Continuous Delivery Workshop Course Overview

Continuous Delivery Workshop Course Overview

The Continuous Delivery Workshop course is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding and practical knowledge of Continuous Delivery (CD) and its role in the DevOps landscape. Participants will gain insight into the fundamentals of CD, including the benefits, core principles, anti-patterns to avoid, and how CD fits within Agile development methodologies.

Starting with an Introduction to Continuous Delivery, the workshop delves into the mechanics of CD, exploring how it works and its numerous advantages. It also covers the relationship between Continuous Integration (CI) and CD, highlighting the importance of CI settings and gated check-ins.

Learners will engage with Agile development practices, including user stories, sprints, and test-driven development. The hands-on labs ensure that participants can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, configuring CI in Team Services, managing dependencies, and implementing deployment pipelines.

By the end of the course, learners will understand how to manage environments, automate testing, and handle the nuances of delivery versus deployment. They will also be equipped to manage effective CD environments, including infrastructure management and configuration management, ultimately enabling them to maintain a robust CD process.

The course's comprehensive approach, from Agile Development to Managing Continuous Delivery, equips learners with the skills to efficiently manage the delivery lifecycle, mitigate risks, and document their configurations for sustainable software development and deployment processes.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure the highest likelihood of success in the Continuous Delivery Workshop course, participants should ideally possess the following minimum prerequisites:

  • A basic understanding of software development processes and methodologies, particularly Agile and DevOps principles.
  • Familiarity with version control systems, such as Git, and their role in tracking changes in code.
  • Some experience with coding or scripting in any programming language.
  • Knowledge of software build and deployment processes.
  • Awareness of testing principles, including unit and integration testing.
  • An introductory level of knowledge about automation tools and their importance in the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Basic proficiency in using operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, and command-line interfaces.

These prerequisites are designed to provide a foundation upon which the course will build. They are not intended to be barriers to entry but rather to ensure that all participants can fully engage with and benefit from the course content.

Target Audience for Continuous Delivery Workshop

The Continuous Delivery Workshop is an in-depth course designed for IT professionals focused on software development and deployment automation.

  • Software Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Build and Release Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Technical Leads
  • Software Architects
  • Systems Administrators involved in deployment
  • Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters
  • IT Operations Staff
  • Development Managers

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Continuous Delivery Workshop?

Introduction to the Continuous Delivery Workshop Course Learning Outcomes

Discover the essentials of Continuous Delivery and its role in the DevOps ecosystem, mastering Agile practices, CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and effective deployment strategies through hands-on learning and labs.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the principles and benefits of Continuous Delivery within the context of DevOps.
  • Learn to fit Continuous Delivery into the Agile development process and utilize Agile practices like user stories and sprints.
  • Configure Continuous Integration (CI) settings and gated check-ins to ensure code quality and stability.
  • Implement Automated Builds, Testing, Acceptance Testing, and manage dependencies to streamline development.
  • Develop and manage a robust Deployment Pipeline, including committing code, testing stages, and scripting for automated deployment.
  • Create and automate different types of testing such as unit, acceptance, and capacity tests to maintain high-quality standards.
  • Differentiate between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment and master techniques for effective release and rollback strategies.
  • Manage and maintain infrastructure effectively, including cloud environments, with emphasis on communication with operations teams.
  • Utilize version control systems and understand mainline development, merging, and branching strategies.
  • Identify common Continuous Delivery pitfalls, the importance of documentation, and best practices for risk management and maintaining configurations.