for security engineers, system architects, security consultants, system engineers, cloud infrastructure architects, and more.

Who can take up Cloud Security Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Cloud Security certification training courses are:
  • Security Architects
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Consultants
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Network Engineers
  • IT Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • Infrastructure Specialists
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Aspiring Cloud Security Professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to take up Cloud Security career paths
  • Anybody who is looking to clear their relevant Cloud Security certification exams

Reasons to choose Cloud Security Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Get access to the best of Cloud Security certification courses across various learning paths and from different vendors
  • Expert Cloud Security trainers with real-world expertise to help you understand a holistic approach towards creating a robust cloud security ecosystem
  • Get access to accredited Cloud Security certification training collaterals with hands-on practical labs and case-study discussions
  • Get Cloud Security Certification training from an accredited Microsoft, AWS, ISC2, and CompTIA training partner to deliver their courses worldwide
  • Participants can choose to take up their Cloud Security certification training either with 8 hours/ day or 4 hours/ day options
  • Professionals and enterprises can customize their Cloud Security training courses according to their business requirements
  • Multiple Cloud Security Practice Test papers to help you familiarize yourself with actual certification exams
  • Get multiple learning mode options to take up your Cloud Security training which includes instructor-led classroom, live online, on-site, and 1-on-1 training

Benefits of Cloud Security Certification Training

  • Showcase your commitment to growing in your career by taking up Cloud Security certification training to help enterprises secure their critical services on cloud platforms
  • Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge gained through these Cloud Security courses to build a robust enterprise IT architecture both on cloud and on-premise for an enterprise
  • With Cloud Security certification training be rest assured join the bandwagon of most sought-after job roles across various industry sectors 
  • Cloud Security certified professionals usually receive better salary than their peers and non-certified counterparts
  • Create a successful Cloud Computing career path with widely-acknowledged Cloud Security certification courses worldwide 
  • Get ready to join the growing Cloud Computing community with businesses migrating majority of their services to different types of cloud platforms 
  • Get assigned to upcoming complex and challenging change initiatives and transformation projects in your organization with Cloud Security certification credentials
  • Learn how to design and implement cloud security infrastructure for an organization that helps businesses migrate services and applications to the cloud in a seamless manner

Cloud Security Certification Process

  • Below are the steps to become a Cloud Security certified professional:
  • Choose relevant Cloud Security certification course across various learning paths and from different vendors 
  • Select a suitable Cloud Security course schedule and training delivery mode as per your convenience
  • Receive Cloud Security training pre-reading materials from Koenig Solutions and relevant governing bodies
  • Attend the instructor-led Cloud Security Certification training with practical lab sessions and case study discussions to gain a thorough understanding of implementing cloud security for an enterprise
  • Practice for the certification exam by taking up as many sample question papers for cloud security exams
  • Be ready for the massive demand for Cloud Security certified professionals globally to grow in your career
Salary prospects for Cloud Security Certified Professionals
As there is increased adoption of cloud in enterprises globally, there is a need for enterprise architecture to meet the needs of the emerging business landscape that is becoming more complex as each day passes. In this regard, Cloud Security certification training is ideal for professionals who are part of or leading the massive transformation in the form of migrating services and applications to the cloud and modernizing the outdated infrastructure. Hence, there is a great demand for professionals who have relevant Cloud Security credentials. Let’s check out the salaries of Cloud Security certified professionals globally.

United States

USD 58,000 to USD 146,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 50,000 to 90,000


Rupees 7 lakhs to 19 lakhs 


AUD 62,000 to 152,000 


AED 118,000 to 348,000


SGD 84,000 to 149,000


Job Prospects for Cloud Security Certified Professionals

There is a complete transformation to how businesses were done in the past using legacy-based systems in an organization. Today, everything is on the cloud due to its flexibility and scalability with regards to cost and services provided as and when needed. There is a huge demand for cloud security professionals to ensure all the data and applications are secure on the cloud and to mitigate cyberattacks as well. Some of the top companies that are hiring certified cloud security professionals include Atos, Pearson, PTC, Facebook, Splunk, Netflix, GoExpedi, Kronos Incorporated, Dell, VMware, AWS, Tesla, Oracle, Booz Allen Hamilton, and many more.
Do check your local job boards and listings to find out Cloud Security job opportunities specific to your region.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

  • The cost for AWS Cloud Security certification exams is USD 300.
  • The cost of the CCSP certification exam is USD 599.
  • The cost of the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 certification exam is USD 165.

Cloud Security certification exams can be taken at Pearson Vue and PSI Test centers worldwide.

Different governing bodies have different criteria. AWS Cloud Security certifications are valid for three years. Whereas Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications are valid for two years, and CCSP certification is valid for three years. To maintain your cloud security credentials, one needs to get recertified over the validity period to keep their credentials current and valid.

Participants can take up their Cloud Security certification training through instructor-led training modes that include classroom, live online, on-site, and 1-on-1 training. Enterprises can also opt for the blended learning model where they can train their workforce across geographical locations at the same time across various delivery formats with customization according to their business needs.

Yes, Cloud Security certification courses are completely worth it now and for the future as well. Gone are the days when businesses depended on traditional legacy systems to conduct their day-to-day activities. Today, with everything being on the cloud, managing and analyzing the data is much easier and gives real-time insights for immediate course correction for the organization, and provides better accountability of services used as and when needed. The Cloud Security certification courses help professionals and organizations to understand cloud security concepts and best practices in a comprehensive manner. With the workforce getting trained on these emerging technologies, it will be far easier for an enterprise to implement organizational change initiatives such as migrating critical services and applications to the cloud.

Participants who take part in cloud security training from Koenig Solutions will receive:
  • A copy of the Cloud Security certification course material
  • Cloud Security pre-reading materials to prepare better for the training
  • Cloud Security course completion certificate from an accredited training partner

Any organization that is going through change and migration of critical services to the cloud to avail benefits that it has to offer, then professionals who are part of or leading the transformation can take part in these Cloud Security certification training. Here participants will learn how to design and implement cloud security to secure data and other key processes on the cloud to improve the overall security posture of an organization.

Some of the popular governing bodies through which one can take cloud security certification courses are:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2  
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • CompTIA, and more

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an authorized training partner to deliver Cloud Security certification courses from AWS, Microsoft Azure, ISC2, CompTIA, and more worldwide.