PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 Course Overview

PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 Course Overview

The PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 course is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the PeopleSoft ePerformance module, which is part of the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. It equips participants with the skills to set up, administer, and use the ePerformance system effectively to manage employee performance processes, from setting up business objectives to finalizing evaluations.

Throughout the course, learners will explore various aspects of the ePerformance system, such as activating ePerformance, defining system parameters, and creating templates. They will also learn how to set up objective plans, define evaluation criteria, and work with multiple participants in the performance review process. Additionally, the course covers administrative tasks, inquiry and reporting on ePerformance data, and working with non-person profiles.

By completing this course, learners will gain the ability to streamline performance management activities, enhance communication between managers and employees, and utilize the tools necessary for effective performance evaluations within an organization. This knowledge will help organizations to foster a culture of continuous improvement and align individual goals with the company's strategic objectives.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! To ensure that participants can effectively engage with the PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 course content and derive maximum benefit from it, the following prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of PeopleSoft navigation and general familiarity with the use of PeopleSoft applications.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Human Capital Management (HCM) concepts, particularly those related to performance management processes.
  • Experience with or exposure to HR processes and terminology, which will help contextualize the ePerformance module within the broader scope of HR functions.
  • Prior experience with or understanding of goal setting, performance reviews, and employee evaluation procedures in a business environment.
  • Basic proficiency in using a computer, web browser, and email for tasks such as accessing course materials, communicating with instructors and peers, and completing online activities.
  • Willingness to engage with course materials, participate in discussions, and apply learning through practical exercises.

Please note that while these prerequisites are intended to set a foundation for learning, our courses are designed to accommodate individuals with varying levels of experience. The course material is structured to guide learners through the setup and use of PeopleSoft ePerformance from the ground up.

Target Audience for PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1

PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 is designed for professionals who manage employee performance processes using PeopleSoft solutions.

  • HRIS Specialists
  • PeopleSoft System Administrators
  • HR Managers and Supervisors
  • Performance Management Consultants
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • IT Professionals working with HR systems
  • Business Analysts focusing on HR technology
  • HR Operations Managers
  • PeopleSoft Implementation Team Members
  • PeopleSoft Functional Leads

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes:

Gain proficiency in PeopleSoft ePerformance 9.2 by mastering setup processes, template creation, evaluation criteria, and administrative tasks to effectively manage performance evaluations within an organization.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the ePerformance setup process, including activating the module and defining system parameters to tailor the application to organizational needs.
  • Develop and implement rating models and content catalogs that accurately reflect performance standards and competencies.
  • Create and manage document types, section definitions, and roles to streamline the performance review process.
  • Design comprehensive performance templates to standardize evaluations across the organization.
  • Set up and manage business objectives, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and facilitating employee goal tracking.
  • Facilitate mid-period progress tracking to monitor and support employee development throughout the performance cycle.
  • Engage multiple participants in the performance review process by nominating and managing evaluation participants effectively.
  • Utilize advisor tools to offer development tips, write results, and ensure consistency in language and content within evaluations.
  • Finalize and approve evaluations with a clear understanding of the review process, including the calculation of combined ratings and the completion of self and manager evaluations.
  • Perform administrative tasks and generate reports to maintain oversight of the ePerformance process and make informed decisions based on performance data.