Exam MS-203T00-A: Microsoft 365 Messaging Training Certification Course

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MS-203T00-A: Microsoft 365 Messaging Course Overview

Keeping internal and external communication methods easy to use is critical to the success of any organization. In order to make the system simple to use, businesses hire professionals who are able to moderate the communication channel with widely acknowledged platforms such as Microsoft 365 Messaging. There is a great demand for trained and certified professionals in Microsoft 365 who can monitor communication and provide access on a need basis. Check out the dates below to enrol for this Microsoft 365 Messaging training today.

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Managing the Transport Pipeline
  • Overview of Transport Services
  • Configuring Message Transport
  • Managing Transport Rules
  • Lab : Configure Message Transport
  • Create Connectors
  • Managing Mail Flow
  • Troubleshooting Mail Flow
  • Troubleshooting Transport Issues
  • Troubleshooting with Logs
  • Lab : Conditional Mail Routing
  • Create Mail Flow Rules
  • Planning for Message Hygiene
  • Managing Anti-Malware and Anti-Spam Policies
  • Managing Advanced Threat Protection
  • Lab : Managing Messaging Hygiene
  • Create Hygiene Filters
  • Messaging Compliance in the SCC
  • Messaging Compliance in Exchange
  • Managing Exchange Online Archiving and Auditing
  • Managing Content Search
  • Managing Authentication for Messaging
  • Configuring Organizational Settings
  • Configuring Organizational Sharing
  • Mobile Device Mailbox Policies
  • Managing Mobile Device Access
  • Lab : Implement ActiveSync
  • Implement Active Sync for single and multiple mailboxes
  • Managing Admin Roles
  • Managing User Roles
  • Exchange Setup - RBAC and AD Split Permission
  • Lab : Manage Roles and Permission Policies
  • Manage Roles and Permission Policies
  • Exchange Recipients
  • Creating and Managing Exchange Recipients
  • Managing Email Addresses, Lists, and Resources
  • Lab : Create Recipient Objects and Resources
  • Create Exchange Recipients
  • Create Groups
  • Planning the Public Folder Hierarchy
  • Implementing and Managing Public Folders
  • Troubleshooting Public Folders
  • Lab : Implement Public Folders
  • Create Public Folders
  • Manage Public Folders
  • Exchange Hybrid Deployment Requirements
  • Planning to Run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard
  • Lab : Prepare Azure AD for Hybrid Synchronization
  • Prepare Azure AD for Hybrid Synchronization
  • Planning Mailbox Migrations
  • Performing IMAP Migrations
  • Performing Cutover and Staged Migrations
  • Performing Advanced Migrations
  • Deploying and Managing an Edge Transport Server
  • Configuring a Hybrid Deployment using the HCW
  • Implementing Advanced Hybrid Functionality
  • Troubleshooting Hybrid Deployments
  • Lab : Deploy a Hybrid Environment
  • Set Up your Hybrid Deployment
  • Test your Hybrid Deployment
Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
Group Training 1700 Per Participant Incl. Official Courseware
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(8 Hours/Day)
04 - 08 Jul 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)
1-on-1 Training 3400 1950 + If you accept merging of other students. Incl. Official Courseware
4 Hours
8 Hours
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Course Prerequisites
  • While there are no prerequisites for this course, the course is recommended for individuals looking to take up Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator role. 
  • However, it is strongly recommended that the learners have a working knowledge of authentication types, licensing, and integration with Microsoft 365 applications.

Microsoft 365 Messaging MS-203T00-A Training Course

Microsoft Exchange works as an e-mail server running on Windows Operating systems. The system works similarly to Microsoft Outlook but is better suited to business and academic applications. The application is able to support a large number of users and is designed to ensure optimized connectivity between the server and end-user. The software is able to not only monitor and optimize communication but offers address book features, the ability to schedule meetings, task management, and the use of a calendar. 
Currently, Microsoft offers a number of courses to equip both students and professionals alike with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize Microsoft Exchange. The Microsoft 365 Messaging MS-203TOO-A training course is one of them at an intermediate level.

Key Features of Microsoft 365 Messaging MS-203TOO-A training course

  • 5-Day instructor-led  Microsoft 365 Messaging Certification Training
  • Get access to the Microsoft 365 Messaging course preview to begin your preparation
  • Expert Microsoft 365 trainers across the globe with real-world expertise
  • Accredited Microsoft 365 Messaging course material prepared by SMEs
  • MS-203T00 key resources provided to participants from Koenig Solutions
  • MS-203T00 course completion certificate provided
  • Microsoft 365 Messaging training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up Microsoft 365 Messaging Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Microsoft 365 Messaging training include:
  • IT Administrators
  • Azure Administrators
  • Messaging Administrators
  • Identity and Access Administrators
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Configuration Specialists
  • Migration & Deployment Specialists
  • MS 365 Professionals
  • Messaging Infrastructure Specialists
  • Professionals looking to gain a complete understanding of the Microsoft 365 Messaging Platform
  • Individuals looking to take up the MS-203 certification exam

Learning Objectives of Microsoft 365 Messaging Certification Training

The Microsoft 365 Messaging course explores the key elements of the Microsoft 365 messaging administration needed to operate Microsoft Exchange.  The MS-203 course covers message transportation, mail flow, messaging security, hygiene, compliance, messaging infrastructure and hybrid messaging. Upon Microsoft 365 Messaging course completion, candidates can apply for Messaging Administrator positions and handle the deployment, configuration, management, troubleshooting, permissions, protection, mail flow and public folders of communication happening in both on premise and cloud environments. 
The course consists of twelve modules covering topics like “Management of the Transport Pipeline” and “Deploying and Troubleshooting a Hybrid Environment”. These modules are laced with practical labs that give students an opportunity to put the expertise learned over the course into practical application.
Participants gain a number of skills over the duration of the MS-203T00 course including:
  • How to manage and troubleshoot mail flow and transportation issues
  • How to configure organizational settings and sharing 
  • How to perform mailbox migrations 
  • How to plan, implement and troubleshoot public folders 
  • How to perform mailbox migrations 

Benefits of Taking up Microsoft 365 Messaging Training

Currently, Microsoft Exchange Online is used by a large number of organizations worldwide across Small and medium scale businesses to Fortune 500 global MNCs. Professionals with this MS-203 certification credential offer organizations strong command over communication methods and validate this information to prospective employers. 
Individuals holding a Microsoft 365 Messaging certification not only earn more salary in the same positions as their non-certified counterparts but are considered more desirable employees. MS-203 certified professionals are offered more responsibilities and better benefits. 

Microsoft 365 Messaging (MS-203) Exam Format

Upon MS-203 course completion, candidates are eligible to sit the MS-203: Microsoft 365 Messaging examination.

Exam Name

Microsoft 365 Messaging

Exam Code


Exam Cost

USD 165

Exam Format

Multiple Choice & Multiple Response Questions

Total Questions

40-60 Questions

Passing Score

700 out of 1000 (Equivalent to 70%)

Exam Duration

120 Minutes



Testing Center

Pearson Vue / Online Proctored Exam


In order to successfully pass this MS-203 examination, candidates must obtain a minimum of 700 out of 1000 possible points. 

MS-203 Exam Skills Measured / Course Outline

Skills measured across this examination are broken down into the following categories:
  • Management of organizational settings and resources (30-35%)
  • Planning and management of the mail transportation architecture (20-25%)
  • Planning and implementation of hybrid configurations and migration (15-20%)
  • Securing the messaging environment (25-30%)

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The Fee includes:
  • Official courseware
  • Testing Via Qubits
  • Remote Labs
Yes, Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Learning Partner
Communication is everything in today’s challenging and ever-connected business landscape The reason for this is simple. With an individual sitting in an administrative role over communication, businesses are able to monitor communication and ensure limited access to sensitive material. An administrator for communication also helps minimize the risk of security breaches and implements action plans quickly when necessary.
Technology giant Microsoft is always looking to address gaps in software needs and requirements. They introduced their own communication-based application, Microsoft Exchange in 1996. This application has been developed to adapt to the requirements of the modern workplace with Microsoft offering a number of courses to train professionals in simple yet impactful corporate communication. Certified Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrators earn on an average USD 63,000 to USD 163,000 per annum.
The intended audience for this MS-203 course are individuals looking to become Microsoft Messaging Administrators. The course teaches students how to implement a secure hybrid network topology that addresses organizational needs and encourages collaboration with the Security Administrator and M365 Enterprise Administrator.
The cost for the Microsoft 365 Messaging MS-203TOO-A training course varies depending on the choice of Microsoft Certified Learning Partners. This cost also varies based on where the student is located and the choice of learning method. Koenig Solutions who is a Microsoft Gold Partner will deliver this MS-203 training worldwide for both individuals and enterprise teams.
The MS-203 examination cost is an average of USD 165. This price also fluctuates depending on the individual’s location and the examination center.
The duration of the MS-203 course is for five days.
The average salary range for Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrators ranges from USD 63,000 to USD 163,000.
As part of your Microsoft 365 messaging training, you will receive:
  • A Copy of the Microsoft 365 messaging course material developed by SMEs
  • Microsoft 365 messaging pre-reading material to prepare for the actual training
  • Microsoft 365 messaging course completion certificate
  • Microsoft 365 messaging exam voucher to sit for the exam at Pearson Vue test center or through online mode