Intoxicating Feedbacks

Nothing pleases us more than when Kustomers (our ultimate employer) appreciate our efforts. Great Feedbacks are truely intoxicating.

10 Nov 2022

A1) Very nice person Keep going.
A2) absolutely.
A3) take care of more subject and courses.
07 Nov 2022

A1) Ayushi was amazing, very patient and was able to clearly fill in blanks in areas where I have not solutioned before. Pleasant and organized she also made the material flexible to my experience.
A2) Yes
A3) I quite enjoy the one on one and the flexibility.
07 Nov 2022

A1) I really liked the teacher, very polite, he teaches the subject clearly and concisely and helped me a lot to review some concepts of network configurations.
A2) This course will help me to improve my day to day activities at Work
A3) No complaints about the organizations, i have been doing trainings with Koenig since 2012
04 Nov 2022

A1) Nice explanation for the technical jargons
A2) All of them
A3) Working on the stable LAB infra
04 Nov 2022

A1) It was really a nice and interactive session covered all the important topics as well as lab activities.
A2) This course will help me to enhance my skills and also help me to work in upcoming projects.
A3) For me this was the first training I attended from Koenig . I personally found everything perfect.
30 Sep 2022

A1) Nice voice ,Creative Diagrams ,Organize
A2) Better understanding of network fundamentals
A3) don't see any improvements from my side like the class
30 Sep 2022

A1) Training was very clear and concise. Looking forward to it helping me get my next certification. Thank you!
A2) I hope so! Training went well.
A3) Nothing needed for improvement on my side.