One On One Training

Why 1-on-1 ?

● Affordable cost.

● Fully customizable.

● Guaranteed to Run.

● You decide the schedule.

Feedback About 1-on-1 Training

"Yes, I like the fact that I have a dedicated instructor and the course to flow at a pace that's comfortable for me or that I am able to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable about not knowing something. Bottom-line I just like the fact that the instructor can be focused on me and my training needs."

Everto Bailey

"Yes, its the best way to learn. Because, the trainer can give 100% to the one person and will get to know the person strengths and weakness well. Based on that they can teach in best way possible which will indeed help the trainee to understand the concepts and get good results."

Bhargavi Srivatsa

"100% because a remote classroom can become a little confusing sometimes when there are multiple participants. most important it means you get more time to ask questions and discuss any tricky topics. very happy to have attended 1:1 with Vishal"

Martin Courtney

"The individual 1-on-1 approach is different and definitely sets Koenig apart from other companies (along with the continued support and access to trainers after completing training). Lastly, the training sessions cost are significantly less than what other companies charge."

Steve Love, United States

" I appreciated the live demos, and as the session was one on one, I could follow along with the instructor in my own trial environment.ery helpful to solidify the newly gained knowledge."

Katie Baumann, Ireland

" Koeing Solutions is a best training provider company. The Vrops training provided by the trainer is really good. All the topics covered and explained very well by trainer. Overall very good training institute i recommended it to everyone who wants to do training related VMware."

Mayur Parab, India

"Yes. It allows the topics to be paced as per my understanding. Makes me also put in a little extra."

Adrian Michael DSouza

"1-on-1 is the best because it ensures that the trainer and trainee are able to focus on what questions, doubts, and ensure they both meet the required goals."

Turky G. Alsanie

"Freedom to speak your mind without being judged and also gives us an option to explore some topics deeper as per our interest. So basically, freedom and control."

Nived Velayudhan

"Yes Because if there are many students, you cannot share some of the questions when some think it is a stupid question or cannot discuss something out of the training's scope."

Mohammed Almalki


1-on-1 training provides you the freedom to choose your start date if none of the listed schedules suit your calendar. You can choose 8 hrs. or 4 hrs. slots per day as per your time zone.

4 hrs. slots are available only for weekday sessions. For the weekend you need to choose 8 hrs. slots per day.

  • No, the schedule can’t be changed during the training period.