Intoxicating Feedbacks

Nothing pleases us more than when Kustomers (our ultimate employer) appreciate our efforts. Great Feedbacks are truely intoxicating.

Gratitude to trainers for such feedbacks. We are truely proud of you.

Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) Shushma is an excellent trainer, very patient and supportive. The way she explains the content in the course is very helpful and helps the learner feel like they can take on anything in Excel! Keep up the excellent work!
2) This course will help me earn knowledge in Excel and put it to practice in my daily work life
3) I think the overall course was great.
Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) she is the best one . she is the best one
2) this course help me to earn knowledges
3) to take the best mentors like mrs. mala
Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) excellent teaching
2) peace of mind
3) well
Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) Thanks for Arshad for amazing training experience.
3) more practical exercises.
Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) The interactive style of engagement and teaching methodology is excellent. I m Looking forward to more of such program with my trainer if possible in the near future programs
2) The training will help me improve on my job schedule management as my responsibility to my organization NIGCOMSAT that sponsored my participation the the program
3) In my opinion, Koeng can improve in its outreach to more organizations and expand its network .
Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) The way the trainer teaching is really good. He will respond immediately and makes our confusion to 0% and clears all doubts.
2) yes
Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) Excellent way of Explaination to the concept . Really Inspiring.
2) Yes
3) Good Experience with Koening in all aspect.
Date: 31 Aug 2022

1) Knowledgeable on the subject and able to deliver this training online. Provides clarification and has a lot of Patience. Pleasant to talk to. If I am to take another course I would like Saroj to be my Instructor. Was able to connect to other content to bring out more understanding of the topic.
2) This course is very helpful. It will help me in my job and has provided me better knowledge to report to superiors on the importance of good governance of IT. Aligning IT to business has been very clearly described. Helped identify gaps within my own work environment
3) They were very helpful and responsive.
Date: 30 Aug 2022

1) Interactive lessons
2) This course will help to put in practice on daily tasks
3) So far everithing is good in tems of the virtual class
Date: 30 Aug 2022

1) He trainer has demonstrated enormous understanding and experience of the 5G concept. I look forward to learning from him again in near future.
2) absolutely
3) the time for the training was too short, at least 5days would have been okay.