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Oracle Database 12c is an enhanced version of Oracle Database 11g. It contains over 500 new features and provides appropriate features for Cloud Computing, Big Data, Security and Availability. The database 12c simplifies the management of the database without altering the existing applications. It is also capable of automating data optimization.

Oracle Database 12c certifications provide the fundamental and advanced level skills that DBAs require to run Oracle database in their own data centers, a hybrid configuration or in the cloud.

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The multi tenancy or multitenant architecture of Oracle Database 12c simplifies consolidation without introducing any kind of changes to the applications.

The multitenant architecture introduces the concepts of CDB (Container Database) and PDB (Pluggable Database).

  • CDB - Multitenancy allows users to have multiple virtual databases called containers. These containers exist inside one physical database called a container database (CDB).
  • PDB - The containers are easily plugged into or unplugged from the container database. Thus these containers are also known as pluggable databases (PDBs). The pluggable databases behave just like normal databases.

Oracle Database 12c was released initially in July 2013, and then the second release was done in September 2016 for the cloud and in March 2017 for on-premises.

The major differences include:

  • Oracle 11g allows users to create only one index on one column, while Oracle 12c enables users to create more than one index on the same column.
  • The Oracle 11g caching In-Memory Parallel Query does not work well with multiple scans whereas the new cache mechanism in oracle 12c, called as Big Table Cache, is used in improving the performance for full table scan.
  • Oracle 11g does not support full database caching while Oracle 12c completely supports full database caching to improve the performance for workloads previously restricted by response time or I/O throughput.
  • Oracle 11g does not support the In-Memory Aggregation concept while Oracle 12c does. In-Memory Aggregation support is extremely useful in star queries.
  • Unlike Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c contains invisible columns in the table. Invisible columns do not appear in generic queries and it is pretty easy to add or modify them.

Oracle 12c is indeed pluggable and this is one of the new and advanced features of 12c. A pluggable database, such as Oracle 12c, is a collection of schemas, schema objects and non-scheme objects that appear as an individual database.

The c in Oracle Database 12c stands for cloud and depicts that database is cloud enabled.