Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1 Course Overview

Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1 Course Overview

The Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1 course is designed for individuals who have mastered the fundamentals of the Primavera P6 software and are seeking to elevate their project management skills to the next level. Throughout the course, learners will delve into more sophisticated aspects of resource management, portfolio analysis, and scheduling, enhancing their ability to manage complex projects efficiently.

Participants will explore resource teams and role teams, learning to assess resource performance and fulfill open requests efficiently. They'll refine their skills in portfolio performance evaluation with lessons on performance thresholds and earned value analysis. The course also covers in-depth portfolio information analysis, including return on investment and Gantt Chart insights.

Learners will engage in analyzing portfolios using waterline analysis and scenario creation to optimize project selection. The Capacity Planning module will instruct on high-level resource planning and assignment strategies. Managing allocation, utilizing the Resource Usage tab, and grouping data will be crucial for effective resource management. The course addresses resource requests staffing and advanced resource leveling techniques, including setting leveling options and priorities. Finally, the advanced scheduling module covers multiple float paths and scheduling logic options, which are key for complex project timelines.

By completing this course, learners will be well-equipped to maximize the potential of Primavera P6 in managing resources, portfolios, and schedules, significantly improving their project management capabilities.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that participants are well-prepared and able to fully benefit from the Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1 course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic knowledge of project management principles.
  • Prior experience with project scheduling or a fundamental understanding of scheduling techniques.
  • Familiarity with the standard features of Primavera P6 Professional Project Management software (equivalent to having completed a Primavera P6 introductory course).
  • Understanding of the concepts of resource management and portfolio management.
  • Basic proficiency with Windows OS and ability to navigate the software environment (e.g., opening, saving, and closing files).
  • Ability to read and understand Gantt charts and other basic project management graphs.
  • Basic skills in Microsoft Office applications, particularly Excel, for data analysis and reporting.

Please note that these prerequisites are intended to provide a foundation for the advanced concepts that will be covered in the course. A solid understanding of these fundamentals will help to ensure a successful learning experience.

Target Audience for Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1

The Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1 course is designed for experienced project management professionals seeking to enhance their resource and portfolio management skills.

  • Project Managers

  • Program Managers

  • Project Schedulers

  • Planning Engineers

  • Construction Managers

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Resource Managers

  • Project Control Officers

  • Project Planning Professionals

  • Operations Managers with project oversight

  • Project Management Office (PMO) staff

  • Professionals involved in project audits and quality assurance

  • Project Analysts and Consultants

  • Engineers and Architects involved in project planning and scheduling

  • Any experienced user of Primavera P6 seeking advanced training

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1?

Introduction to Course Learning Outcomes and Concepts

The Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 19 Ed 1 course is designed to deepen your understanding of resource and portfolio management, performance analysis, and advanced scheduling techniques within Primavera P6.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand Resource Team Dynamics:

    • Learn to navigate and interpret the Resource Team Summary and Open Requests for Resources portlets to manage resource teams effectively.
  • Master Portfolio Performance Analysis:

    • Gain proficiency in reviewing performance thresholds and applying earned value analysis to assess portfolio performance.
  • Interpret Portfolio Information:

    • Acquire the skills to analyze return on investment data and interpret project timelines using the Gantt Chart.
  • Develop Portfolio Analysis Skills:

    • Learn to create portfolio views and perform waterline analysis, as well as how to develop scenarios for improved decision-making.
  • Plan Resource Capacity:

    • Understand high-level resource planning and the assignment process, including the use of Committed and Life of Project assignments.
  • Enhance Resource Allocation Management:

    • Use the Resource Usage tab to analyze units and costs, and master grouping data on the Assignments page for better resource allocation.
  • Optimize Staffing for Projects:

    • Utilize resource search functions to efficiently staff resource requests and meet project needs.
  • Apply Resource Leveling Techniques:

    • Set leveling options and assign leveling priorities to balance resource workload and project timelines.
  • Advanced Scheduling Proficiency:

    • Understand and implement multiple float path analysis and various scheduling logic options to optimize project schedules.
  • Develop Scenario Analysis Capabilities:

    • Create and evaluate project scenarios to forecast outcomes and support strategic planning.