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A highly efficient cloud operating system from Windows, Azure also offers service hosting, service management and development facilities. Koenig offers Microsoft windows azure certification courses to explain how to create, deploy and manage .NET applications on Windows Azure that consists of main modules pertaining to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions training course.

Getting a Microsoft Azure certification will help you differentiate yourself and validate your knowledge and skills. Demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies and advance your career by earning an Azure-related certification in platform, development, or data based on your skills and requirements.


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Verbatim Student Feedback

Q1 Say something about the Trainer? Q2 How is Koenig different from other training Companies? Q3 Will you come back to Koenig for training?

Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Pradeep Sharma India Dec-2019 Questions are good but sometimes links are broken.
Shibin India Dec-2019 A1. He is Very interactive and tried to clear all the doubts we asked.
Jafar Alarifi Dec-2019 It is good,
Michael Kougang Nov-2019 The github had several steps that had errors.
Serajul Khan India Nov-2019 A1. Vatan is a very good trainer and expert on azure training the way he describes azure services and topics.
Tej Beepat Mauritius Nov-2019 A2. very well organised
Chinnaraju Munisamy India Nov-2019 A3. 100% we are willing to attend any training in Koenig in future.
Marcel Kouadio Cote D Ivoire Nov-2019 A3. Yes , each opportunities that I'll have to come to Koenig , I will come to Koenig to continuously study. When I will have the opportunity to come to Koenig to perfect myself, I will hurry.
Jolly Joseph Wasswa Uganda Nov-2019 A1. Vibhor exceeded my expectations. He fully explained the underlying concepts in clear detail and used an extensive library of sample solutions both existing and those developed on the fly during class to bring out scenarios which Microsoft did not have in their class exercises. His command of the subject area is quite impressive. And I definitely would not hesitate the take another course with him.
Renjith R India Nov-2019 A2. professional and friendly
Premkumar Loganda India Nov-2019 A1. ways of delivering the concepts during session was really , theory and exercises, need more attention to audience questions,
Harish Chinnappa India Nov-2019 A1. Trainer is very approachable for any clarification/doubts
Subburaj K India Nov-2019 A1. Trainer knows about the concepts well and deliver the same with simple examples which is easy to follow
Shabeer Ahamed A India Nov-2019 A1. Very good
Bharani India Oct-2019 A2. It's a great experience to join with Koenig. The way koenig responded for my queries and concerns its really appreciate.
Rajesh India Oct-2019 A1. Mohit is excellent trainer, he is taking the session slowly and very clearly and clearing the doubts in very good manner. much appreciated
Manish Bhatia Australia Oct-2019 A1. Rajib was really resourceful throughout the training.. he is really flexible and goes out of the way to clear queries on any doubts.
Curran Padake Norway Oct-2019 A2. Its my first time training wit Koenig and this trainer came across as geniune and I could tell he knew exactly what he was talking about.
Atul Verma India Oct-2019 A1. Megha is a captivating trainer who kept my attention throughout the training. I feel better equipped at Azure Plateform after completing the course. Demo and workshops were very informative and practical and it rise my confidence.
Prashant Chauhan India Oct-2019 A1. He is extremely knowledgeable and experience . Will recommend to others too. Thanks Koenig and Rajib for wonderful experience .
Peter Kizza Uganda Oct-2019 A2. Koening is very professional right from looking for a course to its completion. It also goes the extra mile to make its students very comfortable, making settling down very quick and easy.
Andreas Nikolakopoulos United Kingdom Oct-2019 A2. It is the first time I have ever used a one-to-one online training for a Microsoft seminar, and the process was really amazing. Koenig appears to be very organized with prompt communication (understanding the customers needs).
Oscar Francisco Das G. Txitaca Angola Oct-2019 A1. Very qualified and well prepared to teach.
Rajagopalan Ramachandran India Oct-2019 A1. Expert in his field and knows a whole lot more as to how various other technologies work.
Evanise Tavares Angola Sep-2019
Wolfgang Riegler Germany Sep-2019 A2. The flexibilty is fantastic
Amit Gupta India Sep-2019 A1. He is very good in explaining concepts. Kudos to him!
Santhosh Durgam India Sep-2019 A2. Good to understand the skills
Sushanth Gopalan India Sep-2019 A1. Trainer is knowledgeable, polite and helpful. Was sharing some real life scenarios
Dilip Kumar Palaniswamy India Sep-2019 A1. Trainer having good knowledge, it will be good if we get time to do practical in the class room itself so that incase if any doubt we can get clarify.
Vijay Kumar India Sep-2019 A1. Good control over the subject. Makes everyone understand, no hurry. One feedback is trainer should get some knowledge about enterprise level configuration. It's not negative about trainer, it helps answer questions raised.
Jayachandra Chigaruru India Sep-2019 A1. Good Trainer
Subhasis Samal India Sep-2019 A2. Training quality and management of schedules.
E V Devarajulu India Aug-2019 A1. good in his topics
Govardhan Govinda India Aug-2019 A2. Top class trainers and highly professional
Pon Elangovan India Aug-2019 A2. I feel more comfortable with direct interaction with this way Koenig is good compare to online course
Saikat Das India Aug-2019 A1. Trainer is well versed with the course outline and contents. However he has room to increase depth of his knowledge, in specific modules
Suresh Bhutani India Aug-2019 A1. It's very nice to get trained under such a nice trainer. very knowledgeable, sound knowledge about not just Azure but also surrounding technologies
Preethi Abhishek United Arab Emirates Jul-2019 A1. I am really happy to get him as my trainer.. He is very impressive in teaching the topics in the way we could able to catch the things very easily...
Saravanamuni Ramu Varadharajan United States Jul-2019 A1. Trainer have knowledge in the subject areas and very supportive on training session.
Vivek K Gupta India Jul-2019 A1. Rajesh is a wonderful trainer and this my second training with him. His usp is diagrams and practicals.. awesome training
Priya Yadav India Jul-2019 A1. He has depth knowledge on the technology.
Sachin Sangodkar India Jul-2019 A1. The details shared by the trainer was good. If possible there should be an update training for current candidates.
Shaju Chakkiath India Jul-2019 A2. It's good. This is my fourth training at Koenig
Adedamola Funmilayo Nigeria Jul-2019 A3. processes are very okay and i am satisfied
Rahul Dubey India Jul-2019 A2. Very professional and even better than Microsoft direct training.
Anandasagara H G India Jun-2019 A2. I like standards koeing maintains
Manoj Garg India Jun-2019 A2. Experienced Faculty with Best Infra
Bhargav Inturi India Jun-2019 A1. good communication skills, time manageable.
Abhijit Mathew India Jun-2019 A1. Very Professional covered all the topics and gave practical examples
Harsha Vardhan Jonnalagadda India Jun-2019 A1. The trainer is very good in explaining the concepts in such a way that everyone can understand.
Suhaib Alkhaseeb United Arab Emirates Jun-2019 A2. Up to date in technology courses
Abhishek Shukla India Jun-2019 A1. very interactive and good session.
Ankur Garg India Jun-2019 A1. Calm composed, detailed knowledge of subject
Bhushan Vijay Deorukhkar India May-2019 A3. Very Good quality training services. But would really help to everyone if training fees is moderate.
Nikhil India Apr-2019 A1. Subhendu is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining.
Shrikant Sharma India Apr-2019 A1. Trainer was pretty good and well experienced
Niharika Roy India Mar-2019 A1. Sessions were really interesting, interactive and simply awesome.
Deepak Kumar India Mar-2019 A3. My experience in this training is Awesome. Learn a lot of things. Thank you Koenig.
Vikas E Sharma India Mar-2019 A3. Thanks Koenig for training .
Aman Wadhwa India Mar-2019 A1. Indu had deep knowledge of the subject. He focussed on all the topics and very good delivery.
Edun Lukman Olatoye Malawi Feb-2019 A1. The instructor has good ability to explain and demonstrate practicals.
Debabrata Ghosh India Feb-2019 A1. It was a good session and good learning.
Kallol Nath India Feb-2019 A1. it was a good session, thanks Vimal
Vikram Ural M R India Feb-2019 I will refer some people from my organization.
Sri Harsha Are India Feb-2019 A1. Excellent explanation with real-time scenarios as examples . Provided the best learning experience
Amit Kumar Singh India Feb-2019 Good Infra and variety of courses available.
Bharat India Feb-2019 I have been a number of trainings at Koenig including Bangalore location. So, there was a trust of quality.
Miskir Mengiste Ethiopia Jan-2019 The Lab are very good; if possible i believe its better to engage the students with assigned course on installation and initial setup included.
Akriti Kaw India Jan-2019 They have the best training material and the trainers are best.
Sanjay Kumar India Jan-2019 A1. Fantastic experience..
Jatin India Jan-2019 It would be great if Azure pass can be provided for unlimited time during training so that all labs can be performed effectively.
Shrestha Shree India Jan-2019 A1. It was an excellent training. I learned a lot in Azure AZ100. Helped me to learn many new things.
Sandeep Sheokand India Jan-2019 A1. I would really appreciate to Mr. Rajesh, who takes us through out a wonderful traning experience. Knowledge level of trainer is superb.
Pawan Kumar India Jan-2019 A1. Great Instructor,
Sameer Mittal India Jan-2019 Quality training
Puneet Mathur India Jan-2019 A1. Excellent and Interactive session with lot of examples.
Arvin Kumar Bharati India Jan-2019 Excellent the way presenting and training

Who should do Microsoft Windows Azure Training and Certification Courses?

  • Developers
  • Windows Server Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Data Professionals
  • Information Technology Architects

Microsoft Windows Azure Training and Certification Courses Benefits

Upon completion of the courses, you will be able to:

  • Understand Azure fundamentals
  • Implement Infrastructure solutions
  • Develop and build Microsoft Azure solutions
  • Develop Windows Azure and web services
  • Integrate on-premises Core and Identity Infrastructures
  • Design and implement Big Data Analytics Solutions
  • Operationalise Cloud Analytics Solution


Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud computing services which allow organisations to build, manage and deploy applications and services through Microsoft managed Data Centers to meet business challenges. It provides Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and supports multiple programming languages.

Microsoft Azure is used for building, testing and deploying and managing applications and services. This includes creating virtual machines, creating and hosting websites and web applications and building mobile applications.

Microsoft Azure is one the most trusted cloud computing services and is widely used by many Fortune 500 companies to bolster business activities. Microsoft Azure certification increases your chances of getting hired for cloud computing by an enormous extent. This is due to the high reputation of Microsoft certifications in the IT world. Popular multinational companies like Adobe, HP, Johnson Controls and IHG are using this cloud service and are benefitting greatly.

It is also being considered as the technology of the future as it is easy to adopt and learn and serves as a highly efficient tool. Hence, a certification in Microsoft Azure provides lucrative career options with organisations providing an average salary of $118,781 per year for a Cloud Engineer and $123,684 per year for a Software Architect.

Microsoft Azure certifications lets you understand the concepts of Microsoft Azure to perform daily tasks effectively and efficiently. It includes topics such as Azure Cloud Platform, Azure architecture, infrastructure and cloud computing.

Azure is a flexible solution that provides a number of new services with increased data storage. Azure is much cheaper and offers a number of applications at the same time. It’s high speed and decentralised infrastructure provides unlimited options for disaster recovery plans too. All these advantages have made Azure the choice of almost two-thirds of the world’s Fortune 500 companies.

Azure stack is a hybrid cloud computing software solution introduced by Microsoft based on Azure cloud platform. It helps organisations in delivering Azure services from their own data centre.

Azure Pack allows you to run Azure services inside your own environment or datacentre. It can be run as a private or hosted cloud. It provides a rich, self-service and multi-tenant cloud on your datacentre at no additional cost.

Yes, the AZ-900 Exam is for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. This exam is for candidates who wish to demonstrate their knowledge in basic cloud services and more specifically on how these services are provided by Microsoft Azure. The following are the technical tasks that will be tested:

  • Understanding Cloud Concepts
  • Understanding Core Azure Services
  • Understanding Privacy, Security, Compliance and Trust.

The AZ-200 exam will validate your ability to perform tasks such as: Selecting appropriate technology solutions, developing cloud storage, creating Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, and Securing Cloud Solutions. In order to take this exam, an individual must be able to efficiently and effectively develop apps and technologies using Azure tools and technologies, including security and storage amongst other focuses.

20765, is training for Provisioning SQL Databases. Through this course, students will learn how to provision SQL database servers both on premise and in SQL Azure. Students will learn how to Provision a Database Server, Upgrade SQL Servers, Configure SQL Servers, Manage Database and Files, and also manage databases in the cloud.

20532D: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

During this training course, the client will learn the following skills:

  • Configure and deploy web applications.
  • Compare the services available in the Azure platform.
  • Create Azure Web Apps.
  • Create and configure Virtual Machines.
  • Create a Virtual Network.
  • Create a Storage account.
  • Manage blobs and containers in a Storage account.
  • Create, configure and connect to an Azure SQL Database instance.
  • Manage users, groups and subscriptions in an Azure Active Directory instance.

The course name for Azure Database Administrator is - 40441: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions.