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Microsoft SharePoint Training courses will help you to learn how to install, deploy, and support on-premises versions of SharePoint Server. Not only you will get trained from the experts, but you'll also find out how to best leverage the cloud with SharePoint Online, which enables collaboration, intranet portals, and much more.

Taking Microsoft Certification in SharePoint at the MCSE(Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) level demonstrates your expertise in aiding to organise, collaborate and share information across organisations and making it easy for people to keep connected, access files any time and maintain messaging security.

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Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

The duties of a SharePoint Administrator include installing, configuring and upgrading SharePoint systems along with managing system operations and services, and backing up SharePoint data.

As per Indeed, the average salary of a SharePoint Administrator is $87,610 per year in the United States.

SharePoint Hybrid is a feature that allows users to use SharePoint Online functionality while using SharePoint on-premises environments.

A Site Collection Administrator controls the sites within a site collection. He manages features such as Search, the Recycle Bin and Document ID, among others. Other responsibilities include viewing the Audit Log Reports, working with site collection policies, managing the site collection caching and activating or deactivating the site collection features.

SharePoint Site Owner is an individual user who has complete control on the SharePoint site. Complete control allows the SharePoint Site Owner to adjust the security permissions of the site, edit pages, add web parts and create new sub sites. The site owner can even delete a site if wishes to. The SharePoint Site Owner must be familiar with the nitty-gritties of SharePoint.

There is a certain hierarchy that one must follow in order to become a successful SharePoint professional.

  • Step 1: MOS - MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certifications come in three levels - Specialist, Expert and Master. MOS stands as a good starting point and is always recommended to start with in order to become a successful SharePoint professional.

  • Step 2: MCSA - Office 365: The MCSA certification in Office 365 is the second step towards becoming a SharePoint professional and demonstrates your skills in planning, deploying, operating and evaluating Office 365 services. There are two certifications in Office 365 which include SharePoint for which the following two exams are required to be passed.
    • Exam 70-346/Course 20347A: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
    • Exam 70-347/Course 20347A: Enabling Office 365 Services

  • Step 3: MCSE - Productivity: Upon earning an MCSA certification in Office 365, one of the following exams that focus on SharePoint must be passed:
    • Exam 70-339/Course 20339-1A or 20339-2A: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
    • Exam 70-331/Course 20331B: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    • Exam 70-332/Course 20332B: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

  • Step 4: MCSD - App Builder: This is the next step if one wishes to master SharePoint. The MCSD certification allows you to create new applications and programming tools within the SharePoint programming framework. This certification makes you one of the highly valued employees and the most in-demand among employers.

A SharePoint Architect is a software engineer responsible for deriving best possible solutions for SharePoint related problems. This involves collaborating with other team members such as programmers, designers and strategists, among many others. Upon determining and deciding the potential solution, the architect builds the solution using the SharePoint program.

A SharePoint Farm Administrator is responsible for installing, configuring, maintaining, managing and upgrading SharePoint farms. They are also capable of configuring service applications, and maintaining and managing the content databases.

SharePoint 2016 is a part of Office 365, where it is termed as SharePoint Online. The on-premises version of SharePoint Online is termed as SharePoint Server 2016. Some of the features that Microsoft SharePoint 2016 offers are Access Services, Document Library Accessibility, Expanded File Names, Hybrid, Large File Support, Open Document Format and SharePoint Business Intelligence, among others.