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Java Training Java is a versatile and powerful programming language that remains a cornerstone of IT development across the globe. As an object-oriented language , Java is used to build robust and secure applications for various platforms, including mobile, desktop, and large-scale enterprise systems. Its write-once-run-anywhere philosophy ensures Java applications are portable across different operating systems, making it an invaluable skill for developers.

In today's digital environment, Java's importance is underscored by its stability and scalability , which are essential for modern applications that require seamless performance across a multitude of user scenarios. Learning Java opens doors to various career opportunities, as it is the bedrock for numerous Android applications and enterprise software.

Some practical use cases for Java include developing Android apps, web applications, software tools, and large system architectures. Companies like Google, Netflix, and LinkedIn rely on Java for their back-end architecture, showcasing its robustness and industry reliance.

For those looking to stay competitive in the IT field, mastering Java is crucial. It's not just about writing code; it's about understanding the ecosystem and being able to create complex solutions that meet today's business challenges. By learning Java, you equip yourself with a skill that is in high demand, opening doors to roles in software development, mobile computing, and large-scale system design. Koenig Solutions offers comprehensive Java training that can help you become part of the elite group of developers who shape the technological landscape.
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Online Java Developer Certification, #1 Java Training Courses

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Online Java Developer Certification, #1 Java Training Courses

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Online Java Developer Certification, #1 Java Training Courses

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History of Java

History of Java: A Legacy of Innovation

Java, the revolutionary programming language , was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1995. It represented a paradigm shift with its "Write Once, Run Anywhere" (WORA) capability, making Java a staple in cross-platform applications . Over the years, Java has undergone significant evolutions , with major releases enhancing its functionality and performance.

As an object-oriented language , Java's robust architecture and secure environment have made it a top choice for enterprise-level applications, from financial services to Android apps . Java's Java Development Kit (JDK) , Java Virtual Machine (JVM) , and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) are integral components that enable its seamless execution across various environments.

Notably, the introduction of Java 8 brought about functional programming features , like lambda expressions and streams , marking a substantial development in the way Java developers could write code. Java's community-driven process , known as the Java Community Process (JCP) , allows for continual improvements and updates, ensuring Java remains a cutting-edge technology .

With a rich history and persistent advancements, Java continues to be a powerhouse in the tech industry, maintaining its position as a preferred language among developers for building reliable and efficient applications.

Recent Trends in Java

Java has remained a stalwart in the world of software development, and its ongoing evolution ensures it keeps pace with the latest trends. In the realm of Java development , the rise of microservices architecture has been a game changer, enabling modular and scalable software solutions. The popularity of Spring Boot for building stand-alone, production-grade applications is another significant trend, simplifying the development process with its convention-over-configuration philosophy.The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) continues to be enhanced, with Project Loom aiming to introduce lightweight concurrency with virtual threads , improving performance on multicore processors. Additionally, the advent of Quarkus has emerged as a revolutionary framework for crafting efficient and fast native applications, particularly suited for cloud and container environments.With the introduction of new Java releases every six months, developers can now access cutting-edge features more rapidly, ensuring Java applications are at the forefront of innovation . Furthermore, the focus on Java security , performance optimization , and AI-driven development tools demonstrates the language's commitment to modernizing in alignment with current technological demands.

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Java has wide many applications in different environments. It is the most trusted program in Android OS. These days Java Programming is also used in the design and development of IoT and edge devices. In any case, proper Java programming training is a must as varieties of Java platforms are available like Java SE, Java EE, Java for Android, etc, each of which requires intensive knowledge for the appropriate application

If you have basic knowledge on C programming then Java will be easier for you. Even if you don’t have that knowledge you need a proper Java Programming Training. Varieties of need-based Java programming courses are available with us in multiple of Java platform. Just choose one and start learning Java.

Java is an object oriented, platform-independent language. Java programming is now the most popular language in the world of information technology including Android based mobile platform. For seamless use of this programming language proper Java programming training and certification is required like EC Council Training, Java EE training, Java SE training, etc.

Follow the below steps to become a Java certified professional:
  • Take part in an instructor-led Java certification training that is ideal for you from an Oracle Approved Education Center such as Koenig Solutions
  • Receive pre-reading materials from Koenig Solutions to prepare for your Java training
  • Clear your doubts during the training from expert Java instructors
  • Take as many as Java practice tests to align yourselves with the exam format
  • Clear your Java certification exam on your first attempt

  • For beginners, first learn the basics of Java, gain new skills under your belt, post which you can earn relevant Java certification credentials according to your job role.
  • For experienced Java programmers, understand what is new regarding Java programming, update your skills accordingly to stay relevant, and maintain your Java credentials to keep your certification current.

Java programming languages are the most popular and trusted programming language all over the world. With the increasing use of mobile devices, the applicability of Java has been increasing rapidly. Hence, in future, dynamic Java programming training and certifications will get ever-increasing value. Our Java progress in different Java Platforms are like Java SE, Java EE, and Java for Android are already quite popular.

You can register for the program by logging into the website and either:
  • Picking up a Java Learning subscription that is active for a year. You can take digital courses that showcase the latest information and keep you up to date with what you must learn for your examination. ‘
  • Pick up an Unlimited Learning subscription for a year and gain access to digital training videos, hands-on labs, practice exams, and certifications. 
  • Purchase an Examination Voucher from Oracle (redeemable within six months)

Professionals who are already Java programmers and prospective new employees who are looking to begin their careers in the Java domain will remain circumspect about few things when it comes to taking up Java certification training. One, whether Java certification will help them to get a good salary, and two, whether it will help them to acquire new skillset and stay relevant for the future in a day and age where newer versions are getting released every 6 months. 
But, yes, getting Java certifications are totally worth it as it not only helps you gain proper foundational knowledge of the programming language but also provides detailed knowledge of essential Java APIs, which are crucial in today’s evolving technological business landscape.

The course structure for the Java SE 8 Fundamentals Ed 1 course consists of thirteen core topics. These are;
  1. What is a Java Program?
  2. Creating a Java Main Class
  3. Data in the Cart
  4. Managing Multiple Items
  5. Describing Objects and Classes
  6. Manipulate and Format Data in Your Program
  7. Creating and Using Methods
  8. Using Encapsulation
  9. More on Conditionals
  10. More on Arrays and Loops
  11. Using Inheritance
  12. Using Interfaces
  13. Handling Exceptions 

UML or Unified modeling language is a widely adopted graphical modeling language. It assists with communicating concepts and decisions, disintegrates problems, and through understanding the complexity of artifacts, proposes a solution. 
Additionally, taking part in the course helps you understand patterns and frameworks more in-depth in order to build flexible and reusable software components.

In order to sit the certification course, students must:
  • Have experience with XML
  • Have experience with the Java language
  • Have experience with basic database concepts and basic knowledge of SQL
  • Java SE 8 Certification
Additionally, Oracle requires that delegates have successfully completed the D84843 Java SE 8 Programming course prior to attending the Developing Applications for the Java EE 7 Platform course.

Various Android Training and Certification courses are available with us for mobile Java programming. Professional Android Apps development, ATC Monetize Android application, Android wearable, Android NDK, etc. are some of the best Java programming training courses to become professional Java developer. These courses and certifications are authorized by Android, so these are globally valid.

Not only Koenig Solutions is an accredited training partner to deliver Java certification courses worldwide, but they are also APAC’s No.1 and World’s No.2 Oracle Approved Education Center.

In order to sit the Getting Started with XML course, it is recommended that students have a basic understanding of HTML and a web browser capable of processing XML such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.