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An active Directory is a system software that stores information about various objects on the network and makes it easy for users and administrators to easily find required information. The information stored in the active directory includes user details such as passwords, phone numbers and names. It also contains information about active directory objects, which include shared resources such as volumes, servers, printers and accounts. To learn active directory in-depth, enrol yourself in active directory certification training courses, which will give comprehensive knowledge of the best practices involved in administering Active Directory technologies across enterprise spectrum.

You can take Active Directory Certification training courses to learn new skills at the earliest possible time. These Active Directory courses can be done in less time by providing advanced knowledge that will surely pass the certification exam. Check out the popular Active Directory courses to enrol today.

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Popular Active Directory Certification Training Courses

Active Directory certification training courses will allow participants to learn how to use PowerShell, which is crucial to managing AD. Also, you will get to know how to handle groups, users and units within an active directory. If you are looking for a training program that covers various topics that can prepare you for different job responsibilities, then you should surely enrol in our Active Directory certification training courses.

Candidates taking part in these training programs will get familiar with Active directory from basics to advance. Upon completion of the training program, candidates will be able to carry out all necessary skills and can take up active directory certification. It will be helpful for learners to use Active Directory in a flexible manner. 

We at Koenig Solutions offer popular Active Directory certification courses to teach the participants fundamentals and expand their active directory skills. Our Active Directory training courses are available in 4 different learning modes, including instructor-led online training, classroom training, 1-on1- training, and corporate onsite training. Also, you will learn why and how active directory was developed by Microsoft , the fundamental architecture, management, and basic designs, as well as fundamentals and security for cloud integration with services like Azure. 

By the end of the training program, you will know how to secure your data, connections and network, and you will be capable enough to pass the certification exam. Choose the Active Directory course of your choice and boost your career towards success. 

Who can take up Active Directory Certification Training?

Job roles that can take up Active Directory certification training courses include, but are not just limited to:

  • IT Administrators
  • IT Professionals
  • Network Administrators
  • Help Desk Personnel
  • IT Technical Staff
  • IT Managers
  • System Administrators who are looking to validate their Microsoft Skills
  • Software Developers that create products that interact with Active Directory
  • People who want to pass the relevant Active Directory certification exam 
  • Professionals who are interested to learn about the Active Directory tool

Active Directory Certification Training Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisites to take up Active Directory certification training. Irrespective of your experience of whether you are still a student or a fresher who has started a career in an organization can take up these Active Directory training courses.
  • But for experienced professionals who are looking to take up intermediate or advanced level Active Directory certification courses across various vendors, then clearing their foundation level programs is a must.

Reasons to choose Active Directory Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Koenig Solutions provides popular Active Directory certification courses from Microsoft, Red Hat, and others for individuals and teams worldwide.
  • Through Active Directory training courses, students and professionals can get a thorough understanding of various practices involved in administering active directory technologies.
  • Koenig Solutions has expert Microsoft and Red Hat Active Directory instructors with real-world expertise across industry sectors worldwide.
  • With the Active Directory training program, learners will understand how to handle groups, users and units within an active directory. 
  • The Active Directory certification courses are accredited training programs from Microsoft and Red Hat, for which Koenig Solutions are recognized training partners worldwide.
  • By taking the Active Directory training from Koenig Solutions, you rest assured that you will stand out from the crowd, as they have more than 25 years of expertise in delivering certification training programs for professionals and organizations globally.
  • Participants can take up these popular Active Directory certification training through various learning modes that include classroom, live online, 1-to-1, or onsite training.
  • Candidates have the option to take up these Microsoft Active Directory training as per their comfort on the weekdays and weekends as 4 hours / day and 8 hours / day

Benefits of Active Directory Certification Training

  • Know the industry standards used in active directory and move with the changing world by learning the different skill sets and concepts of Active Directory.
  • Being an active directory professional will knock your career with a high package salary. According to, the average salary ranges from $ 98,070. 
  • Active Directory certification training courses can benefit your career growth as mentioning your certification on your CVs can show your passion and hard work towards your role. 
  • By taking Active Directory certification training courses, you will earn a high-paying job in the IT field and help you to become more skilful.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your profession by achieving Active Directory professional certification, which will become a plus point for various job roles and experiences across sectors.


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The responsibilities of Domain Controllers in Active Directory have been divided into five different roles. These roles are known as Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) roles. These five roles together make a complete Active Directory system. The roles are:

  • Schema Master - one per forest
  • Domain Naming Master - one per forest
  • Relative ID (RID) Master - one per domain
  • Primary Domain Controller (PDC) Emulator - one per domain
  • Infrastructure Master - one per domain

AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services) is important and essential for distributed networks which use domain controllers. AD DS is responsible for providing a secure, structured and hierarchical data storage for objects within a network. The objects include computers, users, services and printers.

A domain in Active Directory refers to the collection of objects within an Active Directory network. Here, an object can either be a single user or a group of users, or a hardware component. The objects are stored within a specific security boundary and interlinked in a tree-like structure.

The major benefits include:

  • A central repository system makes the task of network administration simpler.
  • AD enables a single point of management for network resources by providing a single sign-on.
  • All user accounts and passwords are stored at a common protected location.
  • AD provides facilities such as fault tolerance and redundancy.

In Active Directory, resources are organized in a logical or tree like structure allowing them to be located easily by name rather than their physical location. The logical structure is represented by the components mentioned below, which work together.

  • Organizational Units
  • Domains
  • Trees
  • Forests