6 Elements of Superior ILT

Class-room training remains the preferred mode of learning with the instructor as the facilitator of learning.

Using its 25 years of training experience in the IT training industry, Koenig has added the following unique elements to the ILT experience thereby creating “Superior ILT” in the process.

Following are the key elements of “Superior ILT”:

1. All learners are different in terms of expectations from the training. The instructor connects with all the students prior to the training to understand their expectations / requirements (which can go beyond the course contents) to deliver role relevant training. Pre-requisite training (if required) is provided free-of-cost.

2. Tests not only validates learning, but the anticipation of a test motivates the learner to learn more. There are daily online tests in the evening on all days of the training. Plus, there is a pre-test and a post-test to validate the quantum of learning.

3. A mix of videos, white-board and PowerPoint is used. Use of videos releases time for more intensed discussion and also helps the trainer to conserve his energy for Q&A.

4. Small issues during training, if not resolved, can impact learning. The sales team at Koenig is driven by strong values of after sales support. The team will proactively keep checking with you on your progress right from day 1 to ensure you are getting the best training experience and eliminate any issues that hampers your learning.

5. Achieving certification is important for most students and this is usually accomplished after the training by passing the relevant exam. Koenig Sales remains in touch with student post the training and also helps arrange a free Topic-Based-Training TBT) with a certified instructor if the student feels the need.

6. Revision Class via TBT session is arranged free-of-cost after 4-6 weeks of the training