The 5 Elements of Superior ILT

Instructor training remains the preferred mode of learning whether delivered online or in a classroom set-up.

Using its 25 years of training experience in the IT training industry, Koenig has added the following unique elements to the ILT experience thereby creating “Superior ILT” in the process.

Following are the key elements of “Superior ILT”:

1. The instructor connects with all the students prior to the training to understand their expectations / requirements (which can go beyond the course contents) to deliver role relevant training.

2. Tests not only validates learning, but the anticipation of a test motivates the learner to learn more. There are daily tests.

3. Small issues during training, if not resolved, can impact learning. A Training Manager is available at all times even for online training to resolve any problem of the student.

4. Concentration dips with time, online training are also available in 4 hours/day format.

5. Revision class is arranged free-of-cost after 3-5 weeks of training which can be used for refreshing past topics and for exam preparation.