Partnerships Solicited

Koenig seeks partners in the following category of businesses to better serve our customers:

  • 1. Freelance Trainers

    We seek the best trainers from all over the world on all current technologies. Register as a freelancer trainer and see your earning grow !

  • 2. Training Companies.

    We will sell your classes and accept your students in ours. We can also share trainers, labs and courseware for your deliveries

  • 3. Placement agencies working in IT sector.

    Access to qualified candidates for placement

  • 4. Software Resellers

    Handsome commission for training bundled with software

  • 5. Colleges

    Partner with EEDS to place your students

  • If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, feel free to write to or submit the following form:
Express your interest to Partner with Koenig