Oracle Database 11g Training & Certification Courses


Oracle Database 11g is an advanced database that is fast, reliable and secure. It allows easy collaboration between database clouds and systems.

The Oracle Database 11g certification courses provide a strong foundation and expertise in the Oracle 11g Database Management system. These courses provide an in-depth knowledge of the Oracle database architecture and an understanding of the interaction between components. Oracle Database 11g courses also enable students to learn how to create an operational database and manage different structures in an efficient manner.

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11g is a version of the Oracle Database that includes built-in testing for changes, features to view tables back in time, great compression techniques for data and advanced disaster recovery features.

The g in 11g stands for grid and signifies grid computing which allows clusters of low cost and industry standard servers to be seen as a single unit.

The enhanced versions of 11g include:

  • Improved automatic memory management
  • Ability to prevent, detect, diagnose and resolve critical database errors
  • Invisible indexes which can be ignored by optimizers unless they want them to be seen
  • Introduction to virtual columns
  • Improved security for password-based authentication by allowing the use of mixed case in passwords
  • Extended Tablespace encryption technology