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Microsoft SharePoint Training Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for collaboration and document management , widely adopted across various industries to enhance productivity and streamline business processes. At its core, SharePoint provides a platform for team collaboration , allowing users to efficiently share, manage, and access information from anywhere, at any time.

In today's fast-paced digital environment, the ability to collaborate remotely and maintain organized data is crucial. SharePoint's integrated suite offers features such as document libraries, team sites, and search capabilities, making it indispensable for project management, intranet portals, and content management systems.

Learning SharePoint opens up opportunities in knowledge management and IT infrastructure , as its usage spans small businesses to large enterprises, including major corporations like Siemens, Accenture, and NASA. SharePoint is also seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft Office products, enhancing user experience and productivity.

With the rise of remote working, SharePoint's relevance has surged, providing a secure and reliable platform for teams to stay connected. Understanding SharePoint's multifaceted features can lead to improved communication , efficient data management , and a competitive edge in the job market.

Whether managing complex workflows or simple tasks, Microsoft SharePoint stands as a cornerstone technology that adapts to the ever-evolving demands of the digital workplace.
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Microsoft SharePoint Courses and Certification Training | Koenig Solutions

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Microsoft SharePoint Courses and Certification Training | Koenig Solutions

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Microsoft SharePoint Courses and Certification Training | Koenig Solutions

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History of Microsoft SharePoint

History of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint , a widely utilized collaboration and content management platform, has significantly evolved since its inception in 2001. Initially released as SharePoint Portal Server 2001 , it was designed to help organizations create web portals and manage documents. Over the years, SharePoint has undergone substantial transformations, with major releases like SharePoint 2003, which introduced personal sites and social features, and SharePoint 2007 , which expanded capabilities with business intelligence tools and Excel Services.

The 2010 and 2013 versions brought enhanced user interfaces, social networking features, and cloud integration, marking SharePoint's shift towards a more user-friendly and scalable solution. With SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online , part of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft emphasized mobile experiences, compliance features, and hybrid configurations, catering to the growing demand for remote access and secure data handling.

Today, SharePoint continues to be a vital tool for enterprise collaboration, document management, and workflow automation, staying relevant through continuous updates and a strong user community. Its history reflects a commitment to innovation and responsiveness to user needs, making it a cornerstone in the realm of enterprise software solutions.

Recent Trends in Microsoft SharePoint

Trends in Microsoft SharePoint Staying ahead in the dynamic world of IT requires continuous learning, and Microsoft SharePoint is no exception. Recent trends show a shift towards hybrid environments , blending on-premises servers with cloud services for enhanced collaboration and flexibility. SharePoint Online , part of the Office 365 suite, is increasingly popular due to its ability to facilitate remote work with improved security features and advanced AI capabilities .Innovations such as SharePoint Syntex use machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing, and transform content into knowledge. SharePoint Spaces bring mixed reality to collaboration, allowing users to create immersive worlds for data visualization and interactive learning.Power Automate integration is streamlining workflow, enabling users to create automated processes and alerts, further enhancing productivity. As SharePoint evolves, it continues to embrace a mobile-first approach , ensuring accessibility and responsiveness across devices. These advancements are pivotal for professionals seeking to leverage SharePoint for enterprise content management and collaborative solutions .

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In order to sit this course, students must have an average of two years' worth of experience with the core technologies SharePoint depends on, including Windows Server 2012 R2 or later, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server or later, AD DS and networking infrastructure services.

As students from across the world and at different professional and personal capacities attend Microsoft Training Courses, the organization offers the option to take the course in three ways (contingent on the learning partners available):
  • Self-paced guided learning paths allow students with erratic schedules to complete the training courses at their own pace.
  • Online classes are offered in both group and individual structures that recreate a conventional classroom environment virtually. 
  • In-person classes are based on the student's location and availability of a qualified instructor.

The course prepares students to take the 70-339: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 examination.

As part of your Microsoft SharePoint certification training, you will get:
  • A copy of the relevant Microsoft SharePoint course material prepared by SMEs
  • Key resources from both Microsoft and Koenig Solutions
  • Get access to hands-on Microsoft SharePoint lab sessions
  • Microsoft SharePoint Completion Certificate

Upon course completion, participants will gain a proper understanding of:
  • The benefits of applying SharePoint within real-world business scenarios.
  • Creating a new SharePoint site to store business data
  • Creating pages to deal news and documents
  • Customizing the structure of a site to meet specific job demands 
  • Creating and managing views, columns, and apps
  • Overseeing the security of a website
  • Use social tools to pass along information within groups of people or the integral system
  • Use search to obtain job information, including documentation

The course is designed for Administrators who are looking for the best methods to set up, configure and manage SharePoint Online as part of their Office 365 Administration.

Students of this course are required to have basic computer knowledge. As this course is intended for both beginner level and more experienced SharePoint users, the course offers professionals the ability to gain full utilization of SharePoint Online.