The One On One Advantage

Why 1-on-1 training is good for you?

● Freedom to choose your start date and time.

● Classes 8 hrs. or 4 hrs per day.

● Guaranteed to Run.

● Additional students may join to make learning more interesting

Feedback About 1-on-1 Training

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Everto Bailey

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Nived Velayudhan

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Margaret Amshi Gituwa, Nigeria

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Jeniffer Daniel, Singapore

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Martin Courtney, Ireland / UK


4 hrs. slots are available only for weekday sessions. For the weekend you need to choose 8 hrs. slots per day.

  • No, the schedule can’t be changed during the training period.

  • Yes, it is possible.

  • Yes, in 1-on-1, the duration can be customized as per your requirement.