Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access (ISESDA) v1.0 Course Overview

Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access (ISESDA) v1.0 Course Overview

The Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access (ISESDA) v1.0 course is designed to provide learners with crucial knowledge and skills to deploy Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) as the primary security solution for software-defined networking through the Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) solution. Through a curriculum of lectures and hands-on labs, participants are guided through topics such as AAA protocols, authentication, Active Directory integration, authorization, and AAA client configuration.

The course also delves into Cisco ISE Guest Access management, enabling students to understand different guest portal and user types and configure AAA policies accordingly. When it comes to Cisco's SD-Access, the course explores the architecture, role of ISE within it, and the use of SXP (Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol).

By completing the course, learners will gain the expertise needed to implement and manage ISE in SD-Access environments, enhancing network security and operational efficiency. The practical lab sessions further reinforce this knowledge, ensuring that students are well-equipped to handle real-world scenarios involving Cisco ISE and SD-Access integration.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! For students interested in taking the Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access (ISESDA) v1.0 course, the following are the minimum required prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of networking protocols, routing, and switching. This includes knowledge of IP addressing and subnetting.
  • Familiarity with Cisco IOS networking and concepts.
  • Fundamental knowledge of the purpose and operations of AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting).
  • A working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system to navigate and configure Active Directory (AD).
  • Awareness of general security concepts and best practices.

Remember, these prerequisites are intended to ensure that you have a solid foundation to build upon during the course. If you're not completely confident in all these areas, self-study materials and introductory courses may help you prepare before beginning the ISESDA training.

Target Audience for Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access (ISESDA) v1.0

Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access v1.0 course offers in-depth training on Cisco's Identity Services Engine for network security and access control. Ideal for IT professionals focused on network security.

  • Network Engineers
  • Security Administrators
  • Systems Engineers
  • IT Security Analysts
  • Network Security Specialists
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Network Administrators
  • Cisco Technology Integrators/Partners
  • IT Managers overseeing network security
  • Professionals working with Cisco networking equipment

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access (ISESDA) v1.0?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

The Configuring Cisco ISE Essentials for SD-Access (ISESDA) v1.0 course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Cisco's Identity Services Engine (ISE) integration with Software-Defined Access (SD-Access), focusing on authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) policy configuration, as well as guest access management.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and its role in network security.
  • Learn about AAA protocols and their application in managing access control for network resources.
  • Understand the process and significance of authentication and how ISE integrates with Active Directory for identity management.
  • Configure ISE to effectively handle authorization and policy enforcement for network users and devices.
  • Explore the different types of guest portal and user types within Cisco ISE and learn how to manage guest access.
  • Develop the skills to configure, manage, and troubleshoot AAA policies within the ISE framework.
  • Understand the architecture and components of Cisco's Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) solution.
  • Learn how Cisco ISE integrates with SD-Access to provide a secure, automated access control system.
  • Understand the function of SXP (Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol) in the context of ISE and SD-Access.
  • Acquire hands-on experience through lab exercises, including integrating ISE with Active Directory, configuring AAA policies and clients, and setting up guest and VPN access.