Koenig Koshish (CSR)

Koenig Koshish (A CSR initiative by Koenig Solutions)

Koenig Koshish - An Endeavor to Spread Happiness through Education

What’s New in 2018?

  • Introduced Smart Classes with Video, Mentoring and Topic based Test on a daily basis
  • Training on making Apps and Robotic Programming to the students
  • Yoga and Art-n-craft training as part of extra-curricular activities
  • Free Curriculum Books Distributed to 350 underprivileged students

Koenig Koshish is the Corporate Social Responsibility project of Koenig Solutions Ltd, which aims to Make this World a better place through Education.

This initiative is a sincere effort of Koenig Solutions to pay back to the society by making an attempt to eradicate the root of all evil - Lack of Education.

Koenig was also honored with Microsoft Citizenship Partner of the Year Award for its philanthropic efforts.
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Koenig Koshish so far..

  • 14 Tuition Centers (1600 students)
  • 2 Vocational Training Centers (500 aspirants)
  • Competitive Exam Training Center
Arrowtimeline Year 2018
Arrowtimeline Year 2016
  • 16 Tuition Centers (2000 students)
  • 2 Vocational Training Centers (500 aspirants)
  • Competitive Exam Training Center
  • 13 Tuition Centers (1650 students)
  • 2 Vocational Training Centers (500 aspirants)
Arrowtimeline Year 2015
Arrowtimeline Year 2014
  • 10 Tuition Centers (1200 students)
  • 1 Vocational Training Center (300 aspirants)
  • 6 Tuition Centers (800 students)
  • 1 Vocational Training Center (200 aspirants)
ArrowtimelineYear 2013
ArrowtimelineYear 2010
  • 4 Tuition Centers (350 students)
  • 1 Vocational Training Center (50 aspirants)
  • 1 Tuition Centers (80 students)
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Our Award Winning Initiatives

School Tuition Project

Koenig Solutions organizes free of cost tuition classes for the underprivileged school children who need the extra support and guidance. There are a total of 14 such school projects run by Koenig that support the education of nearly 1600 school students. Successfully running this project for nearly a decade, showed us that students are very keen on gaining knowledge. They attend classes battling all odds - scorching heat, distance barriers and passive support from parents as well. In the light of such enthusiasm from these deprived children, Koenig Koshish feels more motivated and inspired to contribute more. View Video

Vocational Training

By providing free vocational IT training to the unemployed youths, Koenig is empowering them and showing them the right path to success and financial independence. Thus, helping them raise their standards of living. MS Office and Photoshop Training is provided to young boys and girls, who are looking for a means to earn a respectable living.

Book Distribution

Koenig periodically organizes Book Distribution events for these children who cannot afford to buy school books. More than 400 school books are distributed every year to these kids.








Competitive Exam Preparation

A need - analysis session uncovered another area where help was required. We realized that coaching for government jobs will provide village youth with much required job security and stability. Our educational program for the underprivileged youth also includes competitive coaching classes for undergraduate students.

English Communication

We organize special English Communication Sessions by language experts to ensure that students brush up their basics and learn to communicate effectively in English. Koenig experts help enhance the language and communication skills thereby improving their employability as well.

Interview Skills

While theoretical knowledge is necessary, soft skills can't be ignored either. Koenig HR personnel and technical experts hold sessions for these students from time to time to polish their interview cracking skills.

Career Counselling Sessions

After completing school education, students face a huge dilemma as to what to do further. Since parents of such students are not capable to guide them, Koenig provides professional advisory and counseling sessions to assist them in finding the right career option.

Workshops & Guidance Sessions

Purity Workshop: To enlighten the young souls on the ethics of life so that they become responsible citizens of the society.

Motivational Seminars: To give them a little push in the right direction, we organize various motivational sessions for the CSR students.

Sanitary Education & Hygienic living: “Teach love, generosity, good manners and some of that will drift from the classrooms to their homes and who knows, these children might educate their parents”.

Talent Hunt

In our society, millions of children have uncountable hidden talents that remain unexposed. Koenig regularly hosts various events and talent hunt drives to find the hidden gems amongst the less privileged people, and polish them for a better future. Children get the opportunity to showcase their talent in various categories - Drawing, Essay Writing, Quiz and Slogan Competition, Social Plays, Singing and Dancing etc.

Koenig Koshish Vision 2020:

To educate 100,000 underprivileged students of Delhi

Koenig History

Other Initiatives

Apart from education, Koenig regularly hosts various other annual CSR programs such as blood donation camps in its premises. The most recent blood donation camp received a stupendous response from Koenig-ites. Over 125 units of blood was collected in one day!

Additionally, Koenig also actively engages in arranging activities such as Eye donation and an initiative called Vastra Daan in association with Goonj (a leading NGO). All Koenig-ites gather their old clothes and shoes in huge numbers to be given away to the needy.

Koenig employees came together and organized a flash mob dance at Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar, on Republic Day 2013 to salute the spirit of a woman. Spectators were touched by this simple gesture and the dance performance became a huge success. View Video

Remark Feedback from visit to Koenig Koshish

Date Name Remark
2018-12-12 Sunny Jeswani Just WOW !! It is an awesome projected by Koenig..
2018-12-12 Rahul Kumar Chauhan Good initiative should continue doing it
2018-12-12 Megha Jain Great initiative made me proud of being a part of the organisation
2018-12-12 Reena Kumari It's great work
2018-11-21 Gaurav Chakraborty It is an amazing Koshish from Koenig to support the unprivileged children to dream big and having a support from Koenig to achieve that too.
2018-11-21 Rahul Vohra it was nice
2018-11-21 Kuldeep Sajwan It was really great. I feel really proud to become a part of Koenig.