Microsoft/Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise: Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and On-Premises Tools

Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise: Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and On-Premises Tools Certification Training Course Overview

This course has been designed to provide4 an insight to IT professionals on how to use the Enterprise Mobility Suite to manage devices, users, and data. In even trains the participants on how to use other technologies, such as Group Policy and other Windows Server–based technologies, to manage devices and secure data. They get to learn designing and implementing cloud-based and on-premises solutions for managing Windows-based, iOS, and Android devices, and how to provide secure and efficient access to data and applications.              

Audience: This course is meant for IT professionals and consultants involved in the field of planning, deploying and managing devices and applications.

Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise: Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and On-Premises Tools (40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Using devices in the enterprise environment
  • Overview of devices in an enterprise
  • Device management features
  • Overview of the EMS
  • Planning for device management
Module 2: Implementing and administering Azure AD
  • Overview of AD DS
  • Overview of Azure AD
  • Creating and managing Azure AD
  • Managing authentication in Azure AD
  • Working with Azure AD and providing access to claims-aware applications
Module 3: Connecting AD DS with Azure A
  • Preparing AD DS for directory synchronization
  • Implementing Azure AD Connect
  • Planning and implementing federation
  • Synchronizing on-premises AD DS with Azure AD
Module 4: Managing devices in Office 365
  • Overview of Office 365
  • MDM for Office 365
  • Managing devices in Office 365 (Part 1)
  • Managing devices in Office 365 (Part 2)
Module 5: Planning and implementing Microsoft Intune
  • Planning for Intune
  • Deploying Intune clients
  • Basic Intune administration
  • Planning and implementing Intune
Module 6: Managing devices by using Intune
  • Working with Microsoft Intune policies
  • Mobile device management
  • Managing updates and Windows Defender
  • Using Microsoft Intune policies to manage devices
  • Managing updates and Windows Defender
Module 7: Using Microsoft Intune to manage applications and resource access
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Application deployment process
  • Managing access to company resources
  • Using Intune to deploy and monitor applications
  • Using Intune to manage resource access
Module 8: Planning and implementing Azure RMS
  • Overview of Azure RMS
  • Implementing Azure RMS.
  • Using Azure RMS to protect documents and data
Module 9: Planning and implementing app support
  • Planning and implementing application compatibility options
  • Publishing and using RemoteApp programs
  • Publishing and using Azure RemoteApp
  • Publishing and using RemoteApp and Azure RemoteApp
Module 10: Planning and implementing remote access
  • Overview of remote access solutions
  • Implementing remote infrastructure access
  • Planning and implementing Work Folders
  • Implementing cloud data access
  • Planning and implementing mobility options
  • Configuring and using VPN and Work Folders
  • Using Offline Files and OneDrive
Module 11: Planning and implementing Dynamic Access Control and auditing
  • Planning and implementing Dynamic Access Control
  • Planning and deploying advanced audit policies
  • Implementing secure data access
Module 12: Planning and protecting data
  • Planning and implementing encryption
  • Planning and implementing BitLocker
  • Protecting data on devices
  • Protecting data by using encryption and BitLocker
Module 13: Recovering data and operating systems
  • Planning and implementing file recovery
  • Planning and implementing device recovery
  • Planning and implementing updates
  • Implementing file recovery and device recovery
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Course Prerequisites
  • TCP/IP networking fundamentals.
  • Understanding of Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Working knowledge of Active Directory principles.
  • Understanding of the public key infrastructure (PKI) fundamentals.
  • Understanding of cloud-based service concepts.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 fundamentals, including Remote Desktop Services.
  • Experience with Windows 10.
  • Familiarity with Windows PowerShell.
  • Basic knowledge of mobile platforms.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

  • Use devices in the enterprise environment.
  • Implement and administer Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
  • Connect AD DS with Azure AD.
  • Manage devices in Microsoft Office 365.
  • Plan and implement Intune.
  • Use Intune to manage devices.
  • Plan and implement app support.
  • Use Intune to manage applications and Resource Access.
  • Plan and implement Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS).
  • Plan and implement Remote Access.
  • Plan and implement Dynamic Access Control and auditing.
  • Plan and protect data.
  • Recover data and operating systems.

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