Microsoft SQL 2016 Administration Training & Certification Courses


Under Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Administration training and certification course, learn how to install the database and tools, secure database, configure different instances and optimize performances. This course also covers topics such database migration and high-availability options including database replication, backup and restoration, log shipping and always-on availability.

Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases 10987-C 4 Days ₹ 102,000 (Includes Taxes)
Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure 20764-C 5 Days ₹ 125,500 (Includes Taxes)
Provisioning SQL Databases 20765-C 5 Days ₹ 125,500 (Includes Taxes)
Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016 10986-B 3 Days ₹ 78,500 (Includes Taxes)
E: Exam Included.
1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Muhammad Ahsan United States Nov-2020 A2. Training pattern is realy good
Qiqi Pang United States Sep-2020 A1. Prem is very patient and has strong responsibility
Fredrick United States Jul-2020 A1. EXCELLENT TRAINER AND ALWAYS
Prasad Anand Shetty United States May-2020 A1. The trainer does not have an indepth knowledge about the subject . As i am a professional and a DBA myself , when i asked certain questions he was not able to answer them .
Joshua Amolo United States Apr-2020 A3. Definately
Remco Mulder United States Dec-2019 A2. They offer a total and personalised package for training, very flexibel
Anas Aliyaru Kunju United States Dec-2019 A3. I am happy with the training sessions I attended. Yes, I will come back if Koenig offers suitable training for my future requirements.
Shiraz Hussain United States Nov-2019 A1. Based on your experience with this training would you recommend this training programme to someone else?: 9 certainly would. We managed to cover so much depth and breath during my training.
Vinaykumar Marihal United States Oct-2019 A3. Most probably it will remain my first choice for any future training.
Frank Eugen Chuwa United States Sep-2019 A2. Koenig has offered to me Professional service from training lab, materials, cleaness, great and highly knowledgable instructors, food and accomodation, I surely enjoyed every moment in Koenig. I also enjoy extra activities like touring Taj Mahal etc.
Basant Mishra United States Sep-2019 A3. Yes.
Rahul Singh United States Sep-2019 A3. Yes. I would like to come back for training's.
Esmeralda De Assunção Paulo Quitunga United States Jun-2019 A1. My trainer is very pacient to explain me.
Satish Kokitkar United States May-2019 A2. I observed training labs are quite perfect, training conducted as per scheduled timing as per committed, other resources are also good and satisfactory. All staff are co-operative and helpful.
Murawweh Daher United States Apr-2019 A1. He have a lot of information and good experience, also he answered all questions that asked to him. Really he is perfect.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.