DevOps Training & Certification Courses


DevOps is a software engineering culture and practice that focus at unifying software development(Dev) and software operation (Ops) that will help to automate and monitoring at all the steps of software construction, from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management. It is used for shorter development cycles, increase deployment frequency and more dependable releases to meet up with business objectives.

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1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Who should do DevOps training and certification courses?

  • Software Developers
  • Information Technology Managers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Operations Support
  • System Administrator

DevOps Training and Certification Courses Benefits

Upon completion of the courses, you will be able to:

  • Understand DevOps objectives and vocabulary
  • Identify its benefits to the businesses
  • Master continuous integration, continuous delivery and monitoring using Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet and Nagios, testing and security
  • Understand DevOps relationship with Agile, Lean and ITSM
  • Gain an insight into automation practices
  • Understand critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • Implement improved workflows

Give an edge to your career with DevOps certification training courses. Students can join the classes for DevOps Fundamentals certification training course at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.