Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Course Overview

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Course Overview

The Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 course is a comprehensive training program aimed at teaching learners how to customize, manage, and integrate SharePoint websites. The course begins with Module 1: Getting Started with SharePoint Designer 2013, where participants gain foundational knowledge about the tool and learn how to access help and support resources.

As learners progress to Module 2: Customizing and Implementing Content Types, they discover how to tailor content types to specific needs and implement them effectively within SharePoint.

Module 3: Integrating Data Sources Using SharePoint Designer teaches students how to access and modify external data sources, enhancing the dynamic capabilities of SharePoint sites.

Module 4: Creating Workflows with the Workflow Platform and Module 5: Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer and Visio dive into the creation and design of workflows, utilizing both SharePoint Designer and Visio to streamline business processes and improve efficiency.

Lastly, Module 6: Packaging and Deploying Workflows focuses on the final steps of preparing workflows for distribution and use across SharePoint environments.

This course will equip learners with the essential skills to customize SharePoint environments to meet the needs of their organizations, making it an invaluable resource for developers, IT professionals, and anyone responsible for managing SharePoint sites.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! Here are the minimum required prerequisites for successfully undertaking training in the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 course:

  • Basic understanding of web technologies, such as HTML and CSS.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint functionality and navigation.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office products, especially Word and Excel, as SharePoint Designer integrates closely with these applications.
  • Knowledge of basic workflow concepts and business processes which might be automated or improved by using workflows.
  • It's helpful to have some experience with database concepts and basic ideas about data connectivity.
  • No prior experience with SharePoint Designer is required, but any previous exposure can be beneficial.

These prerequisites are designed to ensure that learners have the foundational knowledge needed to grasp the concepts taught in the course and to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

Target Audience for Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013

The Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 course equips participants with skills to customize SharePoint and create workflows.

  • SharePoint Developers
  • SharePoint Site Administrators
  • SharePoint Site Owners
  • SharePoint Power Users
  • IT Professionals involved with SharePoint deployment or management
  • Business Analysts who need to create or manage SharePoint workflows
  • Systems Analysts looking to integrate SharePoint with other data sources
  • Information Architects designing content types and data structures within SharePoint
  • Web Designers working on SharePoint site customization and branding
  • Workflow Designers utilizing SharePoint Designer and Visio
  • Project Managers overseeing SharePoint projects requiring custom workflow solutions
  • SharePoint Consultants providing tailored solutions to clients

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013?

Introduction to the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 Course Learning Outcomes

This course provides comprehensive training on SharePoint Designer 2013, focusing on customizing content, integrating data, creating workflows, and deploying solutions.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the role of SharePoint Designer 2013 in customizing SharePoint sites.
  • Navigate SharePoint Designer 2013 and access various forms of help and support.
  • Customize content types to manage and organize site content more effectively.
  • Implement custom content types to enhance the functionality and user experience of SharePoint.
  • Access and integrate external data sources with SharePoint lists and libraries.
  • Modify data sources in Data View to present and manage data efficiently.
  • Utilize the Workflow Platform in SharePoint Designer 2013 to automate business processes.
  • Design robust workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013's native capabilities.
  • Leverage Visio 2013 to create workflow diagrams and import them into SharePoint Designer for refinement and implementation.
  • Package and deploy workflows, ensuring portability and reuse across different SharePoint environments.