Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1 Certification Training Course Overview

The Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1 training course gives you a detailed overview of the new features & functionalities of the SOA Suite 12c product release over the SOA Suite 11g product version. To gain maximum out of this training you should have a sound understanding and knwoledge of developing 11g SCA composite applications. The training course is focused on developing SCA composite application.

Who should do Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1 training?

  • Application Developers
  • Java Developers
  • SOA Architects

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1 (16 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Overview
  • Understanding the four themes of the 12c release
  • Reviewing all of the changes and upgraded capabilities for developing SCA composite applications
  • Becoming familiar with the scope of this course
Module 2: Quick Start for Developers
  • Understanding and running the new Quick Start installer
  • Starting the new JDeveloper 12c IDE
  • Becoming familiar with Quick Start domain configuration options
  • Installing both the Integrated WebLogic Server domain as well as the Stand-Alone domain
  • Creating a new Application Server connection in JDeveloper
Module 3: Getting Familiar with 12c
  • Describing the new features of the Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
  • Understanding the new Error Hospital
  • Becoming familiar with the new security features of SOA partitions
  • Understanding Work Manager groups for SOA partitions
  • Managing Global Token variables for mulitiple SOA composite applications
  • Migrating SOA 11g composites to 12c
Module 4: JDeveloper Changes
  • Locating components in the Application Navigator project folders
  • Viewing the detailed structure of the composite in the Structure window
  • Configuring the Component Palette list and Icon views
  • Creating TODO tasks to help organize development and design work
  • Refactoring and renaming components and artifacts
  • Managing shared design-time artifacts using the new file-based MDS Repository
  • Exploring component and artifact dependencies with the new Dependency Explorer
Module 5: Testing and Debugging
  • Debugging SOA composite applications with the new SOA debugger
  • Setting breakpoints and launching the SOA debugger
  • Creating test suites and test cases with the new Test Suite wizard in JDeveloper
  • Running test suites and viewing results from within JDeveloper
  • Viewing and modifying variable values within a debug session
  • Specifying activity assertions within a BPEL process
Module 6: BPEL Editor New Features
  • Editing BPEL activities in the Properties window
  • Using the new Correlation wizard to create BPEL correlation sets
  • Exploring additional capablities within the toolbar and BPEL designer settings
  • Understanding the new Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service (OESS)
  • Adding an OESS Job Activity to a BPEL process
Module 7: Transformations
  • Translating native format data within a Mediator routing rule
  • Translating native format data using the new BPEL Translate activity
  • Creating an nXSD schema using the Native Format Builder
  • Using XQuery transformation mapping within a Mediator routing rule
  • Creating XQuery transformations using the new BPEL XQuery Transform activity
Module 8: Protecting PII Data
  • Encrypting and decrypting specific fields of messages within SCA composite applications
  • Creating a Credential Store Framework (CSF) key
  • Adding the policy credential to the WebLogic domain
Module 9: Fault Policy and Encryption/Decryption
  • Reviewing the capabilities of the Fault Management Framework
  • Creating a Fault Policy document with the new Fault Policy wizard
  • Defining and configuring fault policy alerts
  • Specifying Fault bindings with the new Fault Policy wizard
  • Accessing a recoverable fault in the Fusion Middleware Control
Module 10: REST Binding Wizard
  • Reviewing and understanding the format of REST services
  • Comparing REST and SOAP
  • Exposing SOA composite applications as RESTful services
  • Adding a reference binding to a remote RESTful service
  • Generating REST mapping XML schemas
  • Using the REST binding wizard
Module 11: New Adapters & MFT
  • Leveraging use cases involving the Managed File Transfer (MFT) adapter for transferring files
  • Understanding the features of the new LDAP adapter
  • Becoming familiar with Coherence and the new Coherence adapter
  • Understanding the SOA Suite Cloud Adapter SDK and the Salesforce Cloud Adapter
Module 12: Templates & Subprocesses
  • Creating and using SOA composite templates
  • Creating and using component templates
  • Creating and using BPEL scope activity templates
  • Creating and using BPEL inline subprocesses
  • Creating and using BPEL stand-alone subprocesses
  • Managing templates
Module 13: Additional Enhancements
  • Understanding additional Event Delivery Network (EDN) features
  • Become familiar with BPEL business indicators and new built-in process analytics
  • Editing custom business indicators for BPEL processes
  • Configuring analytic sampling points for SOA composites and components
  • Becoming familiar with the new out-of-the-box BAM dashboards for monitoring BPEL processes
Module 14: Appendix A: Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service
  • Describing the basic features and capabilities of OESS
  • Installing the OESS product
  • Configuring OESS jobs and related metadata
  • Administering running and completed OESS jobs
  • Creating Job Sets and Schedules
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Course Prerequisites
  • Experience using JDeveloper
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Design and Development Experience
  • XML Programming Experience

Recommended but not mandatory

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Administration
  • SOA Adoption and Architecture Fundamental

Upon completion of this training, you will know:

  • Understand and know the new features of SOA Suite 12c
  • Get the skills to know how, when and why to use the new features of SOA Suite 12c
  • Using the new features of SOA Suite 12c in real time projects