R12.x Oracle Time and Labor Fundamentals Ed 1

R12.x Oracle Time and Labor Fundamentals Ed 1 Certification Training Course Overview

Prophet Time and Labor robotizes the whole time and participation record-keeping process and gives a natural, electronic interface for time passage and endorsement. It offers a rearranged approach to submit, survey, follow and affirm timecards.

The objective of the Oracle Time and Labor course is to give information and comprehension of the item and its key highlights. The course gives data on the highlights Oracle Time and Labor offers to help the basic business forms.

This course presents the ideas of timecard and timekeeping in the work environment. The exercises in this course talk about utilizing the OTL application to catch timecard data, arranging rules on approving, favoring, and moving time. The course covers points on utilizing Oracle Time and Labor Rules to auto-create timecard subtleties for laborers dependent on big business arrangements. Course content incorporates data on utilizing the OTL application to oversee time adequately, subtleties on overseeing time for different laborers, utilizing layouts for adaptable and brisk timecard passage, and chronicling timecards to discharge circle extra room.

Audience :

  • End User
  • Implementer



R12.x Oracle Time and Labor Fundamentals Ed 1 (32 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

After completion of this course, you will learn following topics :


Prologue to Oracle Time and Labor

  • Collecting Time Information
  • Typical Time Management Steps
  • Common Business Issues with Time Collection
  • Oracle Time and Labor Overview
  • OTL Solution to Common Business Issues
  • Central Time Store
  • Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Integration with Oracle HR and Oracle SSHR Absence Modules


Presenting the Timecard

  • The Timecard Building Blocks
  • Preferences
  • Timecard Layouts
  • Timecard Templates
  • Approvals and Validation
  • Disconnected Entry


Usage Options

  • Implementation Scenarios
  • OTLR and OTL Self-Service
  • Oracle Time and Labor Rules (OTLR)
  • Basic Setup Steps
  • Security Setup Steps
  • Time and Labor Rules and Preferences
  • Linking Time Management Rules
  • OTL and Absence Integration - Setup


Time Entry and Approval Rules

  • Timecard Validation
  • Timecard Edits
  • Flexibility in Approvals
  • Application Sets
  • Time Entry Rules for Validation
  • Time Categories
  • Time Entry Rule Groups
  • Time Entry Rule Formulas


Endorsement Periods and Styles

  • Approvals
  • Relating Approval Definitions
  • Recurring Periods
  • Approval Periods
  • Approval Styles
  • Approval Notifications


Utilizing Elements in OTL

  • Elements for Time and Labor
  • Element Information
  • Defining Elements in OTL
  • Linking Elements in OTL
  • Element Sets
  • Element Time Information for Oracle Time and Labor Rules (OTLR)
  • Additional Element Information


Mappings and Retrieval Processes

  • Accessing Time Information
  • Mappings
  • Mapping Components
  • Generate Flexfield Mappings
  • OTL Information Types Flexfield
  • Retrieval and Deposit Processes
  • Retrieval Rules
  • Approval Statuses


Timecard Layouts and Preferences

  • Timecard Flexibility Using Oracle Time and Labor
  • Timecard Layouts
  • Predefined Layout Styles
  • Timecard Preferences
  • Templates
  • Alternate Names
  • Eligibility Rules


Characterizing OTLR Structures

  • Introducing Oracle Time and Labor Rules (OTLR)
  • The OTLR Timecard
  • Configuring OTLR
  • Preferences for OTLR
  • Required Set Up for OTLR
  • Holiday Calendars
  • Shifts, Work Plans, and Rotation Plans
  • Earning Groups


Characterizing OTLR Policies

  • Defining Policies
  • Time Management Policies
  • Hour Deduction Policy
  • Shift Differential Policy
  • Premium Eligibility Policy
  • Premium Interaction Policy
  • Earning Policy
  • Policy Maintenance and Implementation Verification


Relegating Structures and Policies

  • Assigning Structures and Policies
  • Assigning Rules to a Worker: Required Data
  • Assigning Rules to a Worker: Optional Data
  • Running the Person/Assignment Table List
  • Viewing Employee Assignment Information Folder