IBM Cloud Technical Advocate Course Overview

IBM Cloud Technical Advocate Course Overview

The IBM Cloud Technical Advocate certification validates an individual's knowledge and skills in advocating and enhancing IBM Cloud technologies within industries. This certification equips professionals to effectively guide clients in building, migrating, and maintaining applications on the IBM cloud platform. Certified IBM Cloud Technical Advocates are proficient in engaging stakeholders, addressing technical issues, providing optimized cloud solutions, and fostering customer relationships for business development. Industries employ these certified advocates to eliminate operational inefficiencies, reduce costs, and drive innovation using IBM Cloud services. Through this certification, organizations assure that their IT teams are equipped with up-to-date capabilities to deploy optimal cloud strategies.

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of cloud concepts
• Familiarity with IBM Cloud architecture
• Experience in application development and deployment on IBM Cloud
• Knowledge of API management
• Familiarity with Kubernetes and containerization
• Understanding of DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment
• Experience in using IBM Cloud services in real-world scenarios.

IBM Cloud Technical Advocate Certification Training Overview

IBM Cloud Technical Advocate certification training helps learners acquire the necessary skills to advocate and promote IBM Cloud technologies. The course focuses on various topics like IBM Cloud essentials, its architecture, services, benefits, public and private deployment models. It also imparts knowledge about IBM Watson, Blockchain, cloud security, data and AI capabilities. Practical sessions allow participants to understand the application of IBM Cloud in real-world scenarios. Successful completion of this training enhances career prospects by validating one's expertise in IBM Cloud technologies.

Why Should You Learn IBM Cloud Technical Advocate?

Learning the IBM Cloud Technical Advocate course enhances understanding of cloud concepts, architectures, and services. It provides practical skills for managing and operating IBM cloud, enabling improved problem-solving and strategic decision-making capabilities. This course also offers industry-recognized certification, giving a competitive edge in IT career progression.

Target Audience for IBM Cloud Technical Advocate Certification Training

• IT professionals looking to enhance their cloud technology skills
• Individuals interested in IBM Cloud services
• Technical consultants or advisors aiming to increase efficiency
• IBM partners interested in optimizing cloud-based solutions
• Engineers wanting to broaden their understanding of cloud technologies.

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IBM Cloud Technical Advocate Skills Measured

Upon completing IBM Cloud Technical Advocate certification training, an individual can earn skills in cloud computing, cloud application development and deployment, cloud architecture, and DevOps. They also become well-versed with IBM cloud platform, its services, and tools. This certification also enhances their communication and collaboration abilities due to the hands-on training that emphasizes client engagement and creating technical content. It also enables them to advocate cloud solutions effectively while having a solid understanding of cloud data and AI services.

Top Companies Hiring IBM Cloud Technical Advocate Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring IBM Cloud Technical Advocate certified professionals include IBM itself, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Corporation, and Accenture. These multinational technology and consulting firms rely on such certified professionals to develop, implement, and oversee cloud-related projects and operations.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this IBM Cloud Technical Advocate Course?

The learning objectives of IBM Cloud Technical Advocate course are primarily focused on gaining a comprehensive understanding of IBM Cloud, its services, and architectures. Students will learn to create, manage, and integrate applications on the cloud platform. They will also learn about the best practices in developing cloud-native applications. The objective also includes mastering the skills in advocating for the IBM Cloud, and its capabilities within their organizations or technical community. Furthermore, the course aims to enable students to problem-solve any technical issues and improve the overall operational efficiency using the IBM Cloud.