Oracle Database 18c Training & Certification Courses

Oracle Database 18c is the world’s most popular database which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. This allows users to run all their applications on Oracle Cloud without any changes. Oracle 18c runs on hardware and systems specifically designed for database workloads such as Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance. It is an extension of previously introduced Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle 18c is often called the Oracle Autonomous Database and is used in automating security, provisioning and error handling. It is also called ‘self-driving’ as it allows end users to define their desired service levels.

Oracle offers four different certification courses in Oracle Database 18c. These courses provide an understanding of the new features and improvements in Oracle Database 18c, as well as the Oracle database architecture. Candidates also learn how to perform backup and recovery of the Oracle Database architecture components.

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Oracle 18c is the latest version of Oracle database. It was released on February 16, 2018 and is available to public using Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems.

Oracle has decided to introduce a new and simpler system to set a version number for its databases. The basis for the numbering will now be the year of the database release. Therefore, the release of the version has been named as Oracle 18c (where 18 stands for the year 2018) and the next version i.e. which will be released next year is going to be considered as version 19.

The new features introduced in Oracle 18c are related to the following areas:

  • Cloud Scale Operations
  • Data Optimization
  • Cost based Optimization
  • Performance Tuning and Diagnostics

No, Oracle 18c is not autonomous. It is a service that is offered by Oracle to its 18c cloud customers that is referred to as autonomous. The service is known as ‘Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service’.