Kubernetes for App Developers Course Overview

Kubernetes for App Developers Course Overview

The Kubernetes for App Developers certification validates the skills of professionals in designing, building and maintaining applications using Kubernetes, a powerful system for managing containerized applications in a clustered environment. The certification covers basic concepts such as setting up Kubernetes clusters, deploying and managing applications, scaling and rolling updates, implementing services and network policies, and understanding fundamental Kubernetes architecture. Industries use this certification to ensure their tech staff is competent in using Kubernetes to streamline and automate the deployment, scaling, and management of applications. Through Kubernetes, businesses achieve improved efficiency, scalability, and reliability in their software delivery.

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Course Prerequisites

- Solid understanding of Cloud-native application concepts
- Proficiency in a programming language (preferably Golang)
- Familiarity with containerization and Docker
- Knowledge of Linux system administration
- Basic understanding of networking in Linux environment
- Experience with command line interface (CLI) tools

Kubernetes for App Developers Certification Training Overview

Kubernetes for App Developers certification training equips learners with the essential skills to use Kubernetes in application development. The training covers areas such as Kubernetes architecture, deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes, and managing storage and security within the app. Additional topics include understanding and defining resources via YAML, how to access and aggregate logs, automated rollouts, service discovery and rolling updates. The end goal is to enhance learners' ability to efficiently develop, host, and scale applications using Kubernetes.

Why Should You Learn Kubernetes for App Developers?

Learning Kubernetes can offer significant benefits for app developers, ideally enhancing their skills in managing containerized applications. It provides an understanding of automation, deployment and scaling of applications, and the ability to maintain clusters. It gives an edge in the competitive job market, potentially leading to increased job opportunities and higher salary prospects.

Target Audience for Kubernetes for App Developers Certification Training

- App developers seeking to understand and use Kubernetes.
- Individuals aiming for roles like DevOps, system administrators, and cloud engineers.
- IT professionals handling app deployment, scaling, and management.
- Teams working on developing, deploying, and scaling cloud-native applications.
- Experienced developers exploring containerization technologies.

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Kubernetes for App Developers Skills Measured

After completing Kubernetes for App Developers certification training, an individual can gain skills like deploying, scaling and troubleshooting applications using Kubernetes, configuring network policies and storage on the cluster, automating deployments using CI/CD, utilizing Kubernetes API and developing cloud-native applications. They will also understand Kubernetes architecture and its components, and learn to manage workloads to ensure high availability and resilience.

Top Companies Hiring Kubernetes for App Developers Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring Kubernetes certified professionals include tech giants like Amazon, IBM, Cisco, Capgemini, and Accenture. They are looking for professionals skilled in orchestration, serverless infrastructures, and containerization for app development. Other companies utilizing Kubernetes include SAP, Oracle, and VMWare, all offering vast opportunities for certified experts.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Kubernetes for App Developers Course?

The learning objectives of the Kubernetes for App Developers course are to enable participants to understand the fundamentals of Kubernetes, a popular open-source platform for managing containerized applications. By the end of the course, attendees should be able to understand how to deploy, troubleshoot, and scale applications using Kubernetes, design and configure cloud native applications for Kubernetes, and understand key concepts like Pods, Deployment, and Services. Additionally, the course aims to build familiarity with Kubernetes user interface and command line tool, and make participants aware of key safety measures to secure their Kubernetes environment.