Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 Course Overview

Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 Course Overview

The Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 course is designed to teach experienced Java developers how to utilize the new features introduced in Java SE 8. The course focuses on key enhancements such as lambda expressions, which streamline coding by replacing anonymous inner classes and simplifying collections operations. Learners will understand the purpose of lambda expressions, refactor code to use them, and appreciate their benefits. The course also covers stream operations, including parallel streams for efficient data processing, and the new Date/Time API for robust time management.

Moreover, participants will explore method enhancements, including default and static methods in interfaces, and learn about the new JavaScript engine, Nashorn, which allows for writing shell scripts and developing JavaScript applications that can interoperate with Java code. The course concludes with an introduction to Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder for in-depth JVM monitoring and performance analysis. By mastering these features, developers will be able to write more concise, maintainable, and efficient Java code.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that you can successfully undertake training in the Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of Java programming language and its core concepts
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming principles
  • Experience in writing, compiling, and debugging Java programs
  • Knowledge of prior versions of Java, ideally Java SE 7
  • Understanding the use of IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) like Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA for Java development

These prerequisites are designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge required to grasp the new features introduced in Java SE 8 effectively. If you are comfortable with these concepts, you will be well-prepared to engage with the course content and maximize your learning experience.

Target Audience for Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1

Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 course offers in-depth knowledge on lambda expressions, stream API, and Nashorn for experienced Java developers.

  • Experienced Java Developers
  • Software Engineers looking to update their Java skills
  • Java Programmers interested in functional programming
  • Enterprise Java Application Developers
  • Java EE Developers seeking to leverage new Java SE 8 features
  • Software Architects planning to implement Java SE 8 in projects
  • Technical Team Leads overseeing Java development
  • IT Professionals preparing for Java SE 8 certification
  • Back-end Developers working on Java-based applications
  • Technology Enthusiasts interested in the latest Java enhancements

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1?

Introduction to the Course's Learning Outcomes

Explore Java SE 8's new features, including lambda expressions, stream API, new date/time API, and Nashorn JavaScript engine, to enhance your Java development skills.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand and implement lambda expressions to simplify code and solve problems related to anonymous inner classes.
  • Define and use functional interfaces, a foundational concept for lambda expressions in Java.
  • Apply lambda expressions to refactor and optimize existing Java code for better clarity and maintainability.
  • Utilize the built-in functional interfaces in java.util.function to create more generic and reusable code.
  • Leverage the stream API to perform operations on collections in a functional style, improving code readability and efficiency.
  • Harness the power of parallel streams for data processing to take advantage of multi-core processors.
  • Manipulate collections efficiently using lambda expressions and the stream API for common operations such as removeIf, replaceAll, and map updates.
  • Understand the enhancements made to interfaces in Java 8, including static and default methods.
  • Work with the new Date/Time API to manage date and time representations effectively, respecting time zones and daylight saving changes.
  • Develop and execute JavaScript code using the Nashorn engine for scripting and building applications that integrate with Java.