Java SE 8 Programming Ed 1 Course Overview

Java SE 8 Programming Ed 1 Course Overview

The Java SE 8 Programming Ed 1 course is a comprehensive guide designed to equip learners with the essential skills needed to master Java SE 8. Starting with a Java Platform Overview, students learn about platform independence and the differences between Java ME, SE, and EE, as well as Java's evolution. The course progresses through Java Syntax, Class Review, Encapsulation, Subclassing, and advanced topics such as Polymorphism, Abstract Classes, and Nested Classes.

Learners will also delve into Interfaces, Lambda Expressions, and the Collections Framework, enhancing their ability to work with data structures, streams, and filters. The course covers Exceptions, Assertions, and the new Java Date/Time API, providing a solid understanding of error handling and date/time manipulation.

Modules on I/O Fundamentals, File I/O (NIO.2), Concurrency, and the Fork-Join Framework introduce students to Java's capabilities for input/output operations and concurrent programming. The course also explores Parallel Streams, Database Applications with JDBC, and Localization, ensuring that learners are well-versed in database connectivity and internationalization.

By the end of this course, participants will have a deep understanding of Java SE 8, enabling them to develop robust and maintainable Java applications with confidence. The course is perfect for those looking to enhance their programming skills and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving field of software development.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure you gain the most from the Java SE 8 Programming Ed 1 course, the following are the minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of object-oriented programming principles.
  • Familiarity with concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Prior hands-on experience with any programming language (preferably Java, but experience with languages like C, C++, or C# is beneficial).
  • Ability to write, compile, and debug simple programs in at least one programming language.
  • Basic knowledge of using a text editor and command-line operations within an operating system (Windows, Linux, or macOS).
  • Understanding of fundamental programming constructs like variables, loops, and conditional logic.
  • Willingness to learn and engage with new programming concepts and paradigms.

These prerequisites are designed to provide a foundation upon which the course will build. They are not intended to deter any enthusiastic learners; rather, they serve to ensure that participants can comfortably keep pace with the course material and fully benefit from the advanced topics covered.

Target Audience for Java SE 8 Programming Ed 1

Java SE 8 Programming Ed 1 is an in-depth course designed for individuals looking to master Java development, covering core to advanced concepts.

Target Job Roles and Audience:

  • Aspiring Java Developers
  • Software Engineers with a focus on Java
  • Computer Science Students specializing in software development
  • IT Professionals seeking to switch to Java programming
  • Java Programmers seeking to update their skills to SE 8
  • Technical Managers overseeing Java development projects
  • System Analysts interested in Java application design
  • Quality Assurance Engineers with a focus on Java applications
  • Technical Consultants involved in Java-based solutions
  • Enterprise Application Developers using Java
  • Backend Developers working on Java server-side applications
  • Software Architects designing Java solutions

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Java SE 8 Programming Ed 1?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

Gain comprehensive knowledge of Java SE 8's core programming elements, from fundamental syntax to advanced features like lambdas and JDBC, ensuring proficiency in Java application development.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand Java's platform independence and differentiate between Java ME, SE, and EE platforms.
  • Master the creation and manipulation of Java classes, methods, and object-oriented features such as encapsulation and inheritance.
  • Develop skills in Java syntax, including variables, operators, loops, and control statements.
  • Implement encapsulation, subclassing, and method overloading to model real-world problems.
  • Apply polymorphism, method overriding, and utilize static classes and singleton patterns.
  • Design with abstract classes and nested classes to create robust Java applications.
  • Utilize interfaces, lambda expressions, and built-in functional interfaces for flexible code structure.
  • Handle collections, generics, and employ Stream API to manipulate and filter data efficiently.
  • Manage exceptions and assertions to debug and ensure the reliability of Java applications.
  • Utilize the Java Date/Time API and I/O fundamentals for comprehensive data manipulation and file management.
  • Implement concurrency, the Fork-Join framework, and parallel streams to optimize application performance.
  • Develop database applications with JDBC and understand the importance of localization in Java applications.