Dataverse for Teams in a Day Course Overview

Dataverse for Teams in a Day Course Overview

The Dataverse for Teams in a Day certification focuses on the fundamental processes and techniques for using Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, a streamlined data platform for businesses. It's all about understanding how to leverage this tool for the creation, deployment, and administration of applications and workflows within Microsoft Teams. Industries use information from this certification to optimize data usage, enhance teamwork, and drive decision-making processes. From designing tailored solutions to solving complex business issues, this certification exemplifies proficiency in integrating, managing, and developing efficient data strategies using Microsoft Dataverse for Teams.

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of Microsoft Teams and its functionalities
• Knowledge of Power Platform, including Power Apps & Power Automate
• General awareness of app building with low code solutions
• Basic concept of data modeling, relational databases, and data structures
• Familiarity with cloud-based technologies.

Dataverse for Teams in a Day Certification Training Overview

Dataverse for Teams in a Day certification training is designed for individuals seeking to master Microsoft Power Platform capabilities, particularly within Teams. Participants learn to create apps, automate flows, and utilize chatbots. The key topics covered include building applications with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, automating processes with Power Automate, and integrating Power Virtual Agents. By the end of the course, individuals will understand how to leverage these tools to increase productivity and efficiency in their organizations.

Why Should You Learn Dataverse for Teams in a Day?

Learning Dataverse for Teams in a Day course gives you insights on handling and interpreting complicated statistical data. It amplifies your skills in data manipulation, understanding data model authentication and permissions, which can aid in career advancement in the field of data science and analytics.

Target Audience for Dataverse for Teams in a Day Certification Training

- Professionals working in IT Services and departments.
- Data analysts and data scientists.
- Teams working on application development.
- Organizations using or planning to use Microsoft Dataverse.
- IT Specialists looking to improve their understanding and skills on Microsoft Dataverse.
- Individuals keen to learn about low-code data platform.
- Microsoft 365 users looking to leverage Dataverse capabilities.

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Dataverse for Teams in a Day Skills Measured

After completing Dataverse for Teams in a Day certification training, an individual will gain skills including creating a database, tables, and relationships using Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. They will learn to create apps and chatbots with Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents. They will also know how to integrates these solutions with Microsoft Teams, manage data and automate business processes using Power Automate. Therefore, the training can significantly enhance their capability in database management, app development, data integration and automation.

Top Companies Hiring Dataverse for Teams in a Day Certified Professionals

Top companies such as Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, Infosys, and Ernst & Young are hiring Dataverse for Teams in a Day certified professionals. These firms recognize the value of this Microsoft certification in handling, analyzing, and integrating large data sets for business intelligence, project management, and related tasks.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Dataverse for Teams in a Day Course?

Learning objectives of the Dataverse for Teams in a Day course aim to develop the participant's understanding and skills in applying Dataverse for Teams in Microsoft Teams. The course objectives include understanding the main concept of Microsoft Dataverse, setting up and managing Dataverse, developing applications using Dataverse, and integrating it with Power Automate. It also emphasizes training the participants on security roles, importing and exporting data, and running reports. The course provides practical experiences to assist in grasping how to use Dataverse for designing and developing no-code or low-code solutions.